Monday, December 2, 2013

thanksgiving award ceremony

The rest of the holiday weekend was pretty fabulous. But some things were more fabulous than is the way of the world, right? So that's why they invented award ceremonies. So rather than a play-by-play, we're going to go with another exciting award ceremony: this time, the Thanksgiving edition!

Best Family Group Activity:

Group Naptime!!

Excellent, right?? On Saturday we made an ambitious road trip (read: 6 adults and a baby in ONE TAHOE! Guess which two (tall) adults drew the short straws and got to share the third-row backseat for six hours?? WEEEE!!) down south to my sister and brother-in-law's house. We hardly ever get to all be together, so we really took advantage of our time and...yeah. Fell asleep. Some crazy party animals we are. But for real, that is like the comfiest and hugest couch of all time. So you can't really blame us.

A rare shot of us awake. And with Sarah's doggies!
 Most Badass Award:

Us Fourwheeling!

So it turns out that in addition to a scary-comfy couch, Sarah and Mark also own super cool redneck toys!! But let's be honest. I might talk a big game, but that junk was SCARY!!! Ha. I had fun but also I screamed the entire time and thought I was going to die, even when we were sitting still. So it's safe to say I won't be taking up four-wheeling as my next hobby, but it was a fun adventure for a lazy Saturday. (See also: rock climbing)

Best Non-Thanksgivingish Food

 I happened to spot this recipe while perusing Pinterest on Wednesday night. Turns out that my mom had all of the ingredients on hand, so Thursday afternoon found me making this as an impromptu appetizer AND THEN WE ALL DIED OF HAPPINESS BECAUSE IT WAS THE BEST THING WE HAD EVER EATEN. (I came back from the dead (I'm a ghost!) so that I could write this blog.)

The moral of this story is that if you don't make this at the absolute first chance you get, you are stupid make bad life choices and we shouldn't be friends. (PS Invite me over to help you eat it.) (PPS. Don't forget, I'm a ghost now. You really don't want to get on my bad side.)

Best Unplanned Twinsie Outfits:

Laura and I!

How fun is that? I didn't even know I would see her (seeing as neither of us live in Augusta anymore), but sure 'nough- there we both were at the same church service on Sunday morning. Wearing the same thing! If this were the prom, we might be mortified (okay, no we wouldn't)...but since we're just super awesome 30-somethings, we high-fived and declared ourselves totally in fashion. Also another girl in the row behind us had on the same thing. THIS JUST IN: If you want to be fashionable right now, go with a flowy off-white button down, jeans (hers are dark blue, mine black), and cognac boots. WIN!

 Best Attempt at Being a Photographer:


My sis-in-law Emily called in my mad (but extremely rusty) photography skillz in hopes that we could get something Christmas card-worthy. This basically meant I took pictures for 2 hours and got about 4 pictures that weren't vomitrocious. So it was awesome. Bah. But at least we had fun and Carley was happy and super cute! And she didn't spit up on her Santa dress! So it was actually a win. And I really did get a few cute (if not particularly skillful) shots.

 I mean...that's cute. That's one cute baby.

After we were done we borrowed Carley for a few pictures with our favorite niece.

 Yeah, that's cute. Dang we look good with babies.

All in all, it was a great holiday weekend. There was some ridiculously freaking awesome football. I ate a ton of awesome food. And then when we got back home, we went and played tennis (for the first time in like 5 months) and I wasn't as rusty as I'd thought I would be! And now it's another week- but more importantly, it's Cyber Monday and we're hoping to get a new computer. So that's exciting. And also it's December and only 10 days til my birthday. OH and we finished the first 5 seasons of Parks & Rec!!!! And it is the best show ever. Amen.


  1. Nappy picture is the best evah...makes me jealous! Yummy dip and if I had the ingredients I'd make it right now at 7:30am. So, that said I'll head to the store while you hop on the first flight to Upstate NY. Pack your warm, comfy sweaters because a it's chilly here!
    Looks like you had a happy weekend! :)

  2. I totally want to take a nap on that couch right now!!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! Looks like you have a great time!

  4. I will totally make that dip and invite you over ghost Erika! Looks like a super fun and relaxing weekend!

  5. First: I hate four wheel riding. It's scary. My husband always likes to go up high hills so it feels like I am going to fall backwards or he wants to go down large hills so that it looks like I might tumble over :/ We don't go together. ever.
    Second: I'm going to try and make your dip for the next holiday function I am attending.
    Third: I have the jeans. I have the boots. I just need a flowy white top :) It will be my next mission to find one the next time I make a shopping trip :)
    Thanks for sharing your thanksgiving with us :)

  6. A question that has plagued me for you guys not have grass in the winter?? What happens to it? (The 4-wheeling shot shows a lot of confusing brown stuff on the ground, and I've seen that same confusing stuff in a lot of your photos.) Anyways, happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Funny question! I don't know about Erika but our dead grass ends up all over our house when my dog rolls in and and then runs inside. It's a real mess! I wish we had green grass all year. Let me know where I need to move!

    2. Well, I live in Oregon and I think we have good grass. I mean, I'm not an expert on the situation or anything, but it's always green and very soft like a nice carpet and we do not have fire ants like Erika says she I think that definitely qualifies as good grass. :)

  7. I love your award posts! And based on that picture of your brother's family, I need you come to this week and get a Christmas card shot for us. I'll make your dip :)

  8. So I got stuck at the dip. I looked at the original recipe. Why would you mess with this unadulterated goodness by adding things that are not cheese and onions to this dip?!?!?!? And I'm now looking for the next opportunity to make it and invite your ghost over for some :)

  9. Sounds like a wonderfully amazing week!!! I'm so glad you guys had a rockin' Thanksgiving.

  10. Your niece is adorable but that family nap picture is just awesome. Also heading to a holiday get together soon and def am going to make that dip if you promise it's awesome. (which, it sounds like it is!) :)

  11. Awww Carley looks adorable with you guys in that last picture - such a cute smile :) Sounds like an awesome weekend!! I used to drive 4-wheelers at my ex-step-dad's cabin a lot growing up. One time I hit a patch of ice though and went down a couple feet and it scared me silly!

  12. Group nap time is pretty much the best idea ever! And that dip looks pretty amazing. . . so I'd say that long naps + delicious appetizers + lots of family + a super adorable niece + scary and adventurous recreational activities = holiday win!!

  13. Love the napping picture that is one for the scrap book! And seriously your niece xmas pics are amazing!

  14. Look at you, you 4-wheeling lady!!

  15. Looks like an award-winning start to the holiday season for sure! Also, your dip recipe made me hungry.

  16. That couch looks AMAZING. I never would have left it. Ever. I'd still be asleep on it. Also, I love the awards format!

  17. That dip looks amazing. It might be my Christmas contribution.

    We ordered our Christmas cards yesterday, and you had me so freaked out about the grammar! No apostrophes were used in the pluralization of names.

  18. That dip needs to get in my mouth now. Also, I'm so glad that like the blog sisters we are, we both love Parks and Rec. Why can't Ron Swanson be real? It perplexes me everyday. You are so cute with your outfits and makeup - I would love to see a hair or makeup tutorial on your blog!

  19. I day late but I HAVE to comment abt that yummy dip recipe you posted. Oh my!

    That looks SOOOOO good!

  20. I'm planning on making that dip for a party this weekend. What kind of cheese did you use? Thanks!


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