Thursday, March 7, 2013

curry fingers and vacation partners.

Last night I cooked a new recipe (and it was really good) and while overall the recipe was super fast and easy, it did involve first toasting some curry powder to use in a dressing. Toasting curry powder. It was awesome. It smelled awesome. But for some reason now, over 12 hours later, I'm sitting in my office and every time my hands are near my face, all I can smell is curry. Oops. I'm hoping I'm the only one who notices this. Well, until lunchtime when I bust out my leftovers. But then everyone will just be jealous.

Lest you think I've been doing totally exciting stuff this week instead of blogging, let me set you straight. I haven't been. Just reading. I'm finally over Gone Girl and back to reading books that follow my favorite Formula. In case you were wondering, right now Dee Henderson is my go-to author for books that will suit my current mood. I know. I know. I am completely 100% lame. Oh well. At least I'm entertained. What I find particularly entertaining in her books is how heavily all of the characters rely on pagers. And these books were written in the 2000s!! All the characters have cell phones, because that's how they return each other's calls...but still they ALWAYS page each other first. It really cracks me up. Does anyone still know anyone that uses pagers? Is there some secret underground network of people who can't let them go? I often wonder the same thing about fax machines, which is clearly why I have an entire 'label' dedicated to the fax machine phenomenon. Yesterday one of the volunteers here at my work was hanging out in my office and he was musing on fax machines and why anyone uses them anymore. I must say- some people still love 'em. I probably get things faxed to me about once a week. It's crazy.

Oh wait- something exciting DID happen this week!! We are going to have company on our vacation this year!! Woooo!! Some friends of ours were thinking about planning a similar vacation (relaxing, relaxing, relaxing, unlimited food and drinks, relaxing) and after a few conversations, we decided the best thing ever would be for them to book the same vacation as us so that we can all be sloths together in Mexico. HOLLA!! It took a few weeks for them to get theirs booked, but now it's done and we are going to be spending 6 lovely days in Mexico with FRIENDS this time!! I am super beyond excited. It's going to be the best of both worlds (traveling as a couple, traveling with friends) because we'll have our own rooms (as opposed to staying in a condo together or something) at the resort and we can spend as much time together or apart as we want. Or split up guys and girls! Or whatever! We are just super excited, and at least 40% of the excitement (okay, kidding) is because now we will have reliable people to take pictures of us and won't rely on 'selfies' to document the entire trip! Oh and there will be other people to talk to once Matt and I run out of things to talk about! Don't lie- don't you always hit that place on a vacation? Umm...we've been stuck together 24/7 for x number of days...EVERYTHING that I've seen, you've seen...EVERYTHING that I've done, you've done...THERE IS NOTHING LEFT TO TALK ABOUT! That really isn't a problem for Matt and I because we're totally content to spend 80% of our time in silence (well, because I'm reading the whole time), but it'll be nice to be able to leave and go do something with Jessie and then when I get back THERE WILL BE SOMETHING NEW TO TELL MATT!!! Ha. So, yes. A new round of vacation enthusiasm. Because my enthusiasm wasn't already high enough.

I'm getting extremely anxious and antsy for warmer weather to show up so that I can start spending my life outside in the garden and flower beds. I know YOU are getting antsy to start being inundated with obnoxious pictures of my flowers, aren't you? Just wait. It's coming.

Matt has an appointment next week to follow up from his surgery. And I just now looked for the blog to link to about his surgery, and there isn't one? How did I manage to not blog about his surgery? When I had surgery it got its own category assigned! Matt's surgery? Nah. Well, guess we can see who does the blogging 'round here. Oops. Anyway-- this just in, Matt had surgery December 14!! The surgery was to correct a bunch of vein abnormalities and other junk down in The Region. They don't do the surgery follow-up until 3 months later because that's how long it takes to see a change in sperm quality/production/etc. So next week he'll have the new SAs done, as well as some ultrasounds and such to see if the surgery was successful. We won't get the results that day (I won't even be there), probably not for another week or two (or whenever we can get another appointment and I can be there)...but it's exciting/scary to kinda get the ball rolling again. It's been such a lonnnnnng three months with no trips to the RE (not). Of course I am praying that there are huge improvements and that the ultrasounds and SAs reveal that. But I'm also curious/scared about what our next steps could/should/might be. 

Well, that's as much updating as I have for the morning. My heart is rather heavy today as it's a tough day for my sister and brother-in-law...he's being shipped back out to ____ (a place very far away where there's a war and people try to kill people like my BIL) for the next ____ (long time) and I can't imagine how heartbreaking it is for both of them. Our prayers are that he will be safe (of course) and come home to her quickly. He's been deployed many times, but this is his first since they've been married (over 2 years). I just can't imagine how her heart breaks as she has to say goodbye. And now I'm going to make myself cry, so let's wrap this up and yall keep them in your thoughts and prayers if you will. 


  1. You can stop feeling guilty about not blogging about Matt's surgery because he had the pre-op on your birthday and you gave us a quick update on December 15. (Not that I'm a stalker :) I just thought I remembered reading about it and went back to check why I would have remembered that.)

    Anyways, Yay! for toasting currry powder, more reading, and vacationing with friends.

    Also, I'm praying for your sister and brother-in-law. I can't imagine what that must be like for them. And you.

  2. Your vacation sounds like it is going to be AWESOME! Have a great time!! And I am definitely keeping your BIL in my thoughts and praying for his super quick and super safe return to your sister!!

  3. 1- Pagers- doctors in hospitals can't give them up. Sam came home from his rotations all the time to rant about it and give 10,000,000 reasons it's irrational.

    2- You DID blog about Matt's surgery- sort of. You blogged about going to the pre-op on your birthday, I remember because I thought "bummer". And I know you mentioned him in post-op couch time because I knew A-he lived and B- they didn't remove anything important accidentally. : )

    3- I can't imagine having a husband deploy for a month let along 6 months or a year. AWFUL! I have a friend who just had a son and her husband got deployment orders 2 days later. Welcome home from the hospital? Thinking of your sister!

  4. Ahhh I wish we were going on vacay with you to be your personal photographers and give you things to talk about! But regardless, glad you'll have company. And sorry to hear about your sis/BIL... I can't imagine how tough that would be :o/

    Praying for good post-surgery results for Matt!

  5. Doctors are still keeping the paging companies in business.

    Which I think is mega lame. I used to work for an answering service and I remember thinking "HELLO! I am not going to have much job security now that everyone and their mama (and ancient grandma!) has a cell phone."

    For what it is worth, my previous company is still in business. Seems folks that are on call (other than the aforementioned docs) don't like giving out their on call person's cell phone number. Imagine that! LOL

    Praying for your brother in law...

  6. Vacation in jealous!
    Wishing Matt the best of luck at his follow up!

  7. Vacation with friends = amazing. We went to Mexico a few years ago with two other couples and had an absolute blast. Perfect amount of alone time, couple time, friend time, girl time, etc!

    Praying for Matt's results and your sis and brother in law. I cannot imagine.

  8. I am commenting on my phone, which we all know is the worst method of commenting ever, so I'm going to keep it simple and ditto everything Amanda said :)

  9. I was reading this and thinking "I have been reading for awhile and I didn kow her hsuband had surgery!" butI guess thats because you didnt write about it! Looking forward to hearing some hopefully good news!!

    Vacation with friends is a great idea! We have gone to florida with another couple 3 times and it is great for all the reasons you said, couple time, friend time, pictures, etc! enjoy!

  10. Haha your curry fingers story reminded me of last night... I had made chicken cutlets for dinner and then went to my barre gym class. I smelled like a sweaty chicken cutlet the entire time. It was awful!!

  11. What a fun trip! I'm sorry about your curry fingers!

  12. i was hoping that's what the mysterious facebook wall messages were about. so excited for all of you guys!! annnnnnd a bit jealous. our taxes got spent on bills. lamesauce.

    the curry smell never really goes away. at least at first - sometimes lemon juice on your fingers work, but not everytime.

  13. I want to go on vacation with you, even if you do smell like curry, which is DISGUSTING.

    We'll be keeping Matt (and you) in our prayers for his surgery and healing and eventually baby making!

    Is that weird?

  14. We have never vacationed with friends before - but we are now really close friends with a couple from church & they asked us to go w/ them on their next trip to the mountains! Hopefully this November. I am SO EXCITED! And so are they! These are people i know i could spend a whole week with! And go on a long roadtrip with! Ha! Fun times!

    At my last job (where i was up until Feb 25), they still used fax machines. Actually it was a huge awesome copy machine - but it had a fax function - and some people still send things via fax! LOL


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