Monday, August 6, 2012

life on the couch

I hope your Monday is off to a fabulous start. As for me, after sleeping in (woke up every few hours, but more or less sleeping) til almost 11, and having my husband cook and bring me breakfast on the couch, I'm now sipping my coffee and settled in for another long day (week) of Olympic-watching. 
Who says I don't have a full schedule this week?

Today I am also attempting to wean off of the Toradol and Percocet (prescription painkillers), so we'll see how that goes.

Lest you find yourself overwhelmed with jealousy at my current lifestyle of leisure, let me inform you that my cup of coffee is laced with a full dose of Miralax. So...yeah. :)

 So remember how I had surgery on Friday? (hahahahaha, like I would let you forget) Well, hopefully you also read my friend Amanda's blog, and in that case, you would know that yesterday SHE had her egg retrieval for her first IVF cycle yesterday. And because she is my #1 fan/stalker and wants to be just like me in every way, she decided to COPY ME and take a picture JUST LIKE the one I took in the hospital on Friday. And then she made a collage thing. And it made me crack up because we totally look like twinsies!! I bet that if we were hospital roommates, the nurses would not be able to tell us apart...and they would mix up our embryos or something cray-cray...okay, so that wouldn't be great, but I bet it WOULD make us famous!
Amanda-top; me-bottom
 Annnd...that's about all I have today. Hopefully something exciting and blog-worthy will happen today, otherwise I just may have to share the REALLY GROSS internal pictures from surgery. Yall thought that cyst looked nasty? You ain't seen NOTHIN' yet!!


  1. Have fun watching the Olympics. Have you watched Downton Abbey yet? So good. It's on Netflix and Hulu. What kind of planner do you have? Glad you're resting and on the mend!

  2. oh you are killing me, seriously laughing to tears over here!! And yes, you guys do look like twins!

  3. I would like to thank myself for recommending Amanda create that collage.

  4. make sure you pace yourself on Tuesday, it's looking pretty full. :)

  5. HA love this and love you! I also love that you look genuinely excited in your picture, whereas I definitely look like I'm faking it!

  6. I love your weekly schedule. It looks awesome! Also, that picture collage of the two of you totally made me laugh :)

    Continue to recuperate well and if you yell loud enough, your flowers should still hear you and continue to grow well too!

  7. time to bust out the snack'lace supplies. you're such a trooper!

    love your planner! although you're missing track & field events.

    sending you a big yet gentle hug from Canada, eh.


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