Tuesday, November 1, 2016

the littlest fly-fly

Although this is technically Millie's third Halloween, this is the first time she really "got" it...and therefore, this has been the BEST ONE! (For those of you mourning that all of your baby's "first" holidays are done, rest assured that probably the second and third and fourth ones are going to be even better, even though there aren't t-shirts and bibs designed to specifically commemorate the occasion.) 

On Sunday night we did some costume roller skating with our church. Millie had two costumes this year, since the weather in Georgia is incredibly uncooperative/unpredictable. She has a warm furry monkey costume and a summer-weather ladybug costume. Since it's still in the 80s...she wore the monkey costume once, nearly sweated to death and was completely miserable, and has chosen the ladybug (or "fly-fly"...butterfly...) costume for all other events. Ha. Can't blame her, plus...WAY CUTE. So she was bribed to wear selected the fly-fly for Sunday night's event, and I decided to complete the outfit with her first time wearing makeup. Because real butterflys wear makeup, right?? Sorry, I just couldn't help myself.

I'm going to try to not turn into a pageant mom, but this didn't help. She was SO CUTE as I put on her lipstick!!!!

We had a blast at the party, although Mills wasn't so sure about the actual skating part. I was, though. I relived my childhood, only I'm like a hundred years older now and my whole body hurts. Ugh. Growing old is the worst.

So we spent Monday morning and early evening trying to prep Millie and explain what we were going to be doing when we went trick-or-treating. She was understandably mystified and was ONLY interested in the bowl of candy I prepared and set near the front door. "MY TWEAT!!! MY TAN-DY!!!!" she screamed as she fell out in hysterics over the injustice of seeing that bowl of candy up high out of her reach. I kept explaining that that was the candy for other children, and that we were going to put on her costume and go knock on our friends' doors and they would give US candy. She did. not. get. it.

Once I finally got her in her costume, she ran again to the bowl of candy and started begging for it.

"No, Millie, remember? We are going to go knock on our friends' doors and say "trick or treat!" and then they will give you candy! And you say thank you!"

She stares at me for two seconds and runs to the nearest door in our house, the laundry room door. She makes a fist and bangs the door a few times, then turns right back around and looks me in the eye.

"I knock. GIMME DAT!!"-- as she points to the bowl of candy.

So I think she got it. HAHAHA.

We finally set out to trick or treat, and she finally figured out what her life's purpose was. It took no time at all for her to figure out that we would find a house with a light on, then walk to the door, then knock, then she would sweetly say "trick or treat!" (or maybe, if she was already staring down the candy bowl, she'd just squeak out "TWEAT!"), then she would look the candy-giver in the eye and thank them. It was adorable. She was precious. And when we walked back to the wagon, she was SO excited each time. She would sit back down, ask for her "punkin" and talk to herself as we walked to the next house. "Happy! Tweat! Knock knock, tweat! Thank you! Happy!"

She also quickly caught on to the fact that we would only go to houses with lights. So she helpfully pointed out every light she saw. "Mama. MAMA!! Light!! Light! Tweat!"

"No, Mills...that's a street light. There's no house. We have to find a HOUSE with a light."

"Otay Mama. MAMA!! LIGHT!!"

"Millie, that's a car's headlights. Find a house..."

So, there's room for improvement on the specifics, but I'd say she gets an A for overall trick-or-treating skills.

Getting home and getting her into the bath and bed was not nearly as delightful as the rest of the night, but hopefully I'll forget that part soon and only remember the good times, ha!

And now I'll have a little sob-fest as I look at how much she's grown over her three Halloweens!!

But I can't sob for long, because it is NOVEMBER 1, which means I can safely start listening to Christmas music in my office all day!! So no time for tears...plus, now I can start thinking about how much fun Millie is going to be at Christmas, because I bet she will "get" that a lot more this year too, and oh, what fun awaits!!


  1. Oh my goodness this is the cutest ever!!! So cute that she is 'getting' it!! I can not believe she has been here for THREE Halloweens, unbelievable!

  2. She is HYSTERICAL!!!!! I love Millie Isms!!

  3. Sweet little Millie! Glad she eventually recovered from your cruelty (not letting her have the candy for the other kids) and discovered how amazing Halloween is!

  4. Ha I think there should be a compilation of video footage of people trying to get their kids bathed/in bed on Halloween night, aka: one of the most emotionally exhausting tasks of all time for everyone involved. So glad she had so much fun!

  5. I think the photo of Millie with the cupcake and orange icing on her face is my new favorite. This totally sums her up in my head.

  6. I love her as a little ladybug! She has grown so much, I can't believe its her third Halloween! I am on your train and ready for Christmas music now too. :)

  7. I love her braid! I remember when you were so excited over her first pony tail. She is so adorable and I love watch how much you embrace motherhood. 24 Days until Gilmore Girls!

  8. So cute!!

    This was the first Halloween that Camille REALLY got into it and it was so fun!

  9. The banging on the laundry room door is my favorite part!

  10. Oh, Millie -- I would have given you candy if you'd knocked on our laundry room door! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

    and trust me, the holidays keep getting better and better. Rachel ran from door-to-door this year (dressed as Russell Martin (the Blue Jays' catcher) with a beard!!!), and then would look for the next house. "This house is selling candy, Mommy! And so is that one!"

    As much as we tried to convince her that they weren't "selling" candy, she was not persuaded.

    And Dave and I might have died laughing on the spot when she missed a house, and then ran back to it, saying, "Darn, darn, darn, darn, darn -- I missed it. I missed it." (Okay, that's not the best language ever but it was hilarious!)

    Yes, Sam was there too but he just wasn't as funny so I guess you have about four good years left :)

  11. Please don't quit blogging. Please.

    1. I don't know if you will see this, and I can't find your email address, but thank you. :) I hadn't realized so much time had passed since I last posted, and you encouraged me to get back to it! Thank you for caring! :)


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