Thursday, January 17, 2019

semi-annual check-in??

Hello there, strangers. Remember the glory days of 200+ posts per year?? Ha. Yes. Those days are not these days. But may as well drop in with an update when I can!

We're alive and well here. Millie is nearly 4.5 years old and full of drama, opinions, and love. She is thriving in school- I am so, so, so happy with our neighborhood public school experience this year. She's learned so much! I mean, I know all kids learn so much, and I don't think she's actually Mensa material or anything, but I'm just regularly shocked with how smart my girl is. Nothing gets by her these days...which is why you might have noticed me frantically researching and ordering books about where babies come from last week. Because yeah. Don't worry. She actually asked "but HOW does the sperm GET in the mommy's tummy??" annnnnnnnddddd all my best-laid plans of being honest, scientifically accurate, and not awkward got thrown in my face. Bahahaha. WOW. I thought I was gonna have a few more years to formulate the perfect answer to that one, but apparently not. (Also, in case you are a fellow adoptive-after-infertility parent and thought you would be able to get by with "I don't know, I've never been pregnant/had a baby!" as an answer to questions about babies in tummies will not. Start making a plan for a better answer today!!)

Still- uncomfortable questions aside, this is a really fun age! She is super into drawing and writing and VERY MUCH wants to learn to read. Most days she comes home from school and reports in a terribly disappointed voice that "it was a good day, but they did NOT teach me to read yet." She also regularly informs me that I am mean and I have broken her heart because I won't teach her to read. I know. I'm the worst. Soon, little one!! 

Matt and I are in the process of becoming (hopefully!) foster parents! It's something we've been interested in for years, but never felt that the time was really right until recently. And now we're gung-ho. Hahaha. We're 1/3 of the way through our state training, all the way through (I think?) with our paperwork, and approximately 0% through with our home study. And maybe 10% through with our gathering of boring documents/doing things to get said documents (like get a physical so that we can get a medical form completed...get CPR training so we can get a CPR form completed...). So it'll probably be a few months before any actual kids besides Millie come into our home, but we are excited! We are not necessarily looking to adopt again (everyone asks this so I figured I'd just share, haha). We're not opposed, if the situation comes up, but that's not what we're going into it for. We're just hoping to be a warm home and supportive environment for kids while they're away from their parents. Millie is very excited to be a "helper sister" and asks every day if we "can go get some kids today" we might just be picking them up at Target. Sooo maybe we have some more sensitivity training to do with her, perhaps. Hahaha. Once (if?? haha) we are approved, we will hope to open our home to kids Millie's age and or two at a time to start with! 

Not much else going on, really. I read a lot? Haha. I completed 71 books in 2018. My goal had been 40, sooo...I met my goal. In June. Ha. This year I set my goal as 52- a nice book-a-week pace that should be manageable for me, even if a new kid (or multiple new kids?!) introduces some chaos into my otherwise predictable life and reading time. My favorite book of 2018 was A Place for Us, by Fatima Mirza. I read it last summer and have never stopped thinking about it, so a few weeks ago I actually BOUGHT IT (in hardback!!) (unheard of) and am currently REREADING IT (also unheard of, I RARELY reread books). It's just as good the second time, so far. So if you're looking for a slow-paced, character-driven (NOT plot-driven), beautifully-written look at family relationships...maybe that's the book for you. I just love it. Also, if you're a reader, I highly recommend joining Goodreads and being my friend. :) It's such fun to have a place to interact with fellow bookish folk, and my reading life has really improved in the years since I've been spending more time on Goodreads! 

Annnd that's about it. Life is pretty lovely and predictable these days, hence the need to shake things up a bit with foster care!! Look me up on Instagram (erikab543) if you want to keep up with Millie's antics in real time...she's a nut, for real. Also this morning she told me something was "crazytown," so apparently she is actually 13. And probably by the next time I get around to blogging again...she may actually be 13. See ya then!!


  1. Love the update! Your home will be a wonderful place for any foster children who are lucky enough to come your way.

  2. It's so good to see an update from you!! Millie is just as cute as ever! Such exciting news to hear and what a wonderful family for those precious babies/little ones to be a part of :)

  3. Yay for an update! I refuse to delete you from my sidebar in the hopes for an occasional check-in ha. :) I will have to check out your fave book because I haven't read it. I read 106 books in 2018 but given I've read 2 so far in 2019 I don't want or expect to repeat that pace - I was trying to win that book challenge against my one friend who reads more than me and the only reason I won is because she quit ha. Glad all is well, Millie is adorable - it must be being an August 5 gal - we are truly amazing peeps! :)

  4. ALSO I'm glad you posted more about the fostering situation - you mentioned something in an Instastory and I was very curious, thanks for sharing! Brent and I talked about fostering to adopt years ago but then had Paige so that was off the table for the time being. I'd still be interested in fostering in the future but things are still so hectic I know now wouldn't be the right time. I think it's a very amazing thing you guys are doing.

  5. Very, VERY disappointed in your 2019 Book Goal.

  6. "it was a good day, but they did NOT teach me to read yet." - Hahaha!

    I can't believe you only read 71 books last year. #slacker

  7. I'm so glad you update regularly on Instagram because our family would be Erika and Millie-less otherwise. Rachel thinks Millie is hilarious/interesting and loves to know what she's up to :)

    We had to deal with the whole cycle of life when my best friend's dad died of cancer and at the same time our really good friends were expecting their third child. And we dealt with the whole adoption thing too because "Mommy didn't grow in Grandma's tummy." Even though the kids were three and five I still recommend having these conversations in the car!

    I am still amazed by what Sam and Rachel learn in school and how it comes out in the strangest, most random, ways -- like why it's called Black Friday (Sam) or telling time on an analogue clock (Rachel).

    Also I get Millie's disappointment in not learning how to read yet because it is a life-changing skill and will open up whole new worlds to her. And it is seriously one of the best things ever watching your child picking up this skill.

    I'm so excited for this fostering journey for you guys and I'm sorry it's not as easy as picking up the kids at Target! Isn't it amazing how kids' minds work???

    Since we tend to like a lot of the same books I'm still sad I didn't love A Place For Us. sigh. I may have to jump on Goodreads to find out what you're reading at least because I miss your book recommendations.

    However, thanks for blogging again! It was good to "see you" on here :)

  8. It's hard to believe we used to blog as regularly as we did?! Either way, I appreciate this update and am excited for what's in store for your family! And I'm with you- "lovely and predictable" is a wonderful way to be :)

  9. One of the things I was talking w/ a blog friend is how when seasons of ones life change the use of social media/blogging changes. Thanks for you up-date and as one of your readers who remember the time before Lil Miss. Millie it's a joy to see your family evolve.

    My book club chose "A Place for Us" for our February book SO after your review, I am excited to start reading it when it arrives(fingers crossed) next week.

  10. I can't remember if you're my friend on Goodreads... I used to be so much active on there when I first signed up. But good job! I read 50 which was what I was shooting for. I love that you're doing the fostering process. It's something I've thought of for the future as well, so I hope you'll post more on here about it. Or maybe, post more in general on here. ;) I love seeing these pictures of Millie!


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