Sunday, May 27, 2012


Hello, holiday weekend people. You may recall that for me, it's not merely a three-day weekend... it's a five-day weekend. Which is approximately one million times better than a three-day weekend. Approximately. And I have been enjoying it thoroughly. Especially if "enjoyment of weekend" can be measured in "number of pictures taken on phone and Big Girl Camera." Which it can, in my book.

But first! Last week, Brittnie from A Joy Renewed tagged me with the Kreativ Blogger award. Thanks, Brittnie! 

In accepting the award (which I do...although sometimes I really have to work to maintain any semblance of creativity...and I ALWAYS try to avoid SPELLING "creatively," aka "INCORRECTLY," as this award would imply...), I am supposed to list 10 random facts about myself and then tag five more people to get the award. But here's the thing. I really struggle with thinking of random facts that a dedicated blog-reader wouldn't already know. Because I've been doing this blog-gig for what, four years? So is there really anything worth knowing left that I haven't shared (okay, the answer is YES, but I can't just spill it all right now or then no one would ever want to come back, right? Gotta hold SOME things back...)? Possibly not. Also I just shared eleven random things a few months ago. If you're new here, you can go review those facts and feel enlightened. Ha. So I'm going to take some liberties here and combine my "10 random facts" with 10 random photos from my weekend that otherwise probably wouldn't make it onto the blog, since they're kind of...well, random. So this is Erika, going all Kreativ on the blog award! And...go!

(PS. If you follow me on Instagram...sorry for the repeats.)

1. While walking Lola on Friday morning, I happened upon this house in our neighborhood.
Sorry to offend your eyes with all that nasty grass weeds, but the house is empty (abandoned? Foreclosed? Your guess is as good as mine, but it's been looking like this for months). But lo and behold, what do we spy right up there next to that front window? A FREAKIN GREAT HYDRANGEA. Am I the only one having flashbacks to last year's question of legality?? Mind you, this is a different house, and if I were to do what I did last year, it would be MUCH more out in the open...but I guess the question is re-opened for another season. Should I do it? 

Random fact you can learn as a result of this picture: I am not above stealing borrowing flowers.

2. Speaking of hydrangeas...
 On Friday, Matt and I met my parents in a nearby small town (Madison) for lunch and to swap off doggies (we're watching theirs while they go on vacation). Matt and I got there a little early and wandered around downtown. We found a church with a veritable FIELD of hydrangeas in their front yard and spent a good 30 minutes playing photographer and lusting after the beauty. I took the above pic and was pretty proud of my focus-in-the-front/blurry-in-the-back thing I had going on (in a semi-manual Aperture-priority setting). 

Random fact you can learn as a result of this picture: I am obsessed with hydrangeas. And taking the training wheels off my camera.

3. Same place, different picture...

 This is me, figuring out if there was any way to just LIVE THERE in that little grove. That would be my happy place.

Random fact you can learn as a result of this picture: I am obsessed with hydrangeas. Probably too much.

4. We ate lunch at a really cute and yummy place called Madison Chop House Grille. We sat on the porch because it was nice outside, and also we did not want the dogs to bake alive in the car. I ordered a fruity cocktail because I felt like it, and because Dad was paying. :)

Random fact you can learn as a result of this picture: The drink was great, so I wrote down the ingredients so that I can be sure to order something like it again in the near future! Coconut rum; Dekuyper razzamatazz liqueur; pineapple, cranberry, and orange juices. And yes, the word "razzamatazz" is like 80% of the reason I ordered it. Such a fabulous word! 

 5. Then I ordered a fried green tomato sandwich (complete with bacon, ranch dressing, and buttered, toasted sourdough bread) and my life was complete and I declared "I WILL NEVER LEAVE THE SOUTH, NEVER!!!!"
 Random fact you can learn as a result of this picture: I am fickle about moving. And I need to work out at least 11 times this week. Sigh.

 6. My mom gave me a new bracelet as a thank-you for keeping the dogs.
 She also replenished my stock of bracelets to sell. There are so many great ones!!

Random fact you can learn as a result of this picture: My mom makes jewelry and I sell it for her. To people with more discretionary income than I. :) Check out her stuff...
if you live in Athens, you can see it (and buy it!) live and in person via me!

7. On Saturday, I made this really yummy recipe for lunch:

 And it's all veggies from my garden or my co-op box! Basically a grilled tortilla, grilled veggies, a pesto-mayo sauce (super easy), sprinkled in cheese and grilled again. Easy and YUMMY!

Random fact you can learn as a result of this picture: I love veggies. Especially the ones I grew.

8. On Saturday night, Matt and I went miniature golfing at Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf
in Atlanta. We are big fans of pirates.

 Random fact you can learn as a result of this picture: I WON. By 8 strokes (on a 27 hole course). Considering I'm the self-proclaimed "worst mini-golfer ever"...I don't know what that makes Matt. :)

9. This is the only picture of that adventure that I will be posting of myself.

 Random fact you can learn as a result of this picture: I thought I looked fat in all the other pictures. Sigh. Sucks to be a self-conscious girl!

10. Today was my church's last day in our current building. It was very bittersweet. I will miss a lot about that building, but am excited for what's ahead. The room looks a little crazy in this picture because we're mid-move, but whatever. I wanted to get some shots of our last day.

 Random fact you can learn as a result of this picture: I sing in the band. I bet most of you actually DIDN'T know that, so...there! A true random fact. :) Bonus fact you can learn: I wear that purple dress all the time. See picture # 3 above for proof.

And there you have it. If you survived to the end, congratulations. Hopefully you aren't judging me too badly for re-wearing clothes all weekend and contemplating another summer of flower-borrowing.

Happy Memorial Day! I'm off to finish a Memorial Day-themed craft I started on Friday! If it turns out looking non-crazy, perhaps I'll share the finished product tomorrow!


  1. Ok I had no idea you sang at all, let alone in the band at church. I'm impressed!!

  2. As usual, I'm going to DITTO Amanda's comment.

  3. You left out your exciting Thursday night of hanging out with your favorite 2-year-old!

    Glad y'all finally got to go to the pirate place. Was it worth the trip?

  4. How cool that you are in a band? I may or may not be jealous of that random fact. Thanks for playing along!! Happy Memorial Day. :)

  5. those hydrangeas are heavenly!


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