Friday, January 16, 2009

a new leaf

At least once a day Matt finds me curled up on the couch with the laptop, oblivious to the world. "Whatcha doing?" he'll ask. "Blogging," I reply, completely aware that I'm actually only pseudo-blogging. I think most people would agree that it only counts as blogging if you At least once in a while. What I am doing is really just stalking. But I don't like to be that honest with myself. I keep making new deals with myself. When I start my new job I'll start blogging again. Nope. When I get used to the new job I'll start blogging again. That may never happen. When I turn 26 I'll start blogging. I went to the aquarium that day. No time for blogs. Ahhh...a new year. When it's 2009, THEN I will blog. 16 days in...may as well get started. Because my next goal was when I get pregnant (because I absolutely adore stalking the blogs of people (strangers) who are pregnant)... and who knows when that will be. So why not today? Why not indeed.

It's been an eventful6.5 months! I did indeed get a new job in August which has only served to solidify my theory: A job will never be my life. I may always have a job, but I don't think it will ever serve to define me. And I am happy about that. No matter how much I like or don't like my matter whether it was a good, fulfilling day or a crappy, overwhelming day (or a blah, who cares? day)...I always always always look forward to going home and forgetting about it. Being with Matt and Lola (and someday our kids) and just hanging out with ourselves or with friends, doing anything or nothing...well, that's what my life is about. Not work. When I meet people or am catching up with old friends and it comes to the "so what do you do?" question...I always rush through just does nothing to describe who I really am.

With that being said, I do mostly like my job. The newness has worn off and the stressfulness has set in, but I do usually enjoy it. And I'm a huge fan of a paycheck, so there's always that. :) And in times such as this, I try very hard not to take a job for granted.

The most exciting new addition to our lives has been our beloved puppy, Lola.

Lola the day we adopted her (Sept. 2008)

Lola last weekend.

She is the best dog ever!! She's about 6 months old and is a lab-?? mix. Must be mixed with something small, cause she's rather small for a lab her age (about 30 pounds). She is incredibly smart and very cuddly and SO much fun. She has yet to destroy anything (important) and is just...perfect. We are pretty much obsessed with playing with her/talking about her/thinking about fact, much of Matt & I's back-and-forth emails during the workday deal with our "Loler" and how she is doing and how much she misses us and what we will do when we get home.

Speaking of coming home, I hear Matt pulling up. I'll have to cut this little life-update short...but I promise I'll be back soon. I have a nice long weekend (thank you, MLK Jr...and not just for the day off) ahead of me, so I will try to come back soon.



  1. Lola is precious and thank YOU for blogging again!

  2. I too read strangers' blogs and I too tell myself I'll blog regularly when I'm pregnant. Ha!

  3. I, for one, am glad that you didn't wait until you were pregnant to start blogging again because we might not ever have become (bitter infertile) friends! Love you! Oh, and a belated congrats on your new dog/job- ha! :)


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