Friday, August 16, 2013


Lest I be accused of being unable to organize my thoughts around a theme, please watch in awe as I attempt to write a post around the concept of mud in all of its literal and figurative senses. 

It's cool and rainy this week (and predicted to stay that way through the weekend). It certainly doesn't feel anything like Georgia in August, but it's a nice respite from...well, from a summer that has had very few complaint-worthy hot days to start with. Last night we took advantage of the cool weather (and prayed for the rain to hold out for a few hours) by walking to dinner at the Mexican restaurant, which is about 5.5 miles round-trip. We cut through some trails in the woods which was possibly not the smartest idea given the frequent rain. It was so muddy. I'm telling myself that it made the walk an extra-good workout, since my feet literally sunk down into the mud with every step and I had to heave them back out and plop them down again, only to sink down into the next patch of mud. It was crazy. Luckily I was wearing my non-cute Asics (no neon) that were already ugly and dirty, so it was no big deal. Just crazy. I've been walking those trails for four years now and never seen this much mud!

The triathlon is on Sunday. We spent most of the summer trying to mentally prepare for how hot it would be and how best to dress/prepare for the brutal 7am Georgia heat. Who woulda thought that the forecast is for rain and a high of 72??! And with much of this week being just like that, I'm guessing the lake water could be downright chilly (and VERY muddy)! Craziness. Luckily only Matt will have to deal with that, as my role at the triathlon this weekend is going to be spectator. That's right. 2013 will be the year that I trained for a tri...and...that's about it. :) I would like to blame patellar tendonitis and my inherent inability to stick with a sport for more than 3 months on my flaking out. It's okay though. I'm good with it. I will give myself an A for effort and declare myself to be a little bit badass. You know. Badass enough to want to do a tri. Just lacking in follow-through. Oh well! Join me on Sunday at 7 in cheering on Matt! You can do it from the comfort of your bed, though. No judgment.

Thanks for all your votes and opinions on the blog Facebook survey! Unfortunately, all you've managed to do is severely muddy the waters. Seriously. I've never seen less of a consensus about ANYTHING!! So far it seems like the general thinking is that no one inherently loves blog FB pages, you REALLY don't like your newsfeeds being clogged with 'new post!' reminders, but you think that I probably should start my own blog FB page, but DEFINITELY only if it's going to be awesome. So...thanks. No pressure or anything. And then the superhero thing? I'm just saying. I had no idea so many of you had such terrible taste in superheros. The WRONG superhero was winning for awhile, but finally the right guy has come out (barely) in front. Apparently people who like him are late voters? Ha! All that to say-- voting is still open...I'm hoping that the late-late weekend voters will come out in droves and provide some true enlightenment on the (FB) issue. Feel free to go vote again if you've had any mind-changing or are feeling extra passionate about something today! (Or you've seen the light in the err of your ways regarding superheroes...)

Finally, Mud. Did you know there's a Matthew McConaughey movie by that name? Last weekend (pre-cotton candy) my sisters-in-law and I noticed that it was playing in the local cheap theater. We were contemplating going to see it. When other family members were innocently commenting that they'd never heard of that movie and asking what it was about, here was my answer: "Matthew McConaughey." And the funny thing is that that is a PERFECTLY acceptable and reasonable answer to the ladies of my generation. Oh! The movie is about Matthew McConaughey? Perfect, count me in. There is no need for a plot recap, or a trailer, or a recommendation from The Academy. But people in other demographics apparently don't get that. "But what's it ABOUT?" Ummm...Matthew McConaughey. Didn't I already say that? 

Anyway. Just an interesting observation. We didn't end up going to see it (due to the cotton candy, of course), but it's still on my list. 

Have a lovely (and cold and rainy, if you're in Georgia) weekend!! Cheer hard for Mattie on Sunday! (And thanks for all your cheering for us yesterday. Yall are awesome.)


  1. Umm, should Matt be riding a bike?!?! Just kidding! Go Matt, go!

    This weather is ridiculous! I never thought I'd need to check the weather to see if it's warm enough for a dress in Ga in AUGUST! But I'm not complaining, bring on the fall!

    It kind of cracks me up that you get your exercise on the way to eat Mexican. Brilliant!

  2. Super jealous of that weather!!! And no shame about the tri - just training for one is enough of an accomplishment! Can't wait to hear how Matt does!

  3. I think you get an A for effort for your training!! I've only reached the level of thinking about and then deciding I'd probably drown in the lake because I'm not a strong swimmer. Enjoy your weekend!!

  4. I won't give you an A for Effort but I will give you an E for Effort... hope that will suffice. Congrats on training, and more importantly, congrats on persevering through the mud and getting that Mexican food!


    I saw this today and thought you should try some of these while you are cheering Matt on!

  6. Good luck to Matt this weekend!

    And, hey, even though you're not participating in the tri, you still did WAY more than me by even just training for it :)

  7. Hope his tri goes well, can't wait to hear about it!!!

  8. Best of luck to Matt on the Tri . . . cheering sections are -important- too.
    Do your couple color matching or perhaps bring a cowbell. I know you will have a wonderful way to say hurrah for your honey.

    Saw "Mud" and really liked it. If you don't catch it in the theater try and stream it/rent it for sure.

  9. A. Nice work in your training. You accomplished more this year than like my last five years combined. So I say enjoy spectating :))

    B. I've been MIA for like a week because I had school inservices this week and apparently have forgotten how to multitask and also go to bed at like 8. Soooo I'm finally caught up on your cotton candy machine and your exciting NEWS!!! AWESOME!! Glad you guys great such great news and are headed in the right direction!

  10. Oh. Can you send some of that lovely weather and rain down here to Houston? I'm jealous.

    Also, props to you for even training for a tri! I my head. Ha!

  11. Yeah, you know I'm not doing the tri anymore, but I can't believe the weather is going to be so cool. Now, i'm not sure I'd want to swim in this cool weather, but I bet the bike ride and run will be nice!

  12. GOOD LUCK! I will be thinking of you Sunday and eating some Mexican food in your honor :).

  13. I have seen Mud! I am terrible at remembering movies - i forget details of it the next day, ha! But i did enjoy Mud. It's a drama. It's about 2 boys around age 12 that do a little exploring & they find Mud (Matthew McConaughey) who is living in an abandoned plane. One of the boys strikes a friendship with him, even after finding out he is in some trouble w/ the law. Reese Witherspoon is in it too, in just a small part. See how little i remember?! It's terrible! But it was a good movie! Ha!

    Yay for the tri! And for your weather! It is still hot as hades here, omg. We had one evening of slightly cool weather and i want it back! So ready for fall!

  14. I loved our cooler weather and then this week, the week in which we are MOVING, it's super-hot and humid again. Yuck :( And sadly we are not sleeping at our new (air-conditioned) house until Saturday, by which time it will be cooler again.

    And you definitely are a badass because you trained for a tri. How many people can say that?!?!? Hey, a new poll...


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