Friday, June 28, 2013

awesome at math

The other night I woke up in the middle of the night (kind of like in January...let's hope I don't have to resort to such drastic measures again!) and couldn't fall back asleep. After trying a few other tricks, I decided to try the ol' counting backwards trick to see if that would put me back to sleep. I mean, I've always found math to be dreadfully boring. And I'm pretty bad at it (see: counts on her fingers at age 30). So I decided to give myself a real challenge by upping the math-ante and counting backwards from 1,000 by eight. Does that even make sense? You know...subtracting 8 each time. Right.

Things started off pretty rough but surprisingly by the time I got to like 800 I'd figured out a PATTERN!!!! I felt like the guy in The Davinci Code or some other code-solver-mystery-thriller. I almost wanted to wake Matt up just to give him my insight about counting backwards by eights! But I didn't, because I'm really kind like that. But anyway. I just thought you should know. PS- it didn't help me to fall asleep. But at least it made me feel really smart.

In honor of that breakthrough moment, today I shall be presenting a backwards-counting list. But only by ones, because I can't assume that everyone is as awesome at math as I am, and I don't want you to hurt your brain on a Friday.

10- The approximate mile-marker of our bike ride last night when we realized we'd taken a wrong turn, really had no idea where we were or how to get home, and also the sun was setting. Cue slightly panicked riding. Luckily we found our bearings shortly thereafter and were home before mile 12.

9- The number of weeks until I will be in a delightful and perfect tropical haven, where the ocean is crystal-clear turquoise and the waiters bring beverages out to you on the beach. Not that I'm excited or anything.

8- The number of fried bananas (pieces, not whole bananas!) I ate when we met Matt's parents at a Chinese buffet for lunch yesterday (or a close guess. I didn't actually count). Yall. Someone stop me. I'm a disgrace to humanity.

7- The approximate number of attempts it took me to get this scarf to look right today. For some reason I think that summer scarves (oxymoron) need to be wrapped differently than winter scarves, and I can never get mine quite right.
Just pretend those aren't giant bags under my eyes. BE DAZZLED BY MY SCARF INSTEAD.
6- The number of years of marriage we'll be celebrating on Sunday! Happy 6th anniversary to us!!

5- The number of different farm animals we saw on our bike ride last night: Cows, baby cows (counted separately because they are substantially cuter than regular cows), chickens, horses, pigs.

4- The number of cantaloupes our really nice next-door neighbors randomly gave us yesterday. Apparently someone had given THEM 24 they were spreading the joy through the neighborhood!! Yum!!

3- The time that half-priced 'Refreshers' drinks at Starbucks start today! (3-5 p.m. through the weekend)...meaning, the time that my co-workers and I will be taking a field trip across downtown for some tasty treats!

2- The number of Fandango movie tickets I purchased using a Groupon yesterday (for a total of $12). And I also earned 2 Swagbucks per Groupon dollar spent. And I'll get 1% back in credit card rewards. That's a lot of degrees of separation and companies between me, my money, and going to a movie, but whatever! Somewhere in the math, I feel like I'm coming out on top.

1- The number of workdays left until WEEKEND! We have some fun adventures planned and I can't WAIT to get them started!


  1. 5- I am terrrrible at math. My roommate majored in math and had a poster of a calculator in her room..
    4- Love your scarf!
    3- Have fun celebrating your anniversary this weekend! :)
    2- I'm super excited for this weekend as well!
    1- only 6 work hours left!!

  2. Happy anniversary!!!!! Hope you have a great time celebrating!

  3. Cute scarf! And getting lost is a major fear of mine when out running or biking. I don't want to get too far from home!

  4. Happy Anniversary!! I love fried bananas too... and you are right, winter scarves definitely have to be tied differently than summer scarves.... at least in Canada they do! hahahah

  5. 10; I always fear getting lost while running. It happened once on a walk post surgery. It was scary.

    9; Thanks for the reminder that it's 9 weeks till I get to stay at your sweet digs with the new pool.

    8; At least there was a fruit element to it. You know, it was like it was preemptive. Get lost cycling, have plenty of potassium to fuel you home.

    7; I believe I alluded in real life the qua-fectia of loveliness of your outfit.

    6; LOVE.

    5; #stickslivingftw

    4; that doesn't happen where I live.

    3; yeah!

    2; I'm confused, but that is great.

    1; yay!

  6. Just added you to my blog love page and love the new design. Have a great weekend!

  7. 1 - Happy Anniversary!!!
    2 - I think baby cows are SO cute too :)
    3 - Was this the same neighbors that also mowed your lawn?? They must be awesome!
    4 - Super cute scarf!
    5 - I saw a Starbucks commercial with some type of orange drink last night. May have to try it at half-price. Thanks for the tip!

  8. 5 -- the number of years of marriage Dave and I will be celebrating tomorrow.
    4-- the number of times I laughed out loud while reading this post.
    3-- the number of people in our house who are currently eating cheese for lunch.
    2-- the number of bouquets of flowers I bought from a farm stand this morning.
    1-- the number of Starbucks gift cards I should have sent to you to make your #3 much happier. Sorry I didn't know about it earlier :(

  9. How did you decide to count backwards in eights?! So funny and random!

    I totally agree about the summer scarf thing...

    And... Happy Anniversary!! xo

  10. What, pray tell, is a Refresher drink? It sounds like something I might could get on board with.

  11. Hmm, can't imagine why COUNTING BACKWARDS (BY INCREMENTS OF 8) FROM 1000 would actually not help you fall asleep? You crazy! But I'm sure your brain appreciated the workout.

    And happy early anniversary!

  12. 0 - the number of things I ate between breakfast and lunch that did not involve chocolate. Oops.

    Happy anniversary to you and Matt!!

  13. Haha right after our wedding, I had to explain the phenomenon of a summer scarf to Ryan. Let's just say he didn't really get it.

  14. I feel left in suspense at not knowing the secret to counting backwards by 8. But, I do love your new blog look!!

    PS: I'm on my 3rd try of trying to prove I'm not a robot! Horrible.

  15. I do hate math. HATE! I would have never made it counting backwards by eights. Geez!

    Love your scarf! :)

  16. I can't get over all those cantaloupes! They must have a cantaloupe tree or something? Does that sort of thing even exist? I'm from way north so I wouldn't know.

  17. I cracked up at the movie ticket post. I'm always trying to stack discounts to see where the BEST deal is.

    That is the best kind of math there is.

  18. Happy anniversary! Jealous of your movie ticket deal, they are SO expensive, we really debate on whether we want to go or not when the matinee is $7.50! AH!


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