Thursday, August 9, 2012

oh, google...

What will they think of next?

Just when I think Google has invented everything worth inventing (examples: ...Google...; various hoaxes & "easter eggs"; my all-time-favorite Google Analytics; the best-substitute-for-AIM IMing, G-chat), they have to go invent something even better.

Ask yourself: Self, if you were couch-bound for one zillion days in a row, stuck in your house out in the middle of nowhere, far from friends and other entertainment, what would you want Google to invent?

If your answer is: a free door-to-door pedicure service (with massage chair), then you would be hopefully Google will get right on that. 

But the next best thing would have to be Google Hangouts.

Basically, Google Hangouts is a video-chatroom where up to 9 (invited) people can simultaneously video chat. And wear ridiculous "costumes." Which may or may not be ridiculously entertaining. So if you were wondering what amazing ladies such as myself (bottom right: pirate hat, 'stache, and monocle), Amanda (center and top: scuba mask, crown), and Allison (bottom left: Cat in the Hat-hat, scuba mask) do in the evenings to pass the time...well then, now you know. Google is so smart, it even switches who is in the top picture based on who is talking at the moment. I tell you, they think of everything. (Except Google, if you're listening...please make more costumes and props! We ran out of new combinations after only a few can definitely do better.)

And now you have extra confirmation about how awesomely exciting my life is. As though there were any doubt.



  1. You forgot to point out the beard as part of my costume, though I can see why since it's a little hard to see in that pic... but just wanted to clarify in case anyone thought I actually had facial hair. Glad we were able to provide ourselves with some entertainment on Tues and Wed night!

  2. Ha! Looks like such fun:) I bet the three of you are way too hilarious together!

  3. HA this made me laugh out loud! Thanks for making my night last night AND my day again today :) PS- I can't believe you didn't mention Scoot n' Doodle... ha!

  4. Um, can I get in on this action please?

  5. I've said for a long time that Google is the best company ever. This confirms it.

    Have you seen their Olympic Google Doodles? They're awesome and a different sport every day. Love.

  6. this is awesome, love it. I would totally be down with a google pedicure service. Although Brandon might not be, ha ha.


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