Wednesday, February 12, 2014

a snow fashion tutorial

Greetings and welcome to Day 2 of Georgia Snowpocalypse 2.0!! Other cutesy names people and the media are throwing around to describe this rare phenomenon of snow/ice/cold precipitation in Georgia (for the unprecendented SECOND TIME IN ONE YEAR!!!!): Icelanta, Atlantarctica, Snowmeggedon. I kind of like all of them. I also kind of love that in an effort to not look/be as dumb as we were last month, we are being SO EXTREMELY OVERLY CAREFUL AND PREVENTATIVE during this storm...which means that we're practically under martial law with orders to NOT LEAVE YOUR HOUSE NO MATTER WHAT. I think if you were to dare to drive your car on a road, you'd probably be shot. Duly noted. Happy to stay home and watch ungodly amounts of Netflix and Olympics. Well, I'll be happy as long as the power stays on...which it has, so far. But we expect it to go out at any moment, so it's this weird situation of trying to enjoy it while it's here, but preparing to live without it.

Anyway. Matt was getting a little stir-crazy this morning and proposed that we go on an adventure. Basically that means we went on a walk around our neighborhood, but when there's snow and ice making the roads treacherous, suddenly it becomes an adventure. Before we departed on our snowstravaganza there was a Really Important Moment that happened in my closet. Remember my huge conflict about getting rid of my Timberlands? You guys had a LOT of opinions about that situation and I ultimately ended up pulling them out of the donation pile and hoarding them for a bit longer.

Well, guess who got called up to the plate today? 

That's right, ladies. Coming out of retirement for Snowpocalypse 2.0....the TIMBERLANDS!!!!!

It was a big moment for them. And me.

Since it's now snowed twice (and was super super cold another day), I am obviously an expert on dressing for the cold, as you can see. I'm sure you'll all be wanting to copy my snazzy outfit, so here are the details, from top to bottom:

-really old red hat
-fleece scarf
-sunglasses (to keep sleet from your eyeballs)
-long sleeved t-shirt under a fleece under a raincoat (with hood pulled up when necessary)
-fleece leggings under regular running leggings
-Smartwool socks (these are key)
-15 year old Timberlands

This outfit was surprisingly effective for our 25 minutes in the elements. It was about 26 degrees outside at the time and just lightly sleeting, which I know is basically summer weather to all of you Canadians and Midwesterners.

As we walked, Matt and I were discussing how now we feel like we can really relate to all the Winter Olympians. Or at least to how it feels to stand in the snow in the cold...which is basically all they do, right?

Lola was pretty jazzed about our snowventure. She liked running and tugging on the leash, which would cause us to drag behind her since we couldn't get a foothold on the ice-covered-snow. It was like she was a boat and we were the skiers! Pretty fun. 

Eventually she discovered the joy of just running in circles around me. It was hilarious. It would have been less hilarious if I'd fallen down, but luckily that didn't happen.

So obviously Snow Day 2 is off to a great start. It looks like we'll have at least another half-day off since I've been off since last Thursday (for our Texas trip), basically I don't remember what it's like to go to work. Or put on clothes that remotely match. Oh well.


  1. Fleece lined leggings have been essential this winter! I wear them to bed, under pants daily, and any other time I think I might catch a chill! Can it just be spring all ready? They're predicting we will get into the 50's this weekend for a day or two. I'll probably break out my shorts and tank tops.

  2. My favorite name for all this is Atlantarctica. I'm loving the Timberlands out and about! I think I might walk my dogs tonight, and I might have to break out mine.

  3. You know what??? I live in MN. Its SUPER COLD and a bit snowy (which is equivalent to your SUPER SNOWY) and I still would probably dress similar to you. I do have a slightly warmer coat. And I shelled out for money for gloves this year so I can use my iphone with my gloves on. But if I were to leave the house for a walk on a snowy day, it would be similar dress. I think the main difference is... if it is cold/ snowing here, even if its everyday, I just choose not to voluntarily go outside :) Enjoy the white stuff!!!!

  4. I'm glad you guys actually have something to show for all the pre-storm madness!

  5. I am so jealous of your snow! I live in Northeast Mississippi and we got hit by the same winter storm you did, but all we've gotten in really cold rain. It's like the weather is messing with us and staying *just* above freezing so we don't get any snow.

    You look adorable by the way, I love your outfit!

  6. Looks like y'all are having fun!! And I would LOVE to sit around and watch Netflix and the Olympics ALL DAY!

  7. I won't say I told you so, but I told you so!!! Those Timbs are still kicking butt for you. Kudos on matching outfits with Lola...stylin' on your adventure!

  8. I need you to send some of that snow to Tennessee! Please and Thank You! I'm sure my boots from high school would love to make an appearance in the snow as well.

    Enjoy and stay warm!

  9. It's gonna be 90 here this weekend. I want snow.

  10. Meanwhile up north we get ready for 10 inches of snow :-/ that's not fun lol :)

  11. So jealous of your snow!! All we've had is a few really cold, rainy days. Boo. Glad you're having fun, though, and being fashionable while you're doing it- vintage shoes and all!

  12. Aaaaah!
    The fact your timberland's were able to make a useful appearance made me laugh. Did they work? Did they keep your feet dry/warm?

  13. I used the term snowcation for our break. The news just kept calling it winter blast this year. (I am pretty sure we have already used that term. I love icelanta. That is a fantastic name.

  14. Haha, I love the name Atlantartica for the storm- clever!!

  15. Your doggy is so cute having fun in the snow, and also, the more videos I see of you, the more adorable I think you are. Our dogs are dumb in the snow. They just go outside in the back and then cry until we come get them, which means putting on pants. They are the worst.

  16. Wow! I am so envious that you have our summer already! Actually it's crazy ridiculous how excited I am to see highs above 0C next week AND rain!!!! That means we might actually get some melting happening. Whhhheeeeee!!!

    And you are really cute in your snow gear. I can see you and Lola taking gold in the 2018 Olympics when dog-circle-running becomes a sport :)


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