Tuesday, August 20, 2013

a limerick about yard work. no, seriously.

An office worker by day am I-
With air conditioning and much coffee, the hours go by.
    Editing webpages all day,
    Proofing grammar-- oy vey.
While my heart longs for green grass and blue sky.

So when five o'clock comes and I leave,
From climate-controlled buildings I seek my reprieve.
    Discarding wedges and trendy shirt
    Donning old Asics, stained with dirt,
And to my dreams of being a farmer I cleave.

"Dibs on the tractor!" to the husband I say,
For its power and speed call to me this day.
    And as I circle 'round and 'round
    Piles of wet grass and angry ants abound,
As I gleefully race my trusty steed through the fray.

And the husband watches warily on
As I cluelessly surge across the lawn,
    For it happens every time
    (I'm kinda helpless, is that a crime?)
That the thing breaks, and Matt's help is called upon.

But such a mower-fixer as he you've never met,
A handy skill when you're married to me, I bet.
    For in all my exhilaration
    I lack the proper concentration
And paying attention to what I'm doing? I forget.

For when I'm up on my mower, you see
Going fast and turning donuts fills me with glee!
    And the more mundane things-
    Like going straight and listening for strange pings?
Well, those things from my consciousness do flee.

But since Matt's skills are always up to speed,
It's back to business in no time- on my steed!
     Bringing order to my land
     As I raise up my hand
And salute my farm-boy, though 'slow down!' his eyes plead.

As I circle around again
I smile and I laugh in the wind-
     I get the best of both worlds,
     Farmer life and office girl.
(And a husband with a lovely back end.)
PS. It's my seven-hundredth post! You should offer a toast!


  1. Wow is all I have to say. Just... wow.

  2. I'm with Amanda ;) But, as always, I'm impressed with a girl who WANTS to do the lawn mowing!

  3. Erika has written 700 posts,
    At this one I have laughed the most,
    She is so funny,
    (And Mattie's a honey)
    Now I'm inspired to make long grass toast.

  4. As a farm girl this made me giggle! However, I've mowed enough in my days that I no longer care if I ever hop on the mower ever again!

  5. Oh my... I can't decide if I'm more humored by your limerick, your grass-mowing skills or your friends' comments!

    We have that exact same mower and it's been in the shop almost all summer. Seriously, between the multiple malfunctions and all of this rain, it really has spent more time at the repair shop than it has in our yard. Pathetic.

  6. Erika is a blogger extraordinaire,
    with beautiful Zooey D. hair.
    She makes me laugh
    with every gaffe,
    Here's to 700 posts more I declare!

    PS: How do you make riding a lawn mower look so fabulous?! I want one. Do they come in pink?

  7. Love it! As a fellow cube dweller, I especially appreciate wanting to spend the evening in a not-climate-controlled environment. (Seriously, why should I have to run a space heater in August?!) Your donut skillz are to be envied.

    Also, nail polish color, please? So pretty!

  8. Ha I'm with Amanda on this, I have my space heater running right now and it's at least 95 outside! Looks like you were all over the place in that grass, love it! :)

  9. I love your Limerick..you are just too cool ☺

    Happy 700th post! My blog just hit 100,000 views if you can believe that although with my unicorn fart post today I'm not sure it will get a lot higher!

  10. Haha this is awesome. And I wish I was as creative as the other commentors to comment back with a limerick! My mom and step-dad have a riding mower and I swear the cut the grass every week just to play with it!

  11. this is awesome!!! You are a good writer :)

    Congrats on 700 posts, you are a blogger-extraordinaire!

  12. Nicely done. :) I like the format and the end was Pioneer Woman-esque! ;)

  13. Happy 700 posts!! Love this one especially! Oh and I tried to mow the lawn for Brandon several months back and he came home and the FIRST thing out of his mouth was a laugh and " Ummmm did you try to mow the front lawn? Babe you don't ever have to do that again." TRY? I DID mow thank you very much!

  14. WaHoo!! (Holding up an imaginary glass)
    Here is to your: 700 hundred short stories about your beautiful faith filled life.

  15. You.are.amazing!

    And... How long did that take you!!??

  16. this. is. amazing. And why you're one of my favorite bloggers (and people in general!).

  17. that is a big yard!!! happy 700 post, oh my!!

  18. Ha! Love it! Such a fun post :)


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