Wednesday, May 9, 2012

do this today. preferably now.

Alright, kids. It's that time again-- the time where I tell you something really important that you need to go do right now, and then you go do it. So I hope you've got 3 minutes to spare, because that's how long it might take. And I hope you're reading this on your computer and not your phone, because it might take 3 HOURS to do this on your phone. So go get yourself situated. Don't worry, I'll wait.

OK. Now, I've talked about this before...if you don't believe me, go look. And some of you took my advice last time, and for that I thank you and applaud you. But as for the rest of you-- tsk, tsk. Either you completely ignored me, or maybe you didn't read my blog back then. Either way, I'll forgive you, because I'm magnanimous like that. But don't think I'll let you slide a second time.


Could I possibly be any more emphatic about this point? No Yes, I could.


Now you're all ears, right??

Here's the thing: lately, yall have been leaving some really great comments and advice. Now, if your email address is linked to your profile, then when you comment, I'm able to hit "reply" and shoot an email back to you, responding to your question or comment or thanking you for a particularly hilarious suggestion...whatever. I'm able to respond!! But if your email is NOT linked, then when I hit 'reply,' YOU ARE NOT THERE. It will try to send the email to "", which means it goes nowhere, and that is a sad thing. So then I am stuck with this great reply or thank-you in my mind, but I'm unable to contact you. And THAT makes me a sadpants. And you don't want me to be a sadpants, do you? Right, that's what I thought. Now if I don't start seeing some people make some serious changes around here, I'm going to start naming names...because I feel really bad that some of you are such faithful and quality commenters, but I can't even talk back to you via email or reciprocate by leaving comments on your own blogs (either you don't have one, or it's not listed on your profile, or it's not been updated in 2 years...) help a sister out!

"But Erika, how do I do this thing that you speak of?"

I'll tell you. I'll even show you. But not by doing any actual legwork myself, because I'm too lazy and someone already made a perfectly excellent step-by-step (with pictures!!!) you can just go look there! Go here to see how to add your email address to your Blogger profile!

Okay, now I will quit yapping and leave you in peace to go amend your ways.

PS. Thanks for all the manatee love yesterday!! Glad to know I have some soul sisters out seems like in my REAL LIFE, most people are abject manatee haters, and that is just WRONG. I hardly ever hear from people as passionate about the hands-down BEST ANIMAL EVER as I am, so it's nice to know you do exist and I'm not actually insane for feeling this way. Now I won't have to hesitate or be embarrassed to share the next time I find an amazing manatee video or picture. Woohooooooo!!!!! 


  1. I did it!!! :-) I thought i was already set up like that but apparently not.

  2. Where are the manatee haters? I will throw a manatee at them and it will crush them beneath it's delicious and amazing rolls of blubber.


I love comments almost as much as I love Mexican food. Seriously.