Tuesday, June 4, 2013

roses are...

Well, around my house, roses are...



and a fantastic orangey-yellow hybrid!!

And also (not pictured) hot pink and...another one that I'm not sure what color it will be cause the buds haven't opened yet.

Aren't roses FUN!! I planted lots of new ones this year (like all of these) because I felt like I needed more roses in my life. Even though all of these plants are still itty-bitty (except the red one) and have like 2 blooms each (and I have to basically crawl on my hands and knees behind other bushes to get close enough to take a picture like this)...they are doing great and showing great promise of beautiful days to come. Especially that last one-- isn't it FAB??! The picture on the left was from yesterday afternoon and the one on the right is this morning-- SO PRETTY!! There's a lot of squealing going on every time I see it, believe you me.

Speaking of roses...

Last night's Bachelorette, anyone?? Amazing. Actually, I don't know if the show was as amazing as the TWITTER COMMENTARY. Holy crap. Mollyanne was over to watch with me and we were both reading out the hilarity of the Twitter-sphere as we watched, and I must say...we nearly busted our guts. A couple times. If you're not looking at Twitter (and following @Possessionista) during Bachelorette, you're doing life wrong. Hate to be the one to tell you, but there it is.

Luckily, I emerged from the night with my bracket intact...my Final Four (and even final 6) are all still in the game, so I declare myself off to a great start!

In other news, today is Day 2 of Summer Fashion Week! Diana and I kicked things off yesterday with a predictably-awkward first-day photo shoot, but hopefully things'll get better as the week progresses! And hopefully we'll remember to take the pictures before it is 500 degrees with 381048% humidity outside, too. Because that's always fun.

That's all, folks. Off to read the Bachelorette recaps-- the best part of a Tuesday!


  1. That fiery orange rose is BEAUTIFUL!! Roses get a bad rap because they're often overused and kind of cliche. But there is nothing cliche about that one...it screams summer and sunshine and the picture alone was enough to brighten my morning!

  2. I'm jealous of your roses!!

    Gotta love humidity. Blah. Houston is about the same. Not sure why I even think it's a good idea to do my hair since within 5 seconds of walking outside it's a complete disaster.

  3. I caved and already read the spoilers!!! Just felt like I needed to confess it to you.

  4. Ohh love the orange ones!

    I should totally submit a pic of my outfit today for Summer Fashion Week... t-shirt from 2006, Target gaucho pants from 2007, and a wet bun. Barefoot at the time being, but if I venture out, I'll top the outfit off with my Rainbow flip flops.

  5. There goes my Tuesday morning productivity right out the window. Thanks a lot! I read your blog this morning, like every morning, to realize I've been going about my life all wrong! Consider myself and Miss Possessionista introduced. Now I'm cracking up laughing while wondering what rock I've been living under for all of these bachelor and bachelorette seasons.

    Oh... and your roses are lovely. And so are you :)

  6. gorgeous flowers! I have the first two bachelorettes tivoed and I plan to watch them tonight!! so excited! love the bracket idea! my friends and i did that for project runway and top model in college and it was so much fun!

  7. Loving the roses! They're almost as beautiful as you.

  8. I love the roses. They are all beautiful. One of my favourite birthday memories is that my parents gave me my own rosebush to plant for my sixth birthday. I was so pleased with it!

    And Yay! Yay! Yay! for another fashion week.

  9. Beautiful roses!! And yes- the best part if Tuesdays are the Bach recaps!!! It's almost as good as Monday :)

  10. I don't even watch the bachelor, but the whole bracket business makes it seem extremely exciting. I was definitely rooting for you when I read your top 4 were still intact. way to go!

    And way to go on the roses! Gorgeous!

    I'm glad we're past day one awkwardness of pictures, yikes. I always forget what an adventure that first go-round is.

  11. Alright already, I'll get a twitter account just so I can follow along with all the bachelorette commentary and do life right for a change! How did I miss Summer fashion week? And those hybrid roses are sublime. With those lovelies you could have a whole row of above ground pools and still have the most beautiful yard.

  12. I would like to work out a trade where you come out to Oregon, do all my yard work and plant pretty flowers. In trade I can offer somewhere to stay and my husband can BBQ. There also will be very little humidity.

  13. I'm considering watching the tnext season of the Bachelorette just so we can talk about it. In florist world, that orange flame color is called "Circus" and it's one of my favorites!

  14. Beautiful flowers, Ms. Greenthumb!


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