Wednesday, August 28, 2013

muddy the waters, why dontcha?

Betcha thought I forgot about our little Facebook discussion a few weeks ago. Well, I didn't. I'm just really lazy and never felt like recapping the survey. All those screen shots, you know? Phew. That's some work. But then again, it's a jerk move to beg you all to vote and then hoard the results to myself. I couldn't do it. So here we go! The results! Also...I realize that to make these little charts big enough that you can actually read them, the pictures will 'bleed' over into my right-hand side bar. I'm sorry about that. But I think it's a lesser evil than having to click to enlarge every single picture. Soooo...yeah.


I don't think I really need to summarize this stuff-- those of you that chose to elaborate did a great job of explaining yourselves!

I thought this was interesting: basically no one (that voted) likes blog FB pages because of the ability to see updated's all about the extra interaction! Who knew?

This is pretty self-explanatory. Don't you like how I minced no words with my option choices here? Tell me how you REALLY feel, people!! (and you did!)

I like how one person is getting so disillusioned by my survey that four questions in, they've decided to just rid themselves of FB altogether. HAHAHAHAHA. Not my intent at all, I swear!!! 

HA! So your conclusion is that you mostly hate blog FB pages, you REALLY hate seeing the 'new post!' thing in your newsfeed, you MAYBE think I should make a page anyway, but ONLY IF IT'S GOING TO BE AWESOME. I mean, no pressure. NO PRESSURE AT ALL.

So while truly this survey (like the one about commenting systems) only served to muddy the waters, it was still fun to see all the honest responses...and I was truly shocked by how many people were not fans of seeing the 'updated post' things! That really doesn't bother me at all (unless it's like multiple reminders a day...that's annoying), so that was really interesting to me!

Obviously I have not started a blog FB yet...not sure whether I will or not, but the added pressure to only do it if I can make it awesome is definitely daunting. Since apparently just reminding you that I've posted is not going to be enough to qualify it as awesome, I'm going to have to do some serious soul searching to think of what I could do that would take it up to that required level of awesomeness to make it worth it. Would amazing pictures of vacation do? Mojito of the day photos? Ha. 

And you may recall that there was a final question completely unrelated to the rest of the survey that I have not mentioned. Obviously the topic of that question was far more important than the rest of the survey and cannot be lumped in with today's post. It deserves a discussion all of its own, so just hold your breath and pray that you voted correctly lest my scathing remarks burn you straight to the depths of your soul. For someone as generally apathetic about polarizing topics as I am, I have surprisingly strong feelings about this one. Get ready


  1. I am holding my breath for your Facebook blog page.

    Also, I can't remember who I voted for in the whole super-hero thing so either way I won't be burned to the depths of my soul. Which is safe anyways because you have it in your soul-stealing necklace. Or it's already burning. Either way it's not in my possession anymore so I don't care.

    (At least I'm guessing if someone had stolen my soul I wouldn't care because I wouldn't feel it anymore. Maybe I would?)

    Also, how did this comment get so off track so quickly?!?!

  2. Did you hear Ben Affleck is slated to play the next Batman?? Heard it on the radio this morning.

    That's all I have to contribute to this discussion today. Sorry for being lame. :-)

  3. I'd "like" you. (thumbs up)

    I rarely update my blog Facebook page anymore. It really only serves the people who don't keep up with blogger to remind them that I still exist. Now that it's been a few months in, I can't say that it's driven a lot of new traffic, but when I link a post to the fb page, the post gets probably double the hits of an unlinked page. Triple if it's solely about Isaac.

  4. It WOULD be awesome! Even if you wind up doing nothing, this survey has inspired me to try to remember to post "extra content" on Facebook. And every time I do, I think, "For Erika!" So thank you for that :)

  5. My thought is the more people the blog can reach is the more people that can be in reach of hearing the gospel and the good news that when we go through trials we are not alone!


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