Thursday, June 13, 2013

happy days

Have I told you how awesome you are? I people really are the best. Thank you so much for all of your kind words and commiserating and prayers yesterday. You have no idea (or maybe you do!) how encouraging it is to spend the whole day getting a steady flow of kind words and promises of prayers and hope via email notifications...I mean, it made it really hard to stay in a bad mood. So thanks a lot. ;)

In all seriousness, yesterday was actually a great day. I wrote yesterday's post on Tuesday night when the emotions from the doctor's visit were still raw...but I am thankful that by Wednesday morning, most of the sadness and anger had really washed away and then yall were all so was a great day, truly! 

For one, I knew I'd be having lunch with my bestie Elizabeth who is in town for a conference this week. Very few people on earth make me laugh as much as she does, so the promise of lunch and an hour of conversation with her basically made my whole day awesome. And then we ate at Trappeze and I had the BEST SANDWICH OF MY LIFE EVER, people. FOR SERIOUS. Let me tell you about it. It was a 'veggie reuben' and here's the description from the menu:   on Luna Marble Rye // house-made marinated cabbage // swiss // avocado // tomato // spinach // horseradish russian

Maybe it sounds weird, but it was like the most amazing thing I've ever put in my mouth. I would have taken a picture, but I was too busy dying of happiness. So sorry. Anyways, if any of you are in Athens/might ever come to Athens/want to come meet me in Athens...then we're going to Trappeze and I'm eating this again. I might go back tomorrow, actually. Would that be wrong? It's veggies, right? HEALTHY! (please don't think about the pound of Belgian fries on the side. Those are also to die for.)

No pics of food, but we snapped a picture or 3 before we had to head back to our jobs:

 If we look a bit bedraggled, it's because it was 284028 degrees outside and we had to walk (40 yards) to Trappeze AND BACK. I know. The humanity.

With such a happy lunch hour, the rest of my day was bound to be great BUT THEN IT GOT GREATER!! Diana collects empty Starbucks bags (did you know that you can take them to Sbux and exchange them for a free cup of coffee-- hot or iced?) and every once in awhile she'll call down and be like STARBUCKS- FREE COFFEE- RIGHT NOW!! and who am I to say no to that? 

So we moseyed down to Starbucks and got our free coffees and snapped a pic before we headed back to work:

Well, Diana snapped a pic. I stole it off her Instagram, obviously. Do you like how I've basically stolen Matt's sunglasses and claim them as my own now? He never saw it coming. It's just that they're gold and today I was wearing ALL THE GOLD (like, I couldn't stop putting on gold stuff this morning. It's the pirate in me!) and so obviously I needed gold glasses, too.

Matt said I was more leprechaun than pirate, but obviously he's wrong (and just swayed by my green shirt). Although when it comes down to it, there are a lot of similarities between leprechauns and pirates (love of gold, propensity to steal, trickery...), I fall firmly in the camp of PIRATE because a) I'm tan, b) I'm tall, and c) I like rum way better than whatever they drink in Ireland (whiskey? Guinness?). So clearly I'm Team Pirate, but nice try, Mattie.

I think I've digressed.

The rest of work was great. When we got home from work, we discovered that someone had MOWED OUR ENTIRE LAWN for us. I kid you not (and it's NOT a small lawn...almost an acre of grass). I immediately suspected my too-kind next door neighbors, and texted to find out if I was right. I was. She'd seen us yesterday evening unsuccessfully struggling with our lawn mower-- for some reason it wouldn't start (not the battery, not out of gas). Matt worked on it for awhile, but no luck. Our back-up lawn mower (a push mower) is also broken. This meant we couldn't cut the grass...and what with all the rain lately, it was lookin' a hot mess. So she decided to do it for us, without our knowledge, today. Can you believe it? Let's not forget that it was 1893098 degrees today AND SHE HAS A 2-MONTH OLD BABY! But she decided to mow our entire freakin yard. I was blown away. We have someone coming to pick up our mower tomorrow (since it's a huge riding mower, we can't take it anywhere ourselves...bah) and fix it, but I am trying to think of a good way to pay forward her kindness. Seriously, yall. That was no 5-second act of kindness. That was hours of awful sweaty nastiness. I just can't believe it.

I went to the gym (TOO HOT TO BE OUTSIDE) and had one of my best runs ever, managed to talk Matt into having cereal for dinner (personal favorite thing ever)...all in all, a great day. OH- and my SIL texted me this picture of my sweet baby Carley:

...and if you don't think that's the cutest thing ever, then I don't think you have a soul. I DIE!!!!! And this weekend I get to see her and hold her and squeeze her cute little cheeks and I'm only just a litttttle excited, if you can't tell.

So anyway. Sorry for the randomness, but I was very happy to follow a fairly crappy day with a great one, and I wanted to make sure the good day got its fair share of press. With that, I'm off to dominate the rest of the week...because that's what pirates do. When they're not laying on the beach, I mean. Ugh. How many weeks til vacation?!??!?!! 


  1. I'm so glad you had a great day!!!! That is a lot of awesomeness - free SB, friends, very nice neighbors, your niece and that puppy!!! I hope the rest of your week is great too!

  2. So I was laughing out loud and Dave said, "What's so funny?" and I said, "Erika!" I really liked the pirate part. Anyways, Dave glanced at the screen and said, "She's writing about her dog???" and I said, "No! That's her niece!" and didn't even notice there was a dog in the picture of your niece. Well, at least I noticed the important thing. And Sam has just announced, "Daddy, you are a silly poo-poo" and Dave said, "I probably deserve that for not seeing the baby in the picture."

    I'm glad your day yesterday was so awesome! Here's hoping the rest of the week continues that way.

  3. Im so so so glad you had a good day when you needed it. And Natasha's comment about her husband not seeing the baby in the picture cracked me up too. Here's to another good day!

  4. That sandwich sounds DELISH! Now you have me wondering what I'm going to get for lunch today :) Also, what amazing neighbors you have! So glad you had a good day!

  5. What a blessing that you are so loved! Glad the day was a good one, the pictures are all so cute and how sweet is your neighbor!! oh my!

  6. Oh, yesterday sounds like it really was a great day to follow up on some not so great news! Your neighbors are clearly awesome. That is what I would like in neighbors.

    Hope your Thursday is just as great!

  7. That sandwich sounds terrible... you and Aubrey are insane. Sometimes Athens and all it's vegetarianism makes me feel like such a fatty... geez!

    I'm glad your day was better! Yay for cool neighbors who cut grass out of the blue! That's awesome! And you're right, it was 237596037 degrees outside yesterday with 4858% humidity. UGHHH!

    I'm counting down the days till your vacation too because I'm ready for Summer to be O-VER (yes, I'm aware it hasn't officially started!).

  8. Wow, I am super impressed by your neighbor! We had a large stork sign out in our front yard after Davis was born, and I was really hoping one of our neighbors would see it and be like, "Oh, they just had a baby, maybe I'll mow their front yard for them!" But no. Glad to know that kind neighbors like that really do exist, though!

  9. I need to know about these Starbucks bags!!??

    What nice neighbors you have. I need to do more random acts of kindness like that! Seriously, that was so generous!

    WE booked a small weekend trip in September and then going to CT in October and I cannot. freaking. wait!!!

  10. Everything about this post made me smile. Hurray for great days!!

  11. That is a fantastic day! So glad you had that after the doctor's appointment!

  12. Wow, my slacker neighbors need to get this mow for your neighbor bandwagon! What an awesome neighbor, adorable niece and fabulous friends! And I need to know more about this free Starbucks.

  13. Hooray for a redeeming Wednesday! And for an awesome neighbor! And for your cute niece!

    And that's about my max for exclamation points in one comment, so I'm done.

  14. I am glad that you had such a happy day! there isn't much better than hanging out with good friends && delicious food followed by free coffee! :] i hope today is just as happy!

  15. Yay, sometimes it just takes another day or a few good circumstances to give you a more positive perspective admist the ups and downs. So sorry for your bad news :(

  16. I just want to commend you on using the word "propensity" in this post as it is my absolute favorite word of all time.

  17. I soooo did the same thing with the sunglasses!! lol The hubbys were silver and mine are gold so when I wear silver I need his and sort of just kept them! I had no idea bout the starbucks thing?? You may need to do a post just about that for us lol. Also the baby picture is just the cutest :)

  18. Yay! Those days are the best. Makes everything else fade away. Glad you have this weekend to look fwd to.

  19. Your day sounds like it was just wonderful. So glad to hear it. And that picture of your niece is unbelievably precious. I'm convinced it was photoshopped...too cute to be real.


  20. I love that you had a great day & OMG that sandwich DOES sound amazing so if i am ever back in GA, i will make it a point to be near Athens & come see you!! :)

    I am afraid i missed the sad post. I am scared... :o/

  21. Ooh! I didn't realize the Sbux bags could be for ICED coffee, not just hot! Woot! My sis gave me her stash of bags this past weekend - 10 in all. :) I'm so excited!


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