Monday, June 15, 2009


I'm so tired. Seriously tired. This has been the most exhausting month of my life. Physically...mentally...fiscally (haha). I don't plan on moving again EVER. At least, not into a house that isn't move-in ready the day I buy it!! So I work every day 7am-4pm, then by 5:30 we head out to the house to do manual labor until 9 or 10. A half hour drive back home, hit the sack...repeat, repeat, repeat. On the weekends, we just head out as soon as we get up (or after church), so it's even MORE hours of labor-- yippee!!

But on the plus side, things are moving along. All rooms are painted (except the dining can just hold its horses). And we've started the floors! So far we've been figuring it out on our own (with the help of the internet and Matt's handy-dandy DIY book) and it's been a little frustrating, but okay. We ended up having to rip off all the baseboards (not part of the master plan) so now I have to figure out how to get new ones and pray that we have the money for them! Here's a few pics of things we accomplished over the weekend:
Our freshly painted toilet 'nook' in the master bathroom. I got a little tired of all that neutral color...

Mattie and his new 'toy', the miter saw (?)'s necessary to cut the floorboards to the correct length. And to look super manly.

Getting the floor started in the master bedroom. Matt making phone calls trying to figure out what to do!

Anyway, so things are moving along, but I can't wait to be done with it and moved in and not WORKING every waking minute of every day.

I did, on a whim, as off for this Friday, giving myself a nice little 3-day weekend. Matt still has to work, so I'll have a whole day free. Hopefully I will find something better to do than spend the whole day working by myself at the house! If only there were a beach within easy day-trip distance...*sigh*

On an unrelated but sucky note...all school district employees got letters this weekend informing us that (due to budget cuts) the school district will no longer be paying anythingtowards our health insurance. Effective July 15, my insurance premiums will increase from ~$17/pay period to ~$100/pay period. WHAT??? You obviously think you pay me more than you do! So this is a ridiculous cure to the budget problems...taking the money from the people that make the least. Ugh. And this is for health insurance that is not even that good to start with. So now we're going to beg Matt's HR to let me get back on his insurance. Hopefully this will qualify as a "life event" worthy of making mid-year insurance changes. His is just as expensive, but it's at least decent healthcare.

Anyway...just some mid-day rants...Happy Monday!


  1. Maybe you're tired because you're pregnant! Just a thought. It's looking good, just remember, once you get all the hard work done- you get to decorate and buy all the essential "toys" that you need/want.

    And for the record, boys say that ALL tools are necessary. This is a lie. They just want to look manly. Jesus was a carpenter but did he have a miter saw? No, he was a real man.. and used his bare hands.

  2. I was going to suggest that having a baby is always a life event, and you could switch to Matt's insurance then. But then I realized by then it would be 2010 and you can add at the end of the year anyway.

    But my REAL suggestion...hang out with me on Friday! Remember how I'm unemployed and always looking for other people who don't work during the day to hang out with? And how I don't really know anyone like that? We should make plans.

  3. the start of the floors in your bedroom looks great! hang in there - good for you for taking a day off! :)


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