Thursday, June 10, 2010

the view from here

Well, it ain't too shabby. This is technically the view from last night...but I didn't feel like getting out the camera and uploading a picture from right now. It's basically the same, just with sun and more people on the beach.
Vacation is a very good thing. We're having a lot of fun relaxing and lounging in the sun. And reading. Lots of reading.
But we're doing our best to incorporate a little "activity" into our days (versus doing NOTHING but laying and reading). We've had fun throwing Frisbees in the ocean, playing bocce ball and ladder ball, taking water aerobics classes, and going to the gym a few times.

Oh yeah, and we "played" tennis. And by that, I mean stand on a tennis court and chase balls around haphazardly. Tennis has never been my strong suit...although I wish it were cause I like those cute skirts they wear. Oh well.

After the sun goes down we keep things lively with cards, dominoes, and quality television programming such as Operation Repo, I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant, Say Yes to the Dress, and Snapped (okay, watched THREE HOURS of that last one last night...addictive!!)

So far I am proud of our commitment to active relaxation and constant sunblock re-application. No sunburns yet!!
Dear Vacation, Please don't end. Love, Erika


  1. Gym and vacation don't go together. Glad y'all are having fun!

  2. cute swimsuit! so sad we are missing our beach trip this year. One day we should all take a beach trip together. You know...when we have more disposable income.

    omigosh...I can't believe I haven't told you about this yet, but your reference to "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant," reminded me. There is a girl I used to work with who could be on that show. She didn't find out she was pregnant until she was 7 months!!! She actually was just induced and had her baby but her due date was the same as mine. The details of the story are really pretty amazing so next time we talk I'll have to tell you all about it.

  3. You are looking hot lady! That working out is paying off :D I dared to wear a bikini for the first time since I had anahi (I didn't go anywhere at all last summer), but I could def use a little more working out (well actually I could use any working out haha)...enjoy your vacay!

  4. I meant to say, I dared to wear one last weekend for the first time since I had anahi... :D

  5. looking hot, girl! i am so jealous of your vacation. and we missed you at the randhall wedding last weekend!

    we need to go blueberry picking (aka eating) soon!

    love you!


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