Saturday, November 21, 2009

one day more!

One more day of work, that is, until my super fabulous, long-awaited, ultra wonderful Thanksgiving Vacation begins!! I am only moderately enthused, as you can tell. On Monday around 5:00 my dad and grandparents should be rolling into Statham and I am SO EXCITED!!! We will hang out here until Wednesday morning when we'll head to Augusta to join my mom and brother and his girlfriend for the rest of the weekend. YIPPPEEE!!

So all I've been doing this week is planning and cleaning and planning my cleaning and cleaning my plans (???)...and...yeah. Not such the socialite this week, but how could I be when there are baseboards to be scrubbed and a new and fabulous cleaning product to be bought? May I introduce you to the latest member of my personal (and always growing) Swiffer family: The Swiffer Dust and Shine:

Sorry for the poor picture quality...couldn't Google Images do a better job of alerting you to which picture would be the best for ganking and putting on your blog? Geez. But alas, I am too lazy to try another one, so you will just have to go to Target on your own and purchase a bottle of this fabulous product. Dusting everything in my house was nothing short of pure delight due to the intoxicating scent of this stuff. I got the "Allergen Reducer" flavor (they also have a variety of Febreeze scents and flowery smells) and it smells like heaven ought to. It has seriously made me consider taking up huffing...isn't that what it's called when you get high off of aerosol stuff? Whatever, I'm just saying. You should buy this stuff, it smells awesome. And it's safe to use on laminate floors, which I'm pretty excited about.

So our weekend has been pretty low-key, but we've enjoyed hanging out at home and gearing up for a week of being surrounded by people. Since we're both introverts, sometimes we have to really mentally prepare ourselves for the emotional drain of day after day of 24/7 people!! But I am so excited to do it!

I also just addressed my Christmas cards and have every intention of driving 10 minutes up the road to Bethlehem, Ga the week after Thanksgiving to mail them. I mean, living 10 minutes from seems like it'd be a crime not to get that Bethlehem postmark on my Christmas cards. So I hope that everyone who receives them pauses to notice that. :)

Oh yeah! I meant to mention that I did give in and buy some Mr. Clean Magic Erasers since so many people swore by them . So far I've used one of them and I have to say...I was impressed, but not blown away. I used it to clean the microwave (YUCK chore) and then several doors/doorframes/baseboards (how do those things get so dirty?? YUCK.). It did about as good as regular cleaning spray + a sponge in the microwave, but did a really good job on the door stuff...however, it died pretty quickly. It just got really dingy and started falling apart after like 20 that was disappointing. I guess I felt like it was a little too expensive to only last 20 minutes! Anyway, I still have one more, so what should I use it on? What will really wow me? What displays its magical powers the best? And is the Magic Eraser Mop worth getting? Oh my gosh, I am such a sucker for cleaning products. LAME.


  1. I mainly use the magic eraser for the shower/tub. I rinse and ring it out to get a couple of uses out of it.

  2. I hate to burst your bubble, but I'm about 90% sure that your postmark will just say "NE Georgia" when mailed from either place. I'd look into it if I were you before wasting the 20 minutes of driving.

    Cool story: a couple of years ago, my mom found a receipt I left at her house, from where I had purchased gas on Christmas Ave. in Bethlehem, GA on December 25th. She noticed the receipt...I had no idea.

  3. The target brand "magic erasers" work just as well and are a lot cheaper! I use them on soap scum in the bathtub... They're not as good for walls... They actually took paint off my walls at my condo and I was barely putting pressure on them!! Just FYI :)

  4. I just got your Christmas card and it is awesome and I really appreciated the Bethlehem postmark. Don't listen to Mollyanne. I used a Magic Eraser to clean my Converse All-Stars...they looked like new!!!


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