Wednesday, July 6, 2016

currently: long hot summer ed.

Currently, I'm... a lot of podcasts. I am convinced that this is the only reason I've been successful at getting up and working out consistently for the last two (ALMOST THREE!!! yay, go me!) months...a very robust and diverse podcast list. Here are my recommendations, in case you're hunting for new listens: Hidden Brain, Ask a Clean Person, Invisibilia, Stuff Mom Never Told You, Embedded, Freakonomics Radio, 99% Invisible, Planet Money, The Longest Shortest Time, and Gilmore Guys (although I'm finally starting to tire of them...but we're/they're so close to finishing the series, I'm trying to stick with 'em). Am I missing anything fabulous? Because I also have a few very long car trips in the upcoming weeks, so I'm trying to really beef up my list.

Eating...too much of everything, ha. Where I've been successful at exercising more lately, I've been a complete and total failure at eating less/better. Wah. Oh well. At least a lot of it is fruit?? Or something.

Drinking...well, THIS I have an answer for. And the answer is margaritas. Ha. This is apparently the summer of the margarita. Matt and I have embarked on a quest to learn to make the best margs ever at home, and it's been pretty great. And even the failures are...pretty great. Hahahaha. (P.S. We aren't doing anything special in our "quest to learn to make the best margs ever"...basically just vary the amount of lime/lemon juice and the 'parts' of triple sec and tequila is all. Nothing fancy. We're not very advanced bartenders.)

However, I CAN definitively say now that I prefer mine on the rocks with NO salt. So now you know. And so do I.

Wearing...nothing special right now, but I keep obsessively looking at pictures of our patriotic outfits from the weekend!

Nothing speaks to my heart quite like coordinating family outfits. Clearly.

Feeling...excited! We are going to the beach soon, and that is making me happppyyyy! Millie is the happiest, funniest little thing these days, and I can't wait to spend so much uninterrupted time with her (and Matt. And my parents. They are also all cool.). However, tonight when we were talking about what we were going to do on vacation, she let me and Matt know that she was going to sleep in Nannie & Pop-pop's bed and go on a walk with Pop-pop. So I guess she might have her own agenda, and it apparently doesn't involve me. Wah.

with her beloved Nannie & Pop-pop on Father's Day to be Friday at 5:00 already? I am normally not a wish-away-the-week person, but apparently the week before a vacation...I am. Ooh, but I also want someone to come and pack for me. That's the only bummer part about vacation. Well, and the unpacking later. One day when I'm filthy rich I'm just going to have a completely stocked second (and third, and fourth) house (in a fabulous destination, obviously) that already has all the clothes, toiletries, baby items, and everything I could possibly need already there. Then all I have to do is hop on my private jet and go! Things are going to be so much easier then. All I need are those winning lotto numbers!

Thinking...about how extremely hilarious Millie is right now. I cannot overstate it enough. She keeps us laughing from the minute she wakes up (yesterday the very first word out of her mouth was "BOW!!", accompanied by urgent pointing towards her hair accessories. We couldn't even leave the room until it was in her hair) until she finally falls asleep. And then I just spend the rest of the night laughing some more as I re-watch her videos and look at her pictures. It's a problem. But not really.


Dancing is one of her strongest skills right now:

She is really into "counting." And saying "GOOO!!!"

She likes to help Mommy and Daddy go night-night. And then "surprise" us with tickles!!

When she just really wanted to give the kitty a hug...but he wouldn't come out of the bushes.
Enjoying...summer. Even though Matt and I are both still working and nothing really changes (other than the TEMPERATURE, oh my gosh), I still feel like we're making it feel special and fun. I mean, just the option to spend all weekend in the pool makes the whole season worth it. Because how else could Millie and I perfect our cheerleading skills?

P.S. This baby has determination and focus many adults lack: she happily practiced doing this on two separate days for dozens of tries until she finally got it (including amazing arm placement)!! I am so proud of her!

P.P.S. The reason I know that it was HER who was determined and focused was because she so kindly kept swimming her feet back into my hands and counting me off so that I knew it was time for me to pick her up again: "Threeeeee...oonnnneee...TWOOOOO!!!! GOOOO!!!" I had no choice but to oblige!

Watching...well, besides home phone movies of Millie...not much. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt for the last few nights. 

Reading...I just downloaded a bunch of new books for vacation, but I'm trying not to start them until we are on the road! We read The Kitchen House for book club last month and I really liked it. Excellent discussion, too. I picked up The Last Boy and Girl in the World on a whim at the library recently and read it last week. I felt like it had a really strong premise/set-up, but towards the end, I felt a little let down in how it all played out. To be honest, I just think it could have been a lot...I don't know...creepier? Darker? That seems weird, but I think that's how I thought it was going to be in the beginning, and then it just really wasn't? Ha. Who knows. Anyway, I picked it because the cover art was fantastic and I was in the mood for YA, and I really wasn't just wasn't as deep, maybe, as I thought it could be. Which is truly shocking, considering it is YA. Haha.

In case your taste in literature is a bit more toddler-esque, Millie would like to recommend anything penned by Leslie Patricelli. She is particularly enjoying Tubby and Potty right now, and she did enjoy No No Yes Yes, until her mean parents took it away because they were pretty sure it was giving her new ideas about "no no" things she could be maybe don't go for that one. Unless your kid has already dreamed up all the "no no" things that can possibly be done (writing on walls, pulling the dog's tail, unrolling all of the toilet name a few of her excellent suggestions).

And that about wraps it up for life lately! I'll gladly accept any podcast or book recommendations, along with any tips for surviving long car trips with an energetic toddler (and we don't have an iPad...or let her eat in her car take those extenuating circumstances into account!!)! Hope you are having a happy week! 


  1. Millie has the best toddler belly! I love her dance moves...she's got moves like Jager.
    Have a fabulous vacation. Millie is a lucky girl to have her Nannie and Pop-pop to love on her for the week.

  2. OK for podcasts . . . Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey!! YOU MUST LISTEN!! Just Jamie and a different girlfriend each week talking about life. My fav.

    I am super impressed that Mille was brave enough to stand on your hands in the pool. Camille would have completely lost her mind, in a bad way. #toddlers.

    Can I please go to the beach with you? Thanks in advance.

  3. Oooh I know how long that week before vacation feels! Two weeks for us, and we're already wishing away the days. Can't wait to see your beach pics. I bet she's going to love it!

    I've been really into podcasts lately too (how can I not with a 40 minute commute)... I listen to some of the same as you and appreciate your suggestions. Besides TAL (my fav), I'm also loving The Moth and Strangers. And Ted Talks because they make me feel smart.

  4. Oh my goodness I already knew she was the cutest but these videos confirm she is absolutely the cutest little thing ever!!! What a happy little girl. I know you all just have 100% entertainment every day with her.

  5. Oh my goodness!! Millie!!! Haha, I love that she wanted a bow before leaving her room--you gotta accessorize.

    I am thinking I am way past due to hop on the Podcast bandwagon and will diligently go through your list as some starters (except for Gilmore Guys...I still have yet to see an episode of Gilmore Girls). I saw Young House Love was doing a Podcast. I've also been on a margarita kick recently! My recipe has been no salt (never salt), tequila, grand mariner, fresh lime juice, and simple syrup as needed. I have a grapefruit waiting for me that I want to sub for the lime.

    Have a great vacation!

  6. I was reading your post this morning and thinking to myself how happy it makes me that your posts are so happy these days :) not that I didn't appreciate reading them when they were less happy, but you know what I mean. Also, it occurred to me that Millie is going to be TWO so soon... eek!!

  7. I adore your updates. Have you tried the Happier podcast with Gretchen Rubin? I love it and find it uplifting. Have a fabulous vacation and keep those photos of Millie coming. Oh, and Potty is a huge hit in our house right now. B cracks up at "Tinkle tinkle toot!"

  8. I could do book recommendations for days! I don't listen to podcasts, just replays of my favorite morning radio show, ha. The Lilac Girls, War Brides, Maybe in Another Life, The House at Riverton, and The Rosie Project are most of the books I read in June, and they were all really fantastic!

  9. I just discovered Invisibilia and I've really enjoyed it so far! I haven't heard of the clean person one but it sounds right up my alley! I'm getting a little tired of the constant random ramblings of the gilmore guys but I think I'll stick it out too since they are almost finished! If the revival could just come out when they do that would be great!!! I'm so curious/nervous/excited to see what the episodes/movies will be! Have you listed to the TED radio hour podcast? They don't always have new episodes but they have some pretty good ones!
    I just got back from the beach with my family and being able to spend so much time with my niece was the greatest!!! And my other family members but seriously they aren't as cute :P I hope you guys have the best vacation but considering Millie will there I don't see how it can't be anything less than excellent! Can't wait to see the IG pictures!

  10. Loved reading this post. I'll have to check out some of those podcasts. I have The Last Boy and Girl in the World in my Audible account. Our girls have some of the Leslie Patricelli books, I didn't even think of the No No, Yes Yes book giving them bad ideas. ­čśŤ

  11. The night-night surprise tickling video was my favorite :) Also, my only two road trip tips were movies (on the ipad) and food (in the car seat), sooooo, yeah. But actually, you have any of those Water Wow books? Those are winners for car trips for sure. You could also try the magnets on a cookie tray thing.

    (But seriously, will you just pull over every time she needs a snack?! Please explain.)

  12. Your Fourth of July outfits were on point!

    I have no idea how you listen to people talk so much. I listen to absolutely nothing in the car because I can't even stand commercials or radio announcers...too much talking. BUT, you'll definitely have to keep me updated with any good beach books you discover. You know, for all that free time I'll have lounging on the beach while my toddler places quietly near by. ;)

  13. Radio Lab is a great podcast!

  14. Slate's Mom & Dad Are Fighting podcast is my favorite. Honest, funny perspective on various parenting topics.
    And adorable as always.

  15. I just finished One True Loves and if you are looking for a good love story, and aren't afraid of a few tears, it's a great book!

  16. Millie is so precious! More videos please!!! Podcast recommendation for you: The Pox and Puss Podcast

  17. Fantastic photos from your holiday! I enjoyed a lot while watching these photos. We have also been making plans for a family party to celebrate our anniversary. We need to book some outdoor lofty spaces in Chicago for this party. If you have any party spot suggestions then please share!

  18. The Big Boo Cast, The Popcast, Happy Hour With Jamie Ivey and God Centered Mom are some of my favorites, though I'm not listening as much lately as I would like. The Popcast would be my first suggestion because I usually end up laughing like crazy!

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  20. I've been peeking into your blog every once in a while, and it all just makes me miss you! Next time we are in the Athens area, we must see you guys!
    I am a podcast fan, too, and listened to all of them except the Clean and the Gilmore ones. I would highly recommend Only Human and Reveal and then most podcasts from Gimlet Media. Science Vs., Startup, Reply All. Also Freakonomics is good, as well. Criminal is usually pretty interesting and Radio Lab is a classic. Podcasts make me happy to workout!


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