Thursday, June 20, 2013

the end of the internet

Does anyone remember that commercial from a few years ago that had some guy sitting in front of the computer, blank stare on his face, clicking...clicking...and then you see this window pop up on his screen that says "YOU HAVE REACHED THE END OF THE INTERNET!"? Sometimes I feel like that guy. Or like I will someday. But not this week. Luckily, this week I discovered some pretty quality things on the internet. Lemme share.

First of all, did yall read about the most amazing roommate prank ever? Apparently it's viral now, so most likely you have (also I think it was on Good Morning America yesterday?)...but I would just like to say that people like these guys are my people. I really love a good prank and folks that can laugh at themselves and band together in the name of doing something extremely ridiculous. So high five to my people...and also, Matt's Father's Day present would feel right at home in the newly designed room!

[Random side story: During high school, the girls in my youth group had a long-running PRANK WAR against the guys. It was pretty brutal. One of my favorite pranks that we pulled off was one weekend when we were going on a retreat. We pre-planned our pranks to the hilt and were ready for war, which meant that before we left for the weekend, one of the girls had stopped by a bait shop (in case you're not from the south/sticks, that would be a place where you buy fishing bait & tackle) and asked if she could have all the...ummm...unsellable bait. AKA the dead minnows. They float to the top of the tanks, so she just skimmed off a few dozen dead fishies and they let us have 'em. We put them in some opaque water bottles and headed to the mountains for our retreat. On Saturday afternoon while the guys were all out hiking or something, we sneaked into their room and put dead fish all over all of their stuff. It was disgusting and amazing. It was the best prank ever. Except for a few hours later when we discovered that unbeknownst to us, the guys had actually switched dorms with another church (while leaving a few of their personal items in highly visible places so that we would still THINK it was their room) the previous day, since they'd anticipated us coming in and doing something to their stuff. So that meant that what we'd actually done is put dead fish all over some random people's stuff. And guess what? They were MAD. And their chaperones were MAD. And we got in big trouble. (and had to clean up our dead fish...and a lot of other horrible stuff we'd done in there)...and one might think that that would have ended our prank war, but obviously it did not. It just made us a little more careful the next time we decided to strike.]

Anyways. Back to the internets. (Let me know if you want more prank stories. I have plenty.)

I signed up for SwagBucks the other day. Am I the last person on earth to do this? Do any of you do it? I've concluded that it isn't going to be my ticket to vast riches and the easy life of travel & leisure, but it's been fairly amusing to me so far. Plus I just love filling out surveys. I fill like I have the best opinions (and obviously the right opinions) about everything and this is a great outlet for people to benefit from knowing them. And I can make the equivalent of like 4 cents, so I

If you find yourself bored with the world and the internet, I would like to offer one final recommendation and antidote: This blog, It's a Dog Lick Baby World, is one of my recent BEST DISCOVERIES EVER. I'm serious. This girl is one of the funniest people I've ever met (read?) and also she might be certifiably insane when it comes to running. Her blog is a hybrid extreme running/mommy blog, and even though I can't identify with either of those things, I keep coming back because I kind of want to be just like her. Even though she might be crazy (exhibit A: in a few weeks she will be running a 50k (yes, 31 miles) race and then a 6 hour distance race WITHIN SIX DAYS OF EACH OTHER. Even she admits that this is probably not a great idea, but her concern is not with the running or the possibly dying of a heat stroke or legs is with how she's going to manage to pump during the races, since she's still BFing her 6 month old. Let's talk about BFing problems most people never run into...) I must admit that I feel like my lame 3 mile runs are pretty terrible now, but whatever. You should read it. 

If this is the worst post ever, I apologize. At least I pointed you in the direction of something more quality to read/do, though, so that should count for something, right?


  1. So I'm wondering if your chaperones used your dead-fish-prank-gone-wrong to teach you any important life lessons? I'm also wondering if they thought it was funny, but just had to discipline you because it was their job?

  2. I had to stop reading halfway through this post and I was thinking about what an amazing writer you were because this was basically a post about not much and I couldn't wait to get back to it. (I know there's a compliment in there somewhere! :))

    And yes, share more prank stories. The best thing we ever did was to freeze all of our male friends' underwear. That was fairly funny.

  3. Ha that room is pretty amazing... as is your dead fish antics.

    We had a similar pranking exchange going on with our guy friends in high school except it was not so much an exchange as it was COMPLETELY one-sided and for some reason they were always doing it to us?! We took a trip to the beach after graduation during which they allegedly peed in our orange... which isn't so much funny as disgusting. The end.

  4. As WERE your dead fish antics... please pardon that grammatical error.

  5. I love Swagbucks! I've gotten hundreds of dollars in Amazon gift cards. I'm boring and always stick to the same prize.

  6. I've never used Swagbucks! Thanks for the tip, though!!

  7. Oh my, that fish story is too funny! I never got into pranking, I feel like my child hood isn't complete.

    I haven't done swag bucks, but I get to fill out surveys on bzzagent and then I get free things. So that's good.

  8. You and Sam would have loved each other in HS... or maybe hated... I'm not sure if you actually like the people you prank, but Sam was INTENSE with the pranks. He mastered the art of the wedding getaway car in HS with things like vaseline under the door handle... gross! But dead fish, that's DISGUSTING!

  9. Um...ewww! Dead fish?! I could have never cleaned that up!
    I'm heading over to read that blog...maybe she can motivate me to start running again!
    Bring on the pranks...always looking for a good laugh :)

  10. I need to look into this swagbucks thing you speak of! I use ebates.. but maybe this one is more survey oriented? hmmm...

  11. I am a swagbuck'er!

    Got 10 last night for searching the site of our 15 year anniversary... planning early!

    If you want to sign up for mypoints (similar) let me know and I'll send you my referral code so I get some points too!

  12. Oh! And Brandon and I have one major prank under our belts together. It involves saran wrap and a crapload of packing peanuts and a cubicle.

  13. I remember your pranks, but I don't think I remember that one. The worst we did was baby powder in their clothes and the boys put vaseline in our hair. Dawn dish soap is the trick to get it out, FYI.


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