Wednesday, January 26, 2011

boy stories

I have two boy stories. They’re both so good, I can hardly decide what order to tell them in. Best for last? Best for first? But then, I don’t even know which one is the best, so it doesn’t even matter.

Well, yes I do. The pick-up line one is probably better.

Here goes.

Story #1, which is not even a story, but a picture.

Here’s what I walked in on a few minutes ago. (aka Every Woman’s Dream)

Just in case you can’t tell what he’s reading:


And then he says “hey, when are you gonna make this white chicken chili?”

Moment officially over.

OK, next story.

This one’s from school today. And just as a preface/side note…the kids don’t actually call me Mrs. B. Or Mrs. B****, with those stars standing for a dog in heat, as one of you witty commenters suggested/asked once. They call me by my whole last name, it’s just I put the stars here because I don’t want this blog to be the first thing that pops up when you Google my full name. Got it?? OK, not that that has ANY relevance whatsoever…just felt like sharing.

I shall call this story “World’s Best (Unintentional) Pick-Up Line”.

We’re standing in line in hallway, waiting for our class to finish up using the bathroom. Don’t forget, I teach 4-year olds. One friend…let’s call him John Doe, shall we?…is leaning against the wall, staring pensively towards me.

“Mrs. B****.” It’s a statement moreso than a question.


“Mrs. B****. You eyes are black.”

He pauses, narrowing his gaze into my eyes.

“Black like a shark.”

Insult? Pick-up line? Most Awesome Compliment a Four-Year-Old Boy Could Give??

Who knows. But it made my day.

And for the record, my eyes are hazel. Sorta greenish-brown.

Um, maybe we need to work on our colors.


  1. How funny! I teach first grade and I had a little boy tell me one day,"Mrs.M, you look different...I know you look mean today!" Of course, he says this all with a smile. Then, another little girl comes in the room, tells me I look pretty, and asks if I had my eyebrows done. At this point the little boy yells, "That's what it is Mrs. M! That's why you look mean!" I just had to smile. There is nothing like working with children.

  2. Um, that Grace Abounds comment is really funny too!

    I was actually just catching up on your blog and wanted to go back to the wear-life of jeans...I have lived here for ALMOST a month again...and I've washed my fave pair once. I might have worn another pair some, like while I painted, otherwise...everyday. This is generally the case. NEVER under two weeks, seriously. Unless I get thrown up on or something. More joys of working with children. (Or spill BBQ sauce on...myself...)


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