Tuesday, March 1, 2016

playing and politics

Wow, only two posts in February, eh? I'm reaching new slacker lows here. Obviously I'm spending way too much time watching Fuller House doing really important stuff. 

Me too. I keep pretty busy, as you can see. This room isn't just gonna trash itself!
My job is completely insane right now and it leaves me too exhausted to come home and put words together in any sort of an intelligible fashion (for either talking or blogging, ha). Luckily, Millie doesn't mind if my conversational/writing skills aren't completely up to par. Homegirl is all about PLAYING these days. Just try and stop her.              

I mean, sometimes I stop to feed my babies.
It seems that four years of listening to NPR has finally paid off and I actually care about politics for once. Too bad that's a SUPER DEPRESSING SITUATION right now. I took Millie with me to vote today (side note: a hell of a lot of good that did us. WHY IS GEORGIA SO STUPID??? See also: Trump wins in Georgia by a landslide. All sane people planning their imminent moves to anywhere where logic and decency still prevails. Like possibly the moon.). I tried to tell her about how it's important that we vote because it's our chance to participate in democracy, blah blah blah. She could probably see right through me, though. She knows the only thing good about voting is the sticker. And getting to see a fire truck.

Only YOU can prevent psychos from becoming president!! Except, actually it takes a lot more than just you...so never mind, give me a sticker, I gotta go.
We try to get away from all the political drama once in awhile with a little front yard yoga. Millie definitely gets it.          

Downward facing Lola, you say? Got it, Mommy!
Speaking of Lola...she's getting a lot of kisses from her #1 fan these days. But Millie's kind of a fair-weather fan, really. She's either smothering Lola with kisses and pat-pats, or yelling "NO-NUH!!!" in the most accusatory voice you've ever heard, all away across the house, to blame Lola for something she obviously didn't do (pull all the books off the shelf, dump the puzzles out, pull a glass of water off the counter, etc.). It's pretty classic sibling behavior, I guess. Too bad Lola doesn't have a chance to dish it back!

I love you, No-nuh. Except for when I don't.
But for as stressful as work is and as depressing as freaking politics are...this little bit makes it all better. She is SO funny and precious and smart and cuddly and...I could go on with adjectives for days. Her language and ability to communicate improves every single day (probably every single hour) and I never know what she might say or do next. Like this video I took the other night- I definitely did not know she knew the word "bonk," as you can probably hear in my voice!!

She can also perform a variety of facial expressions/emotions on command. I know, I know...I should quit using her for party tricks. I can't help it, though! She's a riot! The world should know!! The world needs something happy right now!

So anyway. That's where we are. Millie is hilarious, the majority of voters in Georgia are insane, and...that's about it. Womp womp, goodnight.


  1. Millie seems like she is definitely an excellent distraction from the less enjoyable parts of life (Donald Trump, politics in general, being extra busy at work) - keep up the good work, girl!

  2. Ditto to my wasted vote yesterday... sad times. And I say you definitely keep using Millie for party tricks- totally fair game!

  3. I sat on the couch in tears last night as they reported the polling outcomes, while trying to determine what it would take to move my entire family to Canada or Great Britain. Thankful for cute photos and videos of your sweet girl to help lighten the mood around here!

  4. She is too cute! The situation in the States is terrifying....I don't know what people are thinking. Trump isn't just going to ruin America, he is also going to ruin Canada and everyone else who gets in his way. Hilter #2.

  5. I will admit I didn't read this post because I'm trying to multitask (which isn't even a thing, just so you know!!) but I just had to check in on all the cute Millie pics!! Yep - still cute as ever!!

  6. What're your thoughts on fuller house?! Millie is just the cutest!!! Her pigtails oh my goodness!! I love that picture of her and Lola :)

  7. Little A voted too and was horribly disappointed in the sad state of TN and its support for Mr Trump. And Millie's bonk is precious!!!

  8. I was also wondering what was wrong with Georgia! Good job, guys. ;) At least Millie is super cute.

  9. Love the bonk video, too cute!!! This post of course was before Trump spoke of his junk apparently at the lastest debate or I'm sure you would have even more to say. haha Craziness!!!

  10. Oh, that Millie is so very cute. Love the "bonking" video! I couldn't agree more about Trump. Eek.

  11. Oh gosh, her little scarf! Going to focus on that...can't handle this political madness.

  12. What is scary is that, even though we're not American, the primaries are the primary (ha!) topic of conversation at lunchtime at work. Not that I take lunch but our office is small so I can hear them.

    I need to get my co-workers to read your blog so that I can change to topic of conversation from American politics to Milie's cuteness. That will make everyone happier.

    Also, I did refer one of my co-workers, who was ranting about grammar, to some of your blog posts. She loved them!


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