Monday, August 5, 2013

all the trends

Annnnd it's Monday again! You know what's awesome about my life right now? I don't totally dread Mondays, in general. I really like my job and my coworkers and it's really nice to not have Sunday completely ruined by The Dread of Impending Monday. So consider this your public service announcement: Get a job you like and it's like you earn an extra day of enjoying your weekend! Boom.

I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend, though. For sure. There was an unspeakable amount of Mexican food consumed. Hours lounging in the sun by the pool. Several evenings of tennis-- and I actually WON a few games against Matt, which is nothing short of a miracle. We rented a highly awkward and enjoyable movie (Lars and the Real Girl). And I capped off the weekend with a very fun ladies' night to celebrate a friend's birthday last night.

Remember my summer bucket list? Well, don't be fooled: just because I haven't been talking about it or posting updates, I've definitely been trucking away at accomplishing my goals. I'll probably do a recap at some point, but not all of the items are all that fascinating, photo-worthy, or deserving of an entire post. But yesterday I accomplished one item that was at least photo-worthy: try a new summer fashion trend.

But being the overachiever that I am, I took it to the extreme. I mean, why wear one summer fashion trend when you could try allllll the summer fashun trendz AT ONE TIME?!

Exactly. Whoever said 'less is more' was obviously stupid.

Behold! Summer 2013 Fashion according to Erika!

Chambray shirt | Neon shorts | Wedges
 And no, I'm not using a fancy filter on my camera, nor do I have a tragic skin disease on my ankles. It's actually because my mirror is that dusty and I was truly too lazy to clean it. I did momentarily think "I should be too embarrassed to put these dusty mirror pictures on the internet," and I kind of am, but then again, here it is. After noticing how dusty the mirror was, I got Matt to take a few more shots outside, but since he hasn't perfected the art of capturing me at my absolute skinniest angle the shoes properly, the dusty mirror shot was still best. ;) 

Along with the Summer 2013 Fashun Trifecta of chambray, neon, and wedge, I added some beach-wavy hair for good measure, which you also can't really see in this picture. Also not pictured: huge sweaty pit stains because IT IS TOO DANG HOT TO BE WEARING A STUPID LONG-SLEEVED SHIRT. The things I sacrifice for fashion!! Anyway. Consider that item checked off the bucket list.

On my way to the birthday party I stopped by Target to pick up a little something for the birthday girl. While there I stopped in the accessories department to try on something I've been pondering for awhile.

The huge floppy beach hat. Personally, I think they're adorable. Way cuter for the beach than my normal (one and only) hat (pictured here). BUT. Not entirely practical.

1) How the heck would I get it to Mexico? I'm not wearing it on a plane. It would get totally squished in my suitcase.
2) It really would not work/fit with my hair in a ponytail or bun, which is how it's gonna be if I'm at the pool or beach. Please note: ten feet of thick hair. I do NOT wear it down outside in the sun. It's like wearing a fur coat. But a hat like this won't fit over a ponytail, plus it would look stupid.
3) I think it would blow away in the wind. No chin strap...whatever happened to those? My regular hats stay on because a) they are tight and b) I stick my ponytail through the little hole in the back.

So while I think hats like this are super cute, I think I've already convinced myself that they're just too impractical for me. And I'm not one to generally care all that much about the practicality of my wardrobe choices (see: wears wedges with shorts for the fun of it), so I guess that really means something. But still. They're awfully cute. 

We had a blast celebrating Kristin's 30th at Aroma's. There were lots of fun girls, lovely and tasty cocktails, good food, and lots of laughing. A bit wilder than my normal Sunday night, but that's to be expected when you're wearing three fashion trends at once, I suppose. 

And now it's Monday. I'm getting extremely anxious/excited about the Bachelorette finale tonight (for the record, I think that Brooks is going to come back. I still like Chris best, but I think that if Brooks doesn't come back, Des should just pick no one. Chris deserves better than her sloppy seconds, and Drew too strongly resembles a Ken doll to be taken seriously) and I'm out-of-my-mind excited that every day is bringing us one day closer to going on vacation! I have multiple ridiculous lists going for 'vacation prep' and I get huge amounts of joy checking things off. So with that, farewell! Happy Final Rose Monday!


  1. I feel like I should tell you that when you went to the bathroom last night, my end of the table talked about how cute and up-with-the-current-trends your outfit was. Also, they had to tell me what Chambray even is.

    And I think "having someone ask you to be quiet in a bar when you're 30+" should also get crossed off some kind of bucket list. Definitely evidence of a fun Sunday night!

  2. A chin strap??! Hilarious! That would definitely make the hat even more of a 'do.'

  3. I loved Lars and the Real Girl! James did, too, which surprised me b/c I was prepared for him to say "this is really weird" the whole time.

    I love the outfit and the hat. I definitely think you need it for Mexico, but pretty sure you can find one in Mexico to avoid the whole issue of schlepping across the border. It will give you a reason to go shopping on Day 1 :)

  4. I have mint shorts and wedges from Target so now I just need that shirt! I had no idea that's what it was called haha. That sounds like a pretty great Sunday night!!

  5. Don't give up on the floppy hat!! I wear my hair in a low bun, and when I pack it, I just wad stuff in the head part, so it doesn't get too squished. My aging face and decolletage thank me for it. (ha I really just wanted to say decolletage). And it makes it a lot easier to people watch!!

  6. I am also extremely anxious/excited about the finale tonight, and thankful my husband doesn't mind getting the shaft on our anniversary so I can watch that instead of hang out with him - ha! Good thing we already celebrated with dinner out last night ;)

  7. I want some neon shorts!

    Also, how did we ever survive life without smart phones that allowed us to take pictures of ourselves and post them so regularly/easily?

  8. your inner floppy hat debate is a mirror image of mine... for the past two summers, that's been my head convo in every Target ever.

    HOWEVER, with due about of peer pressure from a beloved friend, I bought one... and actually I love it! You can braid your hair (mine isn't 10 feet long but its pretty thick and past my shoulders too) and the hat will sit over that, no problemos. The "does it blow away" line is warranted, they are a little more likely to catch a breeze than a ball cap... but, overall, they make you feel like a rockstar mixed with an old school Hollywood diva.

    So. all that being said.

    GO. BUY. ONE.

    but, as for getting it to Mexico.. hmm... don't have a good answer there...

  9. LOVE the outfit!!! I like those big hats too but they just arent practical for me either ugh!

  10. I love the floppy hats. I say DO IT!!

  11. love the trends! I have one of those hats (bought fo rmy honeymoon) and it got totally ruined when I packed it! and I 100% agree withyour assessment of tonight but I guarentee!!!!! Brooks comes back and they get engaged. There is no other way for this to work and not have everyone hate the network!

  12. That summation of The Bachelorette was perfect - could not have said it better myself.

    Those shorts are awesome!

  13. Are those wedges from Target?! If so, I have the same ones, twinsie!!!

  14. Check you out in your plethora of summer fashions! I really want a denim shirt, or chambray for the fashion minded. I've simply been unwilling to spend $60+ on one. : ( Glad you had a good weekend!

  15. Way to go you Fashionista! Love it!

    And your paragraph about the bachelorette and comparison to a Ken doll made me lol. I watched last weeks episode randomly (not a regular watcher) but NOW I am intrigued to know what happens tonight. :)

  16. You are so on top of the trends of summer! Love it!

    And yes, I have a big floppy hat, but my hair is a problem. Usually a braid is my answer. And my hat is cloth, so it is easy to fold up and stuff in a suitcase or beach/pool bag.

  17. Can't you just pack stuff in and around your hat? I did that with a pair of boots a couple of weeks ago.

    And no wonder you had such an awesome night -- you were wearing everything possible to make it a good evening!

    And it cannot be overstated how great it is to have a job where you don't dread Mondays.

  18. Please buy the floppy hat..looks adorable on you. Wear your hair in a high bun so it's inside the head part. I've always been stumped by packing a hat until I read Lulu's suggestion. Now I can bring my hat to Disney on 8/18!!!

  19. I think your gold purse makes the huge hat even more legit. And by legit I mean necessary.

  20. Oh my gosh Ken doll? You are so right on!!!!

  21. I love the shirt and the floppy hat!! And you are so right about getting an extra day of weekend when you don't spend it dreading Monday.

  22. Catching up on blog reading..... so this os late..buit they make floppy hats that are just the brim so you can wear a bun on top of your head. They usually Velcro AND roll up, the ones I've seen have a bow where it velcroes. They are super cute and are very Audrey Hepburn to me, with the bun on top of the head. Check amazon!

  23. I hate that you are going on vacation without me. I know that we have never vacationed together, or hey, even met, for all you know I could be a large man in his 60's with 19 cats and no deodorant, but I still wish we were going on vacation together. Love the summer outfit. It really does capture ALL the trends that I have let pass by without notice.

  24. the trend I'm not excited about: the super high-waisted, extra short shorts that show a little bit of butt cheek out the bottom. What's WITH that? I prefer your neon versions any day.


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