Tuesday, August 28, 2012

about time

Finally, some good news.

And upon receiving said good news yesterday, all I could think was: It's about damn time.

Good News Here

So happy that my very-deserving friend finally has some happy news for herself.

And simultaneously crying my eyes out as I finish reading for Book Club. OMG why did no one warn me this book would rip my heart out??

Happy Tuesday, and yay for good news!!


  1. Ahhh I read that book too- loved it, but agree, it was so sad!

    Oh, and thanks for sharing the good news!

  2. Isn't the book so good??? Moved me to tears as well, but moved my heart in such a beautiful way, too!

  3. Girl I have been crying in bed reading and my husband is all "what is wrong with you??" Finished last week. Can't wait to blog about it!!

  4. I will have to check out that book (especially if they keep making me go to jury duty and then just put me in that room ALLLLL day!).

  5. I was reading it on the plane and crying and my husband asked, "Are you okay?" and in between sobs I was like, "I'm fii-ii-ine." What a great book. Thanks for linking up to the book club so I could read it.


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