Monday, August 20, 2012

things that are depressing

Most people would try to kick of their weeks by thinking about...ya know, things that are happy! And inspirational!!

Luckily, I'm not most people. Therefore we will briefly reflect on Things That Are Depressing. And to make you even madder, I'm going to make you do your own Googling. No handy-dandy links today. Do your own stinkin' grunt work.

1. Post-surgical depression. Which sucks and I'm pretty sure I have all the symptoms of. And I'm ending a sentence with 'of' BECAUSE I CAN.

2. Insomnia. See also #1.

3. The Endometriosis Diet. See also "would suck what little joy I have left right out of life." Which is why I'm not going to even attempt more than a half-assed version of it. For now.

4. The "legitimate rape" fiasco. OMG. Can't even comprehend the ignorance. It's almost enough to make a girl wanna vote. Not that I can vote for Missouri candidates, but still.

But lest you take away my "hopelessly optimistic" card, I shall present you with one thing that is Not Depressing:

Making a yellow cake with rainbow chip frosting just for the heck of it. Which is what Matt did (with my blessing) yesterday. That blurry thing in the upper right of the picture is his knife in action, icing that bad boy. And it is delicious. And it gives me hope. And it breaks pretty much every rule in the Endo Diet handbook. Good thing I don't care.

And with that, please go on with your regularly scheduled Monday.


  1. My thought on diets: everything in moderation. And I think one cake per week is moderate.

    Hope this week is less depressing than the last few!

  2. I would like to second both of Amanda's comments. (Shocking, I know.)

  3. There's an endo diet? You need to expound on that so we all know how depressing it is.

  4. Hooray for that cake! And the only reason it is (mostly) easy for me to stick to the endo diet is that gluten makes my stomach hurt terribly! It doesn't stop me from wanting, like, every baked good I ever see everywhere now, though! I still eat sugar, just in gf forms. Like ice cream and chocolate (chocolate is a no no in more than one way...the sugar and the caffeine, and so is the ice cream because of the sugar and dairy, but I agree with Amanda,"Everything in moderation")

    Not every item banned on the endo diet necessarily affects YOU, anyway. Sugar doesn't seem to make me feel worse. Gluten does. So I got serious about that. I also got serious about eating lots of leafy greens (spinach, kale, etc) and cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, brussels sprouts) because they are supposed to help your body get rid of excess estrogen.

    Hope you start feeling better asap!

  5. That is seriously my favorite kind of cake. Can you send some my way?

    Hope you feel better soon, friend.

  6. Somebody has a case of the mondays! Joking :) I made the mistake of googling endo-diet and I have now spiraled into a second-hand, deep, dietary-restriction depression as well. Who do these nutritionists think they are?! A multi-vitamin covers a multitude of sins; eat that cake and enjoy every bite. You deserve it!

  7. I agree with HoagsandKisses as I also Googled the endo-diet. I don't think I could do so more power to you for doing it half-way at least. It's like someone went "What are all the comfort foods and how can we make a diet that includes none of them and any of their relatives besides?" Thinking of you... And hoping life gets better soon.


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