Tuesday, March 31, 2015

double standards

Yesterday Millie wore this adorable little Vera Bradley onesie. It was a gift given to us/her before she was even born- it is springy and adorable and I love it. 

It is size 0-3 months. Except OBVIOUSLY NOT because there is nothing 0-3 about this chunk of babe.

I chuckled all day about my 20+ pounder wearing a 0-3 onesie. Who invents the sizes of these things?

Today she's wearing a little bubble pants suit thing from Gymboree. ALSO ADORABLE.

Only this one is size 18-24 months. 


So in two days she has spanned two years in sizes. It's hilarious and also totally doesn't matter. They both fit, so whatever.

If you ask what size she is, though, I'll tell you 9 months. Most of her clothes are 9 months, with a few extreme outliers thrown in for variety, I guess.

But then I was thinking about how sometimes women's clothes are not so consistent, either. I have a closet full of a particular size, and then like one thing a number or three smaller, and two things a number or three larger. Kind of like Millie- a closet full of 9 months, a lone 0-3, and a lone 18-24. I'll tell you Millie is clearly a size 9 months.

But if you ask me what size I am?? Oh, 0-3. Without a doubt. All the other clothes are just lying. 


  1. My theory is that the more expensive a thing you buy, the smaller they size it. And thus you are so excited about fitting into a size 0 that you will pay more to own it. I bought a "fancy" dress in December and it was three sizes smaller than what I usually buy. It was also about three times as expensive. But the jeans I find on sale are always a size or two larger than what I think I need.

    I have no explanation for kids' clothes though. They are just insane. Rachel just got rid of a 24 month sweater and is also wearing Sam's size 5 hand me downs.

  2. This gets even worse as they age up! My girls can wear anything from a 24 month legging to a 5t dress! HOT MESS! But I'm with you, I'm claiming those outliers on the small end of my closet EVERY.TIME.

  3. Seriously agree about the clothes. . . regardless of size, hers are pretty cute!

  4. And yet boys can buy a 32 waist pair of pants and it ALWAYS fits. What is up with that? I for sure am always the smallest size in my wardrobe, ha! Drew and Millie might be about the same size! She's just under 22 pounds right now. And wore a 9-12 month dress to church on Sunday and a 2T shirt to school today!

  5. I, too, wear 9-month clothing, just like Millie! I like for my clothes to be really fitted, so it works out well...

  6. Seriously, I do not understand how your 20+ pounder wears size 9 mo clothing (most of the time)! Guess it's because she is carrying most of the weight in those cheeks of hers, where clothes don't have to fit.

  7. Vera Bradley is just like all other high end brands, they size their clothing to make us feel good about ourselves! Like you I'm clearly a size 2, my closet though is filled with lower end brands who do not care about my emotions!

  8. Bahaha! I agree everything else in my closet lies.

  9. I'm a new-ish reader to your blog. The clothes are adorable, but I totally find myself drooling over the nursery, too! Too much cuteness abounds!

  10. AAAH, I love those clothes!! JB is still in 9 month pants, but I think that's less about the brand and more about the fact he has short, skinny little legs. :)


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