Thursday, January 22, 2009


Blah is how I've felt all week. Blah. I can just say it over and over. Blah.
It's just one of those weeks, you know? Cold outside. Totally disillusioned with work. No energy. Stuck inside (both at home AND at school with a million 4 year olds) constantly. Annoying hacking cough that just lingers...getting neither better nor worse. Blah!
I am so ready for retirement. This working-girl thing is just not working out for me. Oh to be independently wealthy. :)
On the bright side...I did get to hang out with a good friend I don't see much on Monday. I cooked an awesome dinner for her, Matt, and I. I've had some really cool breakthroughs with two of my students...I'm just trying to forget about the other 58 that are crawling all over my last nerve. Yikes, here I am going back to focusing on the negative again.
Umm....right, so. I'm 26...let's see...I'll aim to retire by 65, which means...dang. 39 more years of this? Hopefully I'll get to take a break somewhere in there to be a SAHM. Maybe about a 30 year break. Kids need supervision well into their 30s, I believe. Not me personally, but surely my kids will.
So...Lost is back. Yay! We stayed up entirely too late last night to watch the 2 hours season premiere after home group. Well worth it, except for how nothing was resolved. I should be used to it after 4 seasons, but I guess hope springs eternal in my little heart and somehow I just think they might start giving us some resolution...and I was wrong. Oh well. I'm all in for another season and will watch this show til the bitter end. And then probably start watching it again from the beginning, once I know all the answers. Kind of like the first time you saw The Sixth soon as it was over, you think "holy crap, now I need to watch it from the beginning!" Or at least I did.

I took this picture a few weekends ago. We went to this really neat state park about half an hour from our house and had a lot of fun walking around. Hopefully we'll get to do some camping there once it gets warmer outside. There's a river/creek/stream thing that is really wide with lots of huge rocks that you can walk on. We tried to get Lola to play in the water. It was semi-successful. Hopefully she'll be more of a water-lover come summer. I've never had a dog that liked the water!

Well, off to figure out what happened to the bone Lola has been chewing on. I have a sneaking suspicion it is in her stomach now...she made this loud burping/air swallowing sound...and now no sign of the bone. As long as it doesn't choke her, I guess it's okay, right? Oh the adventures of parenthood. :)

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  1. 1. If you go back and watch season 1, you'll feel like a TON has been resolved.

    2. I felt the EXACT same way with the sixth sense. And several other movies, like memento.

    3. What park were you at?


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