Tuesday, February 10, 2009

home sick

I'm finally taking a day off. I've had this cough/congestion thing going on for almost a month and it gets better, then worse, then better, then worse. But for the last few nights my coughing at night has been so bad I can't sleep, which only makes me feel miserable the next day. I finally decided to stay home and spend the whole day resting and taking meds. I haven't really taken anything at all, but today we're throwing all that to the wind and taking everything Kroger has to offer a person with a cold. Matt hasn't been feeling well either, so he stayed home, too. So we're two sickies...with one hyperactive, VERY-happy-her-owners-are-home Lab to dote on all day. In between naps and cups of tea, I plan on trying to figure out how to spruce up this ol' blog. Plain green is so last year.

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  1. hope y'all feel better! i like the new look - where did you find the templates?


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