Sunday, July 19, 2009

settling down, country style

Hopefully life is settling down a little bit. We've been here a week now, and most things are out of boxes and in their rightful places. We've actually had lots of company this weekend, which forced a last-minute hanging-things-on-the-wall spree. You know...all week you think "I really should hang stuff on the walls.....naahhh....I'll get to it later." And then you realize your out-of-town guests (shout out to Andrew and Lori!) are 4 miles away and you think, now would be a really good time to get on that. So we did. :) Nothing like a little pressure to work under! So most things are even on the wall now...except stuff in our room. Our room has ended up being very...spacious. Although we have huge furniture (that we paid cash for 2 years ago, thank you Dave Ramsey), we only have 2 pieces-- bed and dresser/mirror (weren't interested in financing furniture we couldn't afford). And a few small nightstands. But nothing else. And in our last house, that was all that would fit in the room, so it was great. But in this house...we seem to have lots more space and the room looks a little empty. But we're not sure what to get (cause it needs to be reaaalll cheap) to fill the void. We hit some yard sales yesterday, but didn't find the perfect thing just yet. So anyway, we haven't hung things on the wall yet in our room because we aren't really sure where the furniture will end up being. But other than that (and the piano which will go in the living room which hasn't been delivered yet) we are all good to go! Therefore I present you!

Our bedroom
Master bathroom

Guest room/office

Living room


There you have it. Yesterday our friend Andrew and his beautiful fiancee Lori came to visit us! We had a good time picking blueberries and otherwise taking advantage of our new 'country' life. (Side note: I have started listening to country music again. I pass at least 2000 cows, horses, and goats on my way to work every day. It only seems appropriate.) Later on Alyssa met up with us and we all enjoyed dinner at Cali 'n Tito's (my fave) and then came back to our house to sit on the back porch, eat watermelon, and have a seed-spittin' contest (we live in the country). We also planned the future things we would do when they visit-- stop by the house that has the "Rooster Livers Are Back!" sign out front, go to the Bogart Car Show, find out how one becomes a train conductor, and re-decorate our kitchen with lots of Americana- themed things, apples, and roosters. These all seem to be things one does when they live in the sticks.
Anyway, after the blueberry picking festivities, we sat down for a spell (like my country lingo?) and enjoyed some popsicles. As Matt finished his, poor Lola decided life wasn't fair, and she too needed to have a popsicle stick to enjoy. So they enjoyed a very Lady and the Tramp-esque moment while I grabbed the camera:

Don't I have the cutest family ever? Enjoy the rest of your weekend! I'm off to watch Matt attempt to change his car's battery (true story: he just came in here with dirty hands asking if we had any 'grease'. " Crisco?" I asked, knowing pretty fully well that no Crisco should be involved with car repairs. "Umm...maybe? I don't know, it just says I need grease," he replies, looking at the car manual. My confidence in his car-repair-skills is not as high as it could be, I think.)


  1. YEE HAW! Looks awesome. Love the bed.

  2. it looks like you've lived there for months!! good job getting unpacked so quickly. and the floors look great in your bedroom!

  3. i love the rock on the front of your house; i hadn't noticed that before. did y'all buy a piano? who plays?

  4. thanks guys! Katy, I play the piano (rather infrequently for the past 8 years, but still!). My parents are giving us the piano I grew up with...they've been dying to get it out of their house since they don't play it, and I am so happy to get it!

  5. Erika and Matt the place looks great! We can't wait to be homeowners ourselves.

  6. so, so, so cute!!! Why don't you come to my's been almost 4 weeks and I still have about 3 boxes & nothing on the walls.... but mine is more a fear of commitment than anything else. (What if I don't want my winter shoes unpacked in that closet??? God forbid I have to move those....) :)

    Love you! Glad I could blog-stalk you!


  7. I am highly impressed at how settled you are so quickly. And can't believe we still haven't seen the house. I think at this point I can blame it on waiting for an invitation? =)

  8. love the pictures and all the green is my favorite! the house looks great! hope y'all are doing well!


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