Saturday, October 30, 2010

crazy like whoa

While I'm sitting here watching my beloved Dawgs not playing so hot (hotly?)...let me share a few things.

First, a phone conversation that occurred last night between Matt and his uncle.

Matt: Hey, Uncle Danny! Do you want to come over and watch the game with us tomorrow?
Uncle Danny:Yeah! Hey...what kind of TV do yall have?
Matt: Um.... (here's a visual so you can see what Matt is thinking)

...our TV is you know...about32 inches, 700 pounds...the stuff mid-1990s dreams were made of, basically.
Uncle Danny: Oh...well, see, I just bought myself a new 52 inch flat-screen the other day, so I need to get rid of my 40-inch. How about I just bring it over when I come?
Matt: Yep, yep, I think that will work...

So...we got a new TV! As you may have guessed, we're not exactly the most technology-obsessed people...which is why we've never cared enough to spend money on a less-archaic TV. But who are we to turn down one for free?!?!
We got it set up just in time to watch the game. And now that I look at this picture, I notice that the TV isn't quite centered on the stand. I'll fix it, I promise!

Now for my next crazy story. Only actually it's not really crazy at all. I just wanted you guys to feel excited and hopeful and keep reading. Sorry if I got your hopes up too high.


This morning I faced a wardrobe crisis that probably a lot of other college football fans faced as well-- how can I dress today to both show support for my team AND be in the Halloween spirit?! I know, it was quite a daunting task...but I must say that in a stroke of sheer genius (and yes, I just initially spelled that phrase "shear genius" because I love that show on Bravo!!) I rose to the occasion and managed to put together the PERFECT outfit!

Perfect, right?? Red and dark gray shows support for the Dawgs, while the pirate seems to say "Happy Halloween to you!"...right? I was pretty proud of myself. Proud enough that I made Matt take a really lame picture of me posing all by myself...which felt just as lame as it looks. We tried to de-lame-ify the situation by getting Lola to pose with me. Here's how that went:
I was holding the treat hoping to trick her into staying still. Instead I tricked her into jumping all over me. Oh well. It's probably just that she was so in awe of my multi-tasking outfit she didn't know what to do with herself.

So other than dressing myself and hooking up a new's been a rather relaxing and semi-productive day. I'm looking forward to trick-or-treaters coming by tonight, watching more football, and working on getting our Christmas card designed! And finalizing our costumes for Costume Bowling tomorrow night...which means more pictures are to come, for sure!

Happy pre-Halloween!!


  1. Just discovered your blog and am enjoying it. Regards to your gang!

  2. Is this the same uncle that gave y'all the lawnmower?? Is he married??

    wv: betti. betti (bet he) is fiiiine.

  3. I really think we were meant to be friends because I designed (ok, ordered off of shutterfly) our Christmas cards on Thursday night!

  4. next time this uncle decides he wants an even BIGGER flat screen please let him know that we can take care of his old one. We can make a trip to GA for that.

  5. So cool about the tv. I like the outfit very nice. Can't wait to see the Christmas cards. I should be receiving my pictures for our card any day now! Then the addressing begins.

  6. yeah, Christmas cards! I'm looking forward to see what picture you used. :D

  7. apparently I'm a ghost...but for realz...I miss you. You live too far away.


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