Tuesday, September 21, 2010

cheap entertainment

Um...make that free.
Step 1: Do nothing. Sit in the living room, enjoying the evening news Baggage (come on, it's hilarious!!) with your husband.

Step 2: When you hear your dog suddenly start growling in the bedroom, go investigate.

Step 3: Die laughing when you realize she has suddenly noticed the full-length mirror propped against the wall. The one that's been there HER ENTIRE LIFE. And today she notices it...or rather, notices a strange black dog in the corner of the bedroom.

Step 4: Chase her around the house with the mirror, laughing hysterically as she cowers under tables and behind furniture, terrified of that strange black dog.

Step 5: Decide to acclimate her to the mirror by forcing her to pose for a photo shoot.

It doesn't get any cheaper (or funnier) than that, friends.


  1. Step 4 was my favorite! I startled Sassy last night and she scared the mess out of me with her snarl. But I scared the anal glands out of her. Yuck.

  2. HA! I chased Mauve around the house today with an empty bag of dog food. She went nuts!!!

  3. hahahaha- two things I love about this:
    1. Baggage
    2. Terrorizing your dog by chasing her with a mirror.


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