Wednesday, May 23, 2012


To say it's been a slow week at work would be the understatement of the century. We're between school sessions, and the lists of Tasks to Complete Before School Starts Next Tuesday is far, far too short for the number of hours my co-workers and I have to spend doing them. I'm a pretty self-motivated person, and I hate sitting I start feeling very restless and irritated at my lack of productivity on days like this. Also my whole body aches from SITTING!!! I don't think I could handle a desk job. I'm not cut out for this sort of thing.

Anyway. The point is, I've had way too much ample time to dedicate to daydreaming. And because I'm sure my daydreams are like, sooo fascinating...figgered I'd share some of my favorite things to daydream about.

(In no particular order)

1. These veggie burgers:
My favorite hack-foodie bloggers over at What's Good at Trader Joe's gave these some pretty high marks last week, and ever since I read their review I hadn't been able to get them out of my mind. So I bought some on Sunday and we ate them that night. WHOA. They were SO GOOD! I'm already a pretty big fan of the regular Morningstar-type black bean burgers, but these were about 10 times better. I am trying to pace myself before making them again, but I don't know how much longer I can wait...seeing as I've been thinking about their tastiness all day long today, I'll probably be eating them tonight.

2. Our veggie crop:

Our squash and zucchini are coming along nicely and the first few zucchini may be ready for the pickin' this weekend!! I'm pretty pumped and have been pinning recipes accordingly, anticipating a long summer full of veggies. Since every other year the squash bugs decimate the crop early on, this year I sold out and am spraying pesticides on those bad boys. I hate it, but...what can you do. I try to convince myself it's probably still less pesticides than commercially grown squash. Or something.

3. Our vacation:

I'm sure that comes as a huge surprise! No one EVER sits at work dreaming about vacation, do they?? Or obsessively stalking new reviews of their resort on every major travel webpage? No, just me?? No way.

4. Getting pampered:

I dunno...something about sitting around all day leads me to be wishing I were somewhere getting pampered. Massages are at the top of the 'wish I were doing this instead' list, closely followed by mani-pedis. Occasionally I will go so far as to think about what nail polish colors I would choose. I know. I live on the edge.

5. Making money:

I need a good get-rich-quick plan. I haven't thought of any yet. Let me know if you do.

6. Disney movies:

Probably because the co-workers and I prefer to keep a Disney Pandora station on at all times, and depending on the time of day and how numb our brains and booties are, we sing along and/or debate the merits of various movies. We also have in-depth discussions of the 'issues' in Disney movies (such as the fact that THERE ARE NO MOTHERS in Disney movies. They all die/are dead! Bambi, Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White (evil stepmother doesn't count), Pocohontas, Cinderella...) (then we researched this phenomenon and discovered that apparently, Walt Disney felt very guilty about his own mother's (freak accident) death, felt like he caused it, and as a result never included mothers in his movies)

7. Cake. And pie. And all other forms of dessert. Rice Krispy treats. SUGARRRRRRR.

Well, it probably comes as a surprise to no one that three of my seven top daydreams involve food. Boredom=hunger, right? Ugh.

In conclusion, I will share a completely unrelated story that I love. I thought of this the other day because of Maggie's comment on this blog. Basically she mentioned that she could relate to my issues resisting advertising because she can't pass up those kiosks in the mall without buying something from one of the eager salespeople.

It reminded me of my father, who has issues of his own with those lovely kiosk-merchants. Always a friendly and outgoing person, my dad also has a hard time not stopping and listening to a sales pitch from an eager and personable salesperson. So a few years ago on Christmas morning, my mom, sister, grandmothers, and I all found ourselves receiving a lovely set of Dead Sea manicure items (??? it was like some lotions, cuticle cream, files/buffers, etc.). Dad was REALLY SUPER EXCITED about these, and couldn't WAIT to tout the many benefits and uses of the items in the sets. We were all giggling over his enthusiasm, and he was quick to admit that he got the sets from one of the mall kiosks (and had gotten a "better deal" for buying so many sets, which also thrilled him). That alone was funny enough, but what really took the cake was the way my dad described the salesgirl:

"Well, this really nice Israelite girl just knew SO MUCH about the products..."

"I'm sorry Dad-- WHAT kind of girl?"

"Israelite! She was from Jerusalem! She had such a beautiful accent!"

Ummmm...since apparently we are living in the Bible times...

Dad, hate to break it to ya, but I'm pretty sure we call them Israelis now. Nice try though. Thanks for the lotion!


  1. Oh YUM! Those burgers look/sounds delicious. I checked the ingredients and (BOO!) they aren't gluten free :( I may have to try to find a recipe to make something similar at home now, though!

    Last year bugs ruined ALL of our tomatoes. Not sure how we're going to deal with that this year (no, I still haven't even planted...EEK!). Jealous of your zucchini!

    About the Dead Sea manicure stuff..I don't have any but pushy sales people have used that stuff on my nails at the mall and they did look SOOOO pretty!

  2. I'm sooo jealous of your veggie garden!!

  3. I'm not sure how I feel about you dreaming about a veggie burger... how about dreaming about a real bacon cheeseburger instead?

  4. I adore those veggie burgers, they are awesome! They're good with that Greek sauce (tziziki?) and tomatoes, even though that's totally mixing cultures :). You should visit Greenville so we can shop at TJ's together and also so you can fall in love and move here.

  5. Huh, I never really noticed the "no mothers" theme throughout Disney (at least not as a lump category). I guess Dumbo's mother doesn't count because she's an elephant? ;) Elephants are people, least in Disney movies.

  6. Toy Story has a mother but no father. :/

    And in Monsters Inc, doesn't Boo have a mama?


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