Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Watching: Nothing.

Listening to:
Nothing. I know, I am totally un-American...sitting here in silence??!

Tired. Sore. Emotionally spent (reasons to come, don't worry!).

Wanting: A nap, or a decent night's sleep. But since the one does NOT seem to lead to the other...I'm keeping myself awake for now.

Needing to:
Balance the checkbook and pay bills. Maybe go to work for more than 4 hours tomorrow.

Drinking: Nothing.


BINGO!!!! Actually, just finished reading...which is why I can now join the human race again. Had you noticed my absence? I haven't been engaging in ANY of my normal time-passers (aka social media)...not even reading/commenting on blogs!! I know, totally unacceptable, but still. When you are in the midst of an amazing trilogy, there is no time for REAL LIFE people...there is only time to be caught up in book world.
  So I just finished the Diamond of the Rockies (by Kristen Heitzmann) trilogy and it was SO GOOD!!!! Please don't be turned off by the less-than-stellar cover art and trilogy title, as I almost was. My friend Kristin highly recommended and then lent me the books, and I am SO GLAD I did not let my initial reluctance (I just wasn't feeling a historical romance...or the cover art) deter me. 20 pages into the first book (The Rose Legacy), I was HOOKED...and then I basically checked out from society until I finished the last page of the last book about...oh, 5 minutes ago. And now I'm all cried out and emotionally spent over some fictional people from the 1880s. Such is life.

Umm...that there isn't a 4th book? What would we call that, a quadrigy? Oh, also I'm annoyed that book characters' dramatic infertility storylines are started and finished in a matter of hours (my time) or months (their time). How unfair.

Thinking: That I never would have made it in the 1800s. I barely even survived when our AC wasn't working.

Craving: Umm...chips and guac. Luckily, it's Taco Tuesday!!

Enjoying: Feeling better and getting to see/talk to people at work today. Even if I only lasted 4 hours.

Received: A get-well card in the mail from my uncle.

To ask Matt to vacuum when he gets home from work. I could do it myself, but...ya know, I would hate to prolong the healing process and all. ;)

[Stole this blogging idea from my friend Brittnie!]


  1. I love that trilogy! I picked it up randomly one summer several years ago from the library. I was nannying that summer and it was so hard to do my job and play with those kids instead of read! haha! And yeah, there's no way I would have survived back then. Nope.

  2. I wish we lived near each other for many reasons, but I will be honest and admit that Taco Tuesday is one of the biggest...

  3. I am going to try to find this before our road trip to Michigan. The cover makes me think twice but I'll trust your judgement!

  4. I'm glad you are emotionally spent because of a book series rather than real life!

  5. I am thinking I need a Taco Tuesday in my life. Starting now.

  6. I love this idea! I think I will steal it from you too, and give the credit back. I'm so glad you are healing well!

  7. Yay! Time for me to reread them! It's been too long. I hope you can sleep tonight.

  8. Oh I LOVE those books! I have no idea where I got them from, but I have read them several times.

    And I was wondering where you were. Now I know.

  9. I am so late commenting on this! Ey yi yi! Hope the soreness/tiredness is almost over with, that you have gotten some quality sleep, and that taco Tuesday was excellent!


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