Thursday, September 19, 2013

conundrums. and makeup. and food.

Alright. So this whole get up and run in the morning thing? It's all fun and games (no it's not) until YOU EAT ALL OF THE FOOD IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE BECAUSE YOU ARE SO HUNGRY ALL DAY AFTER THAT. Seriously. If I were currently tracking my caloric intake, I think that MyFitnessPal would break. So while I like the feeling of accomplishment and superiority that comes with running in the morning, I do not like stuffing my face all day. I mean, well, actually I do like stuffing my face, but I will not like the end result of that after a few weeks. There's no way running 2 miles burns enough calories to justify 11 extra meals. No way. So...what's up with that?

Also: what's up with fashion this fall. Not fashion in general- I'm a fan of most everything this season (except booties...heck no). It's just that I'm going to a cousin's wedding in October and I'm looking for a dress and like--- what? No. No, no, no. Maybe I'm totally out of touch with fashion or something, but this should not be so hard. So please tell me: what should a 30 year old fashionista (hahaha) such as myself be wearing to an outdoor (park), casual-ish evening wedding in October in Charlotte, NC, and where do I buy it? My budget is on the Target-Old Navy-Forever 21 end of things, although exceptions could be made for exceptional dresses. Bonus points if I can wear it to work the rest of the fall/winter, too. Oh, and Matt's a groomsman and they're wearing these pants (in Russian Red) I would like to not clash with him.

In more positive fashion news, my box of Sephora goodies came in! 

I am looooving the Urban Decay Dangerous Palette. So far I've used Deeper, Loaded, and Evidence (mixed in with shades from some other palettes I have) and it's been excellent. So many great few appropriate places to wear them. The good thing about bangs, though, is that it makes it hard for people to notice your not-appropriate-for-daytime eye makeup. I mean, it's a bad thing, too, because I can spend 30 minutes on my eyes and then no one can see them. But it's okay. I know they look awesome, and I can pull up my bangs and admire their awesomeness to my heart's content in the mirror and that's all that really matters, I guess. 

In other news, I am still declaring eMeals to be the Best Thing Ever. We have made 3 meals and I am itching to get home and make tonight's (Spinach and Feta Pie; Orzo with Olives). It is definitely doing the trick and making me excited to cook at home. Sit down, because I'm going to share some shocking news. I didn't even go to Taco Tuesday this week. I KNOW. This hasn't happened in like...2 years or something (without extenuating circumstances like being out of town). And I chose to cook instead of go to Taco Tuesday. Don't expect that to be a regular occurrence or anything, but it seemed noteworthy to me.

Well, back to my regularly-scheduled online hunt for a dress. And another hour of trying really hard to not go raid my co-worker's candy jar while I wait for Matt to finish working late...gaaaaaahhhhhh. 


  1. I seriously do not get the booties AT ALL. Maybe I just think it's because they would look oh so terrible on me, I dunno. Anyhoo, did you get the 411 on the chex mix by any chance? That is right up my alley so you have me wondering how they made it :)

  2. 1- I love the word conundrum. That's a little random, but I love it!

    2- If you find this magical dress that fits that budget, pass that info on to me! I am also going to an outdoor wedding near Savannah at the end of October and I need a new dress. I actually have a cute dress but I wore it to a wedding in August and all of the same people will be there. So, that stinks.

  3. My Sephora goodies arrived today! Can't wait to test them out tomorrow!!!

  4. I finished the entire Insanity program and saw basically NO results because it made me freaking RAVENOUS AS THE WOLF. So I feel your pain on that end. That's why I decided sitting on my ass is just as good because at least my appetite doesn't freak the heck out.

  5. So glad you are still liking the emails program. And, as far as eating, I DON"T STOP!!! I work out every morning and then 2x week I go back at lunch. Today was the 2 a day workout day and I CAN'T STOP EATING. ugh!!! Working out = higher grocery bill

  6. Thanks for giving me a reason not to run in the mornings (or ever! Haha)! ;)

  7. For some reason the thought of groomsmen in Russian Red pants is making me laugh. A lot. I also think Matt should try a pair in Zephyr Blue, New Grass Green and Spanish Olive. These pant colours are as awesome as paint names!

    Also, the eleven meals a day thing made me laugh. I find when I work out in the morning I also eat about three extra meals that day.

  8. Morning workouts do mean lots of extra hunger. Maybe drink more water? Or go back to tracking your calories. (then you can friend me on myfitnesspal)

    Oh, booties are not cute.

  9. Thank goodness I don't know what booties are . . . unless that is what people are calling those weird heal looking things that only go to your ankle.

    Perhaps if you can't find the dress you want reuse an old one BUT buy new shoes that are a little more pricy BZ you hadn't spent money on shoes and a dress.

    I love cute wedges for any wedding involving standing on grass.

    have you looked at

  10. Whenever I have an event where I need something new but don't want to spend 5 million bucks I check out Ann Taylor Loft clearance/sale. You really can find some great deals and usually anything you get you can keep wearing in different ways the rest of the season. Happy shopping!

  11. You can try a protein shake or a banana before you run. I like the protein shakes from Costco. They only have 1 gram of sugar and are pretty tasty. As morning work out enthusiast I usually have something before I work out and then when I get to work I have "second breakfast" which is usually oatmeal with berries and almonds, which "sometimes" keeps me full till lunch.

    This is why I go with the whole... "I exercise MORE so I can eat MORE"

  12. Oh no!! I love booties and wear them all the time! I thought I was so cool, but it looks like a good amount of your readers agree with you that booties are dumb?! So maybe I'm not as cool as I thought I was?! Awful.

  13. I'm impressed with how much you switch up your makeup routine, because I have basically been using the same products/colors/etc for like 10 years. And it's not because my makeup looks so awesome that it doesn't need fixing, that's for sure... I just don't even know how I would go about picking new stuff?!

    Also, I'm sad you missed Taco Tuesday because I could really go for a taco myself right about now.

  14. Girl! I can't believe you're going to be in NC next month! Welcome to my neck of the woods!

    I fully support grey or plum for fall weddings, either of which would compliment the red. Although a little pricey, Calvin Klein at Macy's is a great place to look. I usually end up spending $80-$120 on one of their dresses but CK is so classic that you can wear it anywhere!

  15. Russian red pants... very interesting. We need photographic evidence.

    Zero dress advice, sorry!


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