Friday, December 19, 2014

christmas card roundup

You pretty much saw my Christmas card (proudly displayed on my own piano!) during my house tour last week, but I figured I better share it "officially" for good measure. We used Costco for our cards (we also used them for our birth announcements) and they did a great job. Actually, they messed up the order the first time (gave us the correct number of envelopes but shorted us a set of 25 cards...), but as soon as I let them know, they re-sent the entire (correct) (and ENTIRE, sooo...we had WAY more cards than we needed) order immediately. So...high five for prompt problem-solving, Costco!

Wow. The mustard yellow throw pillow I chose to set the card on to photograph it REALLY does a lot for it, right? That nice glow? Special. 

Anyway. I love the card and especially love that Costco prints your return address on the envelopes for you, saving my poor hand a lot of writing (or stamping, actually).

Back in 2011 I would update my "Christmas card stats" at the bottom of (some of) my December posts. I had fun keeping tabs (and now it's fun to compare this year's cards), so I figured I'd assess the cards we've received so far this year.

The door looks a lot happier than last week! Also, does it drive you crazy that I just stick the cards up there all willy-nilly and not in lines or rows? I like it, but I feel like it would cause some folks to lose sleep at night. All the uptight people. ;) But trying to put them in lines/rows would drive ME crazy because I want to put them up as they arrive...and how could I know how many I'll ultimately receive to accurately judge how to space them? How to account for horizontal/vertical orientations? See, that would be worse. WILLY-NILLY IT IS.

So far we have a total of 22 cards.

Number of Non-Photo Cards: 4
Number of Photo Cards: 18

Of the 18 photo cards...
Number of collage cards: 10 (So this is apparently a big thing now! I swear in previous years collage cards were NOT this prevalent! All you indecisive people...)
Number of cards from blog friends (that I would not/did not know outside of blogging): 10 (Matt really loves opening cards from strangers and seeing them displayed all the time!)
Number of cards with pets: 2 (Poor pets.)
Number of cards from people named Amanda: 4 (this is Matt's favorite joke- every time a new card comes: IS IT FROM AMANDA?!??!!)
Number of cards from Georgia: 6
Card hailing from furthest away: Northglenn, Colorado (1,447 miles). I am actually shocked- I had already written down Ontario, Canada...but then consulted Google Maps and discovered that Ontario is actually CLOSER than Northglenn by about 500 miles! Who knew? I need to go to work, so that's all the fascinating statistics I have time for. If you're bored, feel free to assess your own cards! Fun for all (nerds)!


  1. I like hearing these stats - maybe next year I'll copy you and do some of my own!

  2. Isn't costco the best! I used their next day card service for photo printed cards and they were only $25 or $30 for a set of 100!

  3. Sooo apparently we need to do an address swap. That is NOT enough Amandas. :)

    There are no Costcos around here, and I'm sick of hearing about how great they are! Not fair.

  4. My math brain loves your statistics. Tim looked at your card the other day and said who is this? I could have easily claimed you as a cousin and I'm sure he would have gone with it :)

  5. Now I'm really disappointed that I didn't do cards just so Matt could A- hear that yes, the card is from Amanda and B- so he could stare at more strangers. I know he loves blog friends dearly.

    Maybe next year. : )

  6. I didn't even think about using Costco. . . duh!! Next year. . .

    And I got my cards in the mail yesterday so maybe there is hope that you will get yours 3 seconds before Christmas, instead of 2. :)

  7. Ha ha I love that you know so many Amandas! And I love your sweet card :)

  8. 1) Love the card stats -- never thought to count and sorts my cards before! 2) Also good to know that Costco is responsible for the return address on your envelopes. I was so impressed that you splurged for the pre-printed envelopes; even more impressed now that I know you thriftily did it through Costco! 3) The Amanda thing always makes me laugh. I can't believe you have four cards from Amandas! 4) I love your willy-nilly display. So festive and fun -- Christmas cards make me so happy!!!

  9. I'm so proud to be part of 3 of those categories. Your welcome, Matt!

  10. Autocorrect attacks again! You're* welcome, Matt. And for the record our lab loves the beach. Even more than the dog park. So he suffered through his 2 shots in doggie paradise.

  11. I'm so sad this year because we are not sending out cards. The budget needed a cut back due to my being on medical leave for three months. Anddd...every single gift on the boys Christmas list is over $100. They are single handlely killing our budget!!!

  12. But most importantly, who was the FIRST Amanda to send you a collage photo card?!

  13. I love your Christmas card && all of the stats! We don't have many but I'm planning on being really good about sending them out in the future (after we get married) and I hope that if I always send them then I will also get plenty in return. :)

  14. Woohoo, Northglenn is the winner of something for the first time ever! Our only other claims to fame could be smallest town ever to reside smushed inside three other towns, worst deli, most red lights or the award given for most goose-poop per square mile.I love the photo cards so much (as you can tell from our card), but I also kind of love traditional cards. I'm thinking that next year is going to be something glittery and fun and hard card-stock.

    1. Idk, Westminster has quite a bit of goose poop! I wonder if there is a contest and who gets the goose-poopiest, crappiest prize! :P

  15. Love your card...cute, cute, cute!!!

  16. I'm reading this and have just realized I somehow skipped you in the card sending process! eek! you may get your card after christmas. ha.

  17. (blogger always deletes my first attempt at commenting. Grrr) This year, we had some REAL photos made so the man-friend, (who went to art school but his job does nothing related to that, still have no clue what he does for a living, other than drinking coffee and putting on grown up clothes 5 days a week) made a collage with design-y things and I got it printed at Target for like 11 cents. Hoo-ray! Mine are all willy-nilly on the door too, and it was looking a lil light,so post cards and my niece's 1st bday invite got added in. It's a good-mood-inducing door now. :)
    Speaking of said niece, she's right at 1 and she gets baths with mom or dad nightly. She loves it and it's such a healing ritual and routine. :)

  18. I love your card, and I am laughing at my desk at your card stats! I wish I had your address, i would send you one of ours!!! We have not gotten many cards this year, I feel like people are really slacking in the Christmas card arena!

  19. haha love the report!!! I keep laughing about how many of ours have similar designs - most all are shutterfly or tiny prints!!! Nice work with using Costco!!!!!!

  20. I wish Costco in Canada did preprinted return addresses on the envelopes. That is awesome!!! And we did a collage card for the first time this year because we actually splurged on a real photographer and she got individual shots of the kids. Next year we'll likely be back to a single photo card.

    I'll have to assess my cards after Christmas because we're still receiving them in the mail. All my friends are late this year!

  21. Ok, i'm loving this post! Card stats - what a brilliant idea. Can i be a copycat?! We got so many cards this year!

    Um... i am one of only two that included their dog?! How can you not? He is my furbaby! And he's kind of photogenic!! :)

    The Amanda-thing...hilarious! And so many blogger cards. Brad is like, "who is this??" "Oh, that's a blog friend." Ha. I have all these friends he doesn't know about! (He knows about you, though... b/c i've read him some of your hilarious posts. Ha!)

    I am thoroughly impressed with Costco! I assumed your card was from Tiny Prints or something. When i read here that it was Costco i had to go look at it again & feel the paper & ooh & ah over how great their quality is!! Haha! We just got a costco but it's on the other side of town...still... i might have to join it. (Have you had their cakes? A friend's birthday cake was from their bakery & it was pretty delicious!)


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