Tuesday, May 15, 2012

State of the ________

I figured it was high time for a well-rounded update on all facets of my life. You know, since I’m normally so tight-lipped about things. So here we go with a State of the Union (Union=Erika’s Life) Address!

State of the Mother’s Day:
-It’s done with. And I survived quite nicely, thank you very much. I did realize, though, that basically no one loves MD all that much. Almost everyone I talked to had some sort of emotional issues with the day, either from lacking of being a mother or lack of having a mother (via death or just strained relationships). Or girls that are mothers now, but struggled with infertility to get there…even they find that the holiday evokes more painful emotions and memories than happy ones. Almost everyone had some sort of baggage clouding what should have been a joyous occasion…and that is why I propose that we all boycott next year! Think it over.

State of the Toes:
-They need a pedicure. Stat.

State of the Garden:
-It’s doing just fabulous, thanks for asking! I got lots of plants from my in-laws for Mother’s Day (they know me well), so I spent all afternoon digging in the dirt, getting stuff in the ground. A few recent developments:

baby squash!!

baby zucchini!!

random patch I'm loving (hydrangea about to start blooming)

garden slave

 State of the Ovaries:
-I had a checkup today (physical only) and my doctor said she could still feel a cyst(s) on the right ovary. Yippee. I have an ultrasound in a few weeks.

State of the Crafting:

-I did some crafting on Saturday to make MD presents for my mom and MIL (can’t show pics yet, since my mom’s hasn’t arrived at her house yet and there is a microscopic chance she might read this blog and spoil her surprise) and it made me realize how much I miss crafting! The crafting has taken a back seat to gardening for the last few months, which is only natural, but…it felt good getting my paint and glue gun on.

State of the Vacation:
-It’s still on, and drawing ever nearer (but not near enough). I get more excited every single day, if that is even imaginable. The passport agency cashed my check, so…hopefully that is a good sign!

State of the Makeup:
-I am still loving the bareMinerals. I still haven’t watched the DVD, so it’s entirely possibly I’m applying it wrong. But I love it anyway. I have taken to stalking Sephora’s webpage, obsessively reading customer reviews about everything…the minute I strike it rich, I am going to go HOG WILD up in there. Oh also—GREAT STORY, if by “great” you mean “horrible”—a few days after I bought all that bareMinerals stuff at Sephora, my credit card rewards program had a day-long, previously unannounced sale where they gave TWENTY PERCENT cash back on all purchases at—you guessed it!!!—Sephora! Like 2 days after I spent a bundle of money there. WITH THAT CREDIT CARD. Not that I’m bitter or anything. Not me.

State of the Memorial Day Weekend:
-I have a FIVE DAY WEEKEND!!!! Thursday through Monday off! And guess how many plans I have? Zero. I am pretty pumped. I’m trying to schedule a facial (got a gift certificate for one for Christmas) for one of the weekdays…should be a pretty fantastic way to celebrate a mini-break from work.

State of the Reality TV:
-All I’m watching right now is Real Housewives of New Jersey, and GIRLS. Can we all just CALM DOWN for a minute?! Seriously. I’m about over Teresa and all her drama. I’m ready for Beverly Hills to come back and bring some sanity to Bravo…

That's all for now, kids. Get back to your regularly scheduled programming.


  1. Boycotting MD sounds like a great idea to me! I'm in!

    Once again, I am in awe over your garden...everything is GORGEOUS!

    Sucky about the cysts. I'm hoping they resolve themselves and you get good news from your ultrasound in a few weeks!

    Can't wait to see the crafts!

    Your luxurious vacay will feel like it comes up so fast, I bet! I'll be reminding you about the piggy back photo shoot as it draws nearer!

    Enjoy your five day weekend with no plans! EeeeeEEEee! That sounds great. I've never gotten a facial before...is it weird having a stranger touch your face? Do you talk to them when they are doing it? And do they really put cucumbers on your eyes like they do on tv?

  2. I feel much better now that I know you need a pedicure. Oh, and I guess the other updates are good, too :)

  3. I have garden envy! In Upstate NY we haven't planted ours yet. Next weekend mine goes in, so I'll be in veggie glory, too! Thank you for all the updates...now I can sleep ;-)

  4. I'm thinking you should make this State of the Union weekly or monthly...

  5. I know what you should do with your extra-long weekend! Come to the church and help me pack/sort stuff/throw away tons of junk! Doesn't that sound like so much fun?!?!

    No seriously. I will probably be there (well, I'm there now, so HERE) that whole weekend. You could at least come hang out with me and H for awhile. He mostly watches Netflix on my Kindle. Good times.

  6. We can cancel MD next year. ;)

    I finally got my terrible toes done. It was getting embarassing.

    Bleh to the cyst.

    Can't wait to hear about the fancy schmancy vacay.

    I'm sad Survivor and Amazing Race are both over. Impatiently counting down to Big Brother.

    Love your garden. I found out my roses are climbing roses and supposed to be vine-ish? What sayeth you, garden guru.

    Never had a facial. That is way in my personal space!

  7. GIRLS...that show kind of makes me want to shake them. It's everything older generations hate about our generation and younger. A lady at church who is very high-up in the corporate world said that they are having problems filling their jobs with college grads BECAUSE everyone who is coming in from college wants HER job, or a higher up, VP type of position. None of them want to start at the bottom. So they would rather not be hired at all. It's mind boggling.

    In other words..cute hydrangea!

  8. Oooh, garden looks AWESOME!

  9. Count this girl in on your BOYcott {get it?}. To add to your list of why MD is kind of a lame day... every mother has a mother so you can't just sit back, relax and enjoy the day because it's YOUR responsibility to make sure YOUR mom sits back and enjoys her day... it's like a vicious cycle not worth repeating.
    * But when you become the ahh-mazing mom you're destined to be, we're going to celebrate like no other - all boycotts off.

  10. okay, first, sorry to hear about the cyst. I'll be praying for you while you await the ultrasound, and after, of course.

    second, your garden looks amazing! i'm so jealous. we almost had a garden, but didn't know if we'd still be living here so we never started it. well here we are, still here! no fresh veggies growing outside. oh well.

    i hope you enjoy your weekend coming up! that sounds really nice.

    um, do you not watch the craziness known as the bachelorette?! it just started back last night! jump on the train!

    i really want to try bareMinerals but always feel so guilty spending the money (though i'm sure it's healthier than the cheap stuff i use from wal-mart). could you go back to sephora with your receipt and show them you JUST bought stuff? sometimes they'll credit money back.

  11. Erika for President! And while you're at it, take care of Valentine's Day and Father's Day and any others I'm forgetting! It was tougher for me then I expected. I did go to church (had committed to possibly doing preschoolers if Rachel couldn't. Left after the first song :-(
    P.S. Liked the other things you linked too
    P.P.S. I'm in desperate need of a pedicure too!


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