Tuesday, June 18, 2013

seven things

1. I've had the 'Elephant Love Medley' (from Moulin Rouge) stuck in my head for about 4 days. Continuously. It's not bad, since it's one of my favorite songs ever, but it's LONG...so when I am forced to sing through the whole thing over and over (doing both parts, of course), it just takes a lot of time. Oh well. Over the weekend my sister and I did one of our usual dramatic sing-throughs and it was as spectacular as ever. (Best part: We could be heroes...forever and EVERRRRRRR with that amazing high harmony? Gah. Amazing. We are amazing. Nicole and Ewan, eat your hearts out.)

2. It has rained a RIDICULOUS amount this summer. On the one hand, it's nice that I haven't had to water my flowers basically at all. On the other hand...it's always raining.

I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever see anything else out of the front door. Blah.

At least the flowers like it!!

I might look ridiculous, but so would you if your tomatoes were growing like freaking mutants. When they start turning red...watch out, world.

3. Due to Zack K's untimely departure on The Bachelorette last night, my bracket is officially wrecked. It's okay, though. Now I am free to cheer for whomever I want, unhindered by my bracket. Now that we're a few weeks in and I feel like I 'know' the guys a little better, I'm a big fan of Chris, who displayed the talent of twirling hula-hoops while in heels last night during the 'Mr. America' pageant. I love a guy who can look like a huge goofball and laugh at himself. He also writes poetry, doesn't look like he takes 'roids, and makes really hilarious comments...therefore, current fave. I'm patting myself on the back for not yet having looked at spoilers...can you believe I've made it this far?!

4. Our sixth anniversary is just around the corner. Matt is occupied with trying to make some kind of plans for us. I am occupied with trying to figure out what to write about. I re-read my previous year's posts (last year's is here) and I don't know if there's anything left to say. I think I set the bar too high for myself. Also, I can't read that one without crying. Bah.

5. Since I had to go look up the 'Elephant Love Medley' to put a link in the first paragraph, I've been listening to it continually since then. I must say, actually listening to it is even better than just having it stuck in my head!

6. I've been occupying my time lately with daydreaming about vacation-- and making plans! Even though it's a reeaaaaalllly long way off still...oh well. Since we have friends going with us this year, plus we have a better idea of where we're going and what there is to do, we are really excited to up our vacation-game. Therefore I've already started a running list of things to take (or think about the logistics of taking). And I'm keeping the list on the resort's stationary that I have left from last year. Obviously. Can anyone think of any other small/light/easily packable beach games or other games (to play at night)?

7. I'm going back to Trappeze today to meet another friend for lunch. This will make the third time in less than a week for me and my main love, the veggie reuben sandwich. I can't help it. Don't be surprised if I weigh 2840218 pounds by next week. IT WILL BE WORTH IT!!!!

Lucky seven, I'm done. Have a wonderful (rainy, if you're in GA) Tuesday!


  1. We've also had a ton of rain here too. So not only have I not really watered my flowers this year but our rain barrel is overflowing and our yard looks like a jungle because it's never dry enough to work in it. Thankfully we have three days of sun scheduled this weekend (after rain today and before more rain on the weekend) so on Friday I will be outside weeding, mowing the lawn and maybe even watering my flowers. Whoo hooo!!!

    And your tomatoes look amazing. Kind of like ours did last year and not at all like ours do this year.

    And I am totally ordering that veggie reuben sandwich. Not only does it sound amazing but

  2. My sister got married in the same chapel! Small world! Same year, too, but her wedding was in December. I'm so nosey, I went back to your previous anniversary posts to look at your wedding pictures--what a beautiful day! Your dress, hair, wedding party, wedding colors...all so pretty!

    On a different note, you are killing me with all of this sandwich talk! I'm going to have to take a road trip to Athens just to try that thing! Geez!

  3. 2. I'm jealous of your rain (it's actually raining right now, but it could very well be the last time that happens this summer).

    3. I also like Chris, BUT, I wish he (and many of the others) would be a little less sensitive about trying very intentionally to get roses on group dates and then pouting when they don't get it... we all know this is basically a game, but it would be more enjoyable (in my opinion) if they could all play like it WASN'T a game. Does that make sense?!

    6. This might be too close to Speed Scrabble, and maybe you don't even own it, but I'm going to throw Bananagrams out there as a suggestion (because someone randomly posted a picture of it on IG yesterday and Amanda randomly commented on how portable it is).

  4. Ok so a friend burned me a CD with that medley on it in college and I LOVED it- had it memorized and everything! And then in 2006, all of my CDs were stolen out of my car and I sadly haven't heard that song since, so thank you for taking me back! I was made for loving you, baby, you were made for loving me...

    Oh, and ditto to the Bananagrams suggestion!

  5. The 5 year anniversary post was one of my all time favorites... good stuff.

    The rain... bahh! I love rain... love it, but not when I attend the UGA campus every day... my leather shoes and dry clean only pants are currently still rather damp.

    You should branch out... Trappeze has other offerings.

  6. Your flowers are beautiful. and I'm glad they are enjoying the rain because I know it can get tiresome for us humans. I am from the East Coast where it rains A LOT, but now I live in the prairies so when it rains I am not used to it anymore and I don't like it.

    Planning a trip is a wonderful distraction. Glad you are keeping yourself busy :)

    I didn't read the anniversary post because I am feeling emotional as it is. I will come back to it today though, because I want to read it. You are such a good writer.

  7. I'm impressed that you write your "to bring" list on the stationary from the resort. That kind of devotion to organization makes me smile :) I've never heard of bananagrams, but it sounds like you should bring it. But if it turns out to be a snore, beer pong is always a good back up!

  8. I think summer has FINALLY arrived here. We're still getting lots of rain, but at least we are not wearing jackets and sweaters like we were about 1.5 weeks ago :)

    I went back and read your 5 year post and it made me cry, too. Especially that pic of your loved ones surrounding you in prayer. Gah! You two are awesome (I can tell even though I don't know you IRL).

    We always bring Slamwich, Monkeys in a Barrel, and Mancala (the foldable, travel one) on trips!

  9. 1. That anniversary post always makes me teary.

    2. UNO. You think you know someone until you play UNO with them and they slam down a DRAW FOUR on you. LOL. Pro: Easy to pack. Con: You will never forget who laid down the dreaded +4.

    3. SEE???? Mrs. Erika Flowers!

  10. I LOVE Moulin Rouge... that's all! :)

  11. I am getting tired of the bipolar weather today in Atlanta! Sunny....then HUGE clap of thunder, black clouds, and it's pouring...then, sunny again....then another storm. MAKE UP YOUR MIND, GA!

  12. I'm with ya on the daydreaming about vacation!! Cannot wait. Except ours isn't until September so I have a long while of daydreaming ahead of me!!

  13. Left Right Center (LCR) is super easy to pack and fun to play!! You can use the chips it comes with or play with quarters or dollars (if you are feeling like a big spender!)

    VACAY=YAY! Always. Even months out.

  14. Aw! I just read your 5-year post. So sweet & TRUE. Happy almost 6th! We make 5 years this year, in November. :)

  15. That veggie reuben sounds so good. I just met some friends for dessert and paid NINE FREAKING DOLLARS for a medium-sized piece of dry bread pudding. So as far as eating out is concerned...

    Erika: 3 (you earned one point for each veg reuben)
    Em: 0

  16. Bocce ball is the best beach game ever. EVER! And Bananagrams is great too. -Anna

  17. It's been raining tons here, too! The flowers love it but it leaves me feeling blah. Come on, sunshine!

  18. You do know that Nichole Gautreaux was a Parisian dancer in Moulin Rouge, right?!? (formerly Nichole Brooks - check her out on IMDB http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0974628/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1).

    Second, would dominoes/Mexican train version be too big to pack on the trip? Also, you can play Telephone Pictionary with the stationary in the rooms! :)

  19. I guess I'm creeping on this old post but I had to suggest Apples to Apples! I scanned but don't think anyone suggested it! They make a smaller travel version. It's especially fun if you play with inappropriate fools!


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