Tuesday, May 1, 2012

a three picture day

Yesterday wasn't super special. But then I noticed that I took like THREE PICTURES on my phone, which actually means it must have been somewhat of an extraordinary day! Allow me to share:

My students made a restaurant during center time. This was one of the many courses of my "lunch." At last count, I'd "eaten" spaghetti and meatballs (chicken meatballs, to be specific), pizza, caesar salad, cherry pie, chocolate cake with sprinkles, sweet tea, coffee, and a hot dog. It was quite the feast, but luckily they were also running a mint and printing money, so it didn't do too much damage on the real currency in my wallet. They also gave me a "coupon" so that I could come back and get more food today! Those kids obviously know the way to my heart-- food and coupons? Count me in.

 Oh yes, my car was reporting a toasty 92 degrees outside. And last weekend I had to finally give in and turn the AC on. Ready or not, here comes summer!

 I got my new passport picture taken and then mailed off all of my paperwork for my new passport! Here's a side-by-side shot of my old passport pic (2000, age 17) with the new one.

Wanna know a great way to get rich? TAKE AND PRINT PASSPORT PICTURES. Good grief. I went in to CVS, told them I needed a passport pic. They whip out a really old, cheap digital camera, pull down a white 'backdrop' (piece of posterboard or something), barely wait for me to fix my hair and pose, don't let me see the pic to approve of it, then go over to the little print-your-own-pictures kiosk thing (where I believe you can print 4x6s for about a quarter) and print it off. Then hand it to me and charge me $10. Are you freakin kidding me?? That's got to be like a 9000% markup on the materials and labor. Ridiculous. Actually, this passport thing is all about nickel-and-diming. Aside from the $10 tiny picture, there was the $10 'certified copy' of our marriage certificate, $6 to mail it all certified or whatever, and the teeny tiny ol' $110 for the actual processing/passport fee. For real? Just so I can LEAVE the dang country? Sheesh. I'm going to be sure to drop by the American Embassy while I'm in Mexico and chat them up and ask questions for awhile, just so I'll feel like I got my money's worth.

Anyways. Thoughts on the age 17 versus age 29 picture comparison? Do we like bangs or no bangs? Tan or no tan (haha, like that's even a real question...the 17 year old picture was taken in the winter, so don't judge me)? Why were my eyes so tiny at age 17? So many questions. So little time.

Happy Tuesday! 

PS. This is my 400th post! Woohoo! High five for 400!


  1. Great passport pic- you are beautiful in the before AND after!

  2. Agreed with Amanda - both pics are good! You just look more mature in the recent one, obviously :)

  3. Love the bangs... but both are pretty good pictures for CVS/legal document photos.

  4. I think you look fantastic! I love the bangs!

  5. Love the new photo! My hubby is about to renew his- the 18 year old to 32 comparison picture will be funny! I'm surprised they let you smile in your photo. My passport photo looks terrifying because I wasn't allowed to smile. Something about being able to identify you by your "natural" facial expression. Come on! Smiling is natural :)

  6. Pretty in both. The difference in your eye size is the way you are wearing your makeup.

  7. I think your eyes are the same size, but you've learned to do your makeup to make your eyes look more open. :)

  8. wow. hot passport picture.


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