Tuesday, January 6, 2015

it's seriously only tuesday.

Whew. It's been quite a week already...and it's only Tuesday night. Waaaah. I'm totally wiped out and feel like I need a break (maybe I got used to all those two- and three-day work weeks over the holidays)...and it's only Tuesday night. Blargh. All I want to do is paint my nails and watch Gilmore Girls...but I'm too tired to paint my nails and pushing all of the buttons (power on BluRay player, turn on TV, hit 'source,' select Netflix...and so on...) to get to Gilmore Girls just seems way too complicated. AND IT'S ONLY TUESDAY NIGHT.

I got a wonderful gift card for a mani-pedi for Christmas. I had big plans to wait until...I don't know, the future? Some day when I really really needed it??...to use it, but all signs are pointing towards really needing it by about Friday at 5. Or maybe Saturday at 11:00 a.m.

Obviously it's going to be a struggle to string together some coherent sentences, but I'm a glutton for punishment, so let's get to it. In the midst of my fatigue, I still have some super important thoughts and experiences that need to be shared...if I don't get them down, I'll forget them. I know it. And that would be just tragic. (Heavy sarcasm here, if you didn't catch it. I might be too tired to relay it properly.)

1. Millie started daycare yesterday. Even though I've been back to work for two months, it's another adjustment to adapt to. Her first day was pretty rough, as I had expected- I knew (and have known for 4 months...) that they would not be able (allowed by the state) to swaddle her for naps. I had a lot of great plans to transition her out of the swaddle before she started going. Annnnd...best laid plans and all that and guess who got to go cold turkey on the swaddle for her first day at daycare?? Right. My baby. Poor thing. So her napping for two days has been...umm...not impressive. I feel like the workers are really earning their paychecks because I can only imagine the fits she pitches every time she's over-exhaustedly trying to fight an unswaddled nap. Ugh. I know that she'll adjust and get used to it- and we would have had to lose the swaddle eventually anyway, plus she's almost too big for all of them (and I can't seem to find any BIGGER ones!!! Are the swaddle-makers implying that 18 pound babies should not be velcro swaddled?!?! Lunacy!!)...so really, they're probably doing me a favor. I just hate knowing she's (probably) crying and upset every time she needs a nap. So far (you know, all two days) she's still been her normal happy and playful self in the evenings and sleeping just as well as night as always, so I guess that's good. But still. (Relatedly, do you think I should get her teachers Starbucks gift cards or something as a small token of appreciation for listening to her scream all week and doing the dirty work of un-swaddle-training for me?)

2. I made an amazing first impression on all the other daycare parents and teachers by HULKING OUT OF MY SHIRT when I went to pick up Millie yesterday afternoon. Yes. And I am actually putting this on the internet for all the world to see. Laugh away. I sure did.

So to enter the infant classroom they require you to either take your shoes off or put on those plastic shoe cover things like surgeons wear...I guess so that you don't track gross germs all over the floor the babies are crawling on. I appreciate that. So there I was at 5:15, all excited to go get my baby from her first day at school, and I grab my shoe covers to put over my boots, and I bend over to put them on, and RIIIIPPPPPPP!!! I spun around to see what was behind me that made that noise, only to discover that IT WAS MY SHIRT. Totally ripped across one of the seams on the back (it was a button-down chambray shirt. RIP.). Annnnddddd yeah, I totally Hulked out of my own shirt. Luckily I had on a tank top underneath- no one got a free peep show or anything. And Matt was standing right there and gave me his jacket so that I didn't have to do a walk of shame around the daycare. But still. Come on. Ugh.

3. RELATEDLY, Matt and I started T-25 yesterday. HA. Actually we'd been planning to start it yesterday for a week or so...the Hulk Incident really confirmed my commitment to the plan. So far we've done two days of workouts and I feel like I will probably collapse and all my limbs will fall off any minute now. I convinced myself to do this because we could do it while Millie takes her evening nap (usually right after we get home from work) and some delusional belief that "I can do anything for 25 minutes!!!" Yeah, no. I can do a lot of things for 25 minutes, but apparently not that. I try. But dang. It's no joke. I usually take a few breaks to sip water and check on Millie...but I'd say I do a good 21 minutes of it, and that's 21 incredibly painful minutes of working out I wasn't doing last week (or the last 5 months...), so we'll call it a win. I had previously imagined that we would complete the whole T-25 'plan' or whatever (I think it's a month?)...let's just say we're taking it on a more day-by-day basis now. Each day I'm not paralyzed is a win. But I'm going to try to keep at it, because remember the Hulk incident.

4. Oh look, Millie is learning to sit up!!

Unnntil she topples over while I'm trying to take a picture and then I inadvertently capture a picture of the topple while I'm dropping the phone and trying to grab her. Ha. It was pretty funny (and she survived the fall, no worries). Anyway, she's so cute and proud of herself when she sits up! I think it'll open up a whole new world for her when she can sort of look around and select toys and stuff all by herself...you know, all the things she misses out on due to her long-term Tummy Time Boycott. 

5. I am easily influenced by marketing and an abundance of articles shared on social media when it comes to my coffee choices, apparently. I couldn't wait to go to Starbucks today to try the new Flat White (new to Americans only...in case you're not up on your reading, apparently Australians and UK residents have been drinking flat whites for years and sneer at us for not knowing about them...).

Since my Starbucks orders usually tend to come heavily sweetened and topped with crushed candy, this was a decidedly more subdued choice. But I actually really liked it! My first thought was I feel like a grown-up drinking this, which Matt thought didn't make sense, but it made sense to me. Again- my usual coffee treat is usually pretty flavored. I don't like black coffee, so I'd worried this would be bitter...but it was actually really good! I would totally get it again...particularly if I were getting coffee with a group of friends and they were all getting Frapps and mochas...I'd get a flat white so that I could judge them and their childish taste in overpriced coffee. ;) No but really. It was good. Thanks, Aussies! (And UK-ians!)

But despite my two-shots-of-espresso-afternoon-beverage, I'm still fading fast. I think I've made it through all of my most deep and burning thoughts, so I'm going to head to bed and wish you well surviving the rest of this back-to-real-life week. Right after I finish washing these diapers. Waaaaaah.


  1. Yay Millie for sitting up! A whole new world awaits you.

    For the T25 are you skipping ahead and doing the Five Day Fast Track plan? I know nothing about this workout other than what I read in the site you linked to, but there's my helpful question for you?

    And FLAT WHITES!!! That's what Dave eventually ended up drinking in New Zealand because he couldn't figure out what to order. This makes me miss New Zealand.

    If you wanted to give Millie's daycare workers something extra that would be nice (like when we paid our babysitter a little extra because Rachel screamed for 25 minutes straight one night -- she never calmed down after we left) BUT you don't have to. That is their job. But everyone likes a recognition bonus now and again.

  2. Hope my comment doesn't come twice...I don't know why leaving a comment is so hard for me ;) anyway...you can have them swaddle your baby if you get written permission from your pediatrician!

  3. Poor baby. When I was a nanny I always appreciated when the parents said thank you. I potty trained one of their children while they were away in Vegas for three days because I was sick of two in diapers. It's nice to know you are appreciated when you are doing someone else's dirty parenting work, but at the same time screaming baby=chance to cuddle baby in my mind. But I've never worked in an infant daycare so I'm not sure on the policies about that.

    Also get some sleep and don't get sick. Take it from me, whatever I have is absolutely no fun!

  4. Your shirt issue is fine. I've had 5 people since August ask me when my baby is due!! Never had that in my life and now it won't stop! I feel the best ever.

  5. Oh man, just the thought of daycare stresses me out. I know Paloma is going to have a huge adjustment for naps too. The swaddle is such a god send, isn't it?

  6. I really didn't have time to check blogs just now. But I saw yours and wanted to read it right away. And now I have to comment to say, "Wow, look at the amazing sitting cuteness!" Plus I am using your words as going-back-to-work inspiration for when my mat leave ends next month. Loving your writing : )

  7. Oh those first days of daycare. They are forever etched in my memory! Believe me when I tell you how Millie's teachers will fall in love with her because they work through her screaming fits. It's a special bond formed. My boy's teachers all loved on them because those first few weeks were so difficult. a small token from Millie would be nice, but not necessary.
    I bet you "hulked" due to one day of T-25! You go girl!
    I have a bunch of Starbucks gift cards from my father in law...he re-gifted to me...expanding my drink horizon is in my future. Thank you for the suggestion!

  8. Poor Mama! Dropping babies off at daycare is hard. Nolan had trouble napping to daycare too. She'll figure it out. Do you have a Boppy? If so, you can put that around her while she practices sitting. Then can you can get a good picture when she topples over :)

    I started my workouts this week too. One hour of zumba followed by C25K. Ouch!

    Thanks for the Flat White review. I was tempted but went with my Pumpkin Spice since they still have it!

  9. I am lol as I read about your T-25 experience! Ha! But seriously I give you major props because Lord knows I would never attempt such a thing. I have a lot of friends that love it and do it every single day and I am like "Are you people pure crazy???"

    Sitting up is one of my fav developmental milestones for babies!! It really is so fun to see their world open up and expand once they can sit up and truly interact and play!!

  10. Kudos, friend. By the time I get home, I don't want to clean house, do laundry, or any of that junk. You're washing diapers at 10:00 after getting a mad workout. You're killing this working mom thing!

    Also, chambray shirt... sad day. Glad Matt was there to rescue you.

  11. Okay, I wish we lived closer so we could be IRL friends because I just know it would be awesome! 1. GILMORE GIRLS!!! I was gifted the complete season for Christmas and i am LOVING it! Stephen...not so much! 2. Yikes about daycare!!! I feel for you! :( Being a working Momma is HARD!!!! They can't swaddle at daycare? Can they sleep on their tummys? Liam is a tummy sleeper. 3. I saw the posted for the new Flat White at Starbucks yesterday and wondered if it would be any good...maybe I need to try it!!!

  12. T-25 is great! I did it for a while, but it was hard on my knees...so I stopped. I feel like a pansy doing all the modified stuff. ha!

    You DESERVE that pedicure. My plan was to get one the Friday after Christmas, but I burned my foot cooking Christmas eve dinner (dropped hot brisket grease on it!) so I'm having to let that heal first. Boo.

    And how have I NOT heard about this Flat White thing? I love coffee and Starbucks and can't wait to try it now!

  13. ALL the things I need to say to this post. Namely- I am glad someone else is easily swayed by Starbucks beautifully packaged marketing... I want you Flat White.. I think.. mostly because you're new and purty.

    Erika stop out performing us baby-less adults who are incredibly lazy and can't get the motivation to workout.. I totally agree with Amanda you killin' it. And if it wasn't totally weird I would say Amanda, you, and I need a girl hang because OMG dat baby doe. Millie is adorbs. Congrats on surviving the transition to day care-d child! I am sure that's a tough one.

    p.s. If you're anything like me the reason you're dragging is because of the THREE HOUR LONG Bachelor premiere. Whoa. ABC. Whoa.

    1. (I couldn't find your email address to reply directly- maybe you'll see this here??!) You totally reminded me of the other thing I meant to list in this post- I didn't watch Bachelor!! So I can't blame my dragging-ness on it. The thought of a three-hour premiere was just too much to stomach. I'm thinking about trying to catch it online (we cut our cable/DVR)...but also thinking about sitting this season out. Does it look promising and like I need to make it a priority??

    2. Uh let's just preview some highlights with #turntuptara and a woman who spends entirely too long talking about an onion that ends up being a pomegranate.. it's incredible. The previews make Chris not look as amazing as I thought he was though... I would prioritize it for now, but you can skip the first hour of the first show.. it was just asking the past contestants random questions.

  14. I am seeing the comment above about the Bachelor - I had a few gals over to watch on Monday night, including Amanda and Brittnie, and I commented how you and I have texted during the show over the last year or so, but then I said you might not even be watching this year because of baby girl! I understand if you need to sit the season out, but I hope instead you will just jump in after a few episodes when it's more interesting anyway!

  15. In response to the Bachelor chain, I've never actually seen a full season, but I did sit down for the premiere the other night just to see if it was worth watching (and so I could know what you were talking about when you blogged about it...oops). I failed to stick around for the rose ceremony, though. Bedtime takes precedence over "The Bachelor." Always.

  16. You for sure do great story telling when you are tired, this was too funny!

    I see the Bachelor mentioned above and I didn't watch the first night. It sounds like that is a good thing if it was 3 hours long yikes!! Maybe I'll catch the next go round when some of the ladies are already gone.

    Also, I had the Flat White today!! They totally got me with the pretty picture of it in my email! haha I thought it was yummy too but maybe could have used a tiny bit of Truvia or Splenda. I normally get a Caramel Macchiato which is just a little bit sweet but not too sweet so this was even less sweet. I'll add a little something next time. A little bragging here, I got my gold rewards card...go me!! Well that's either bragging or reaffirming the fact that I spend too much money there! haha

  17. Argh, I've been dragging this week, too. I hope the transition into daycare this week goes well for all 3 of you. I'm sure the un-swaddling is not nearly as hard on the teachers (or Millie) as you think! Most everything I fretted about with the twins going off to daycare ended up being a non-event. Even now, we can't bare to take Clara's pacifiers away when she sleeps at home but she never gets one at daycare and does just fine! I think there is a lot of magic (and peer pressure) involved.

    Oh, and I love T25!! I have found a favorite video (it's one of the core ones with circuits) and I almost exclusively do that one- ha! I've had the set since May and haven't moved on from Alpha to Beta level, if that tells you anything... they aren't playing around!

  18. That's crazy they can't swaddle! Does the state think it's unsafe? Is there really nothing else happening that lawmakers are creating laws against swaddling? Oh Georgia. Lol. If you're trying to transition at home, we had luck with the Zippity-Zip. I'm guessing this too would be too treacherous for daycare. Ha!

  19. Not sure if you're going to stop swaddling completely, but in case you're still interested in trying out a bigger swaddle (maybe for night time at home?), have you seen the Swaddle Buddy Sacks by Pea Wee Baby? http://peaweebaby.com/SwaddleBuddy-Sack/SwaddleBuddy-Sack The size large is for babies >15 pounds, and I can attest that it is, in fact, quite large (my son born in September was 9 lbs. 15 oz...).

  20. I need a flat white!!! Also totally with you on this week... Tuesday felt like Friday to me!!

  21. I'm glad you liked the flat white. I love the fact that the introduction of the flat white into Starbucks made your blog and the news in Australia! Check out http://www.smh.com.au/national/starbucks-adds-flat-white-a-wet-cappuccino-or-a-small-latte-controversy-brews-20150103-12gx6p.html. Unfortunately we come across as coffee snobs in this article.

  22. Oh, friend, I have so had this week many, many times :( Exciting news about your promotion but I know that with an already full plate, more work can really just run you ragged!

    It will all get easier with time and you'll manage to find more opportunities for "me" time here and there. Also, although it seems like they'll be a fixture in your life forever, the bottles (and their cleaning/prep) won't be around forever and that really makes a huge difference!

    Hang in there, mama!

  23. Ha! Ryan has also already tried the flatwhite. We should never go anywhere where they are trying to sell us a timeshare. I laughed outloud at the falling picture, only because I have like four of those, where I had the perfect shot, and then there was cursing and then trying to take back the cursing.


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