Tuesday, September 29, 2009

the mini-series.

I was about to start blogging, then I noticed that Coyote Ugly was on TV. Is it wrong that I really love that movie? Ummm...well okay then. Moving on...

So I have this running list of "blogs I'm going to blog" (because I prefer using the word 'blog' to 'write') in my brain. Each one is really important and comes with lots of pictures. However, they all happened in back-to-back really busy days, which left me no actual time in which to write them. Bummer. So I end up blogging none of them, which is sad.

So as a compromise with...myself...I decided to just mini-blog each of them. A mini series!! Everyone loves a good mini series, right? Except that some mini serieses (???) lie. Like Band of Brothers. That is not a mini series. It is longer than eternity, and more excruciating, too. I mean, if your eternity is full of hellfire and brimstones. More excruciating than that. But I think I've digressed. Band of Brothers is not included in this mini series. I just meant to say that I will try my best to stay "mini", but brevity of blogs has never really been my strong suit.

(All I can think about right now is Coyote Ugly. I forgot everything else I was going to write about. Note to self: get in shape, dance on a bar, cross that off the 'to do before you die' list.)

Episode One: The Gunn/Van Pelt Wedding
On Saturday Matt and I drove up to Rome (Georgia. Obviously.) to attend the nuptials of our old friend Sarah and newer friend Adam. Sarah was a freshman in the Freshman group I led back in the day...isn't that funny? We spent many evenings hanging out afterwards, which led to several years of being neighbors, which led to many years of cooking and eating way too much, watching countless hours of Gilmore Girls and Lost, and...um...eating and talking about boys. And eating. And trying new recipes. Anyway, we had a lot of fun at the wedding, despite driving through a flood to get there. In addition to seeing Sarah & Adam tie the knot, we got to eat, drink, chat, laugh, and dance with lots of old friends. All in all, an excellent Saturday. Photo evidence:

Yeah, it was raining a bit.

The kiss!

This cake was beautiful and delicious-- a carrot cake! Who woulda thunk!?!

My date for the evening. Yes, I purposely color coordinate our clothing. I'm not sure why that comes as a surprise to some people.

I got to see Jolene!! And her baby!! This was a high point, believe you me. I don't like when my best friends move a zillion miles away to the Texas/Mexico border! And have cute babies! Away from me! End rant!

Episode Two: Our Anniversary

Anniversary?? you might wonder. No, not of the wedding variety. This is the One Year Anniversary of Adopting Lola!!! Our beloved baby! A year! Ok, so I'll try to continue using less exclamation points. So Sunday was our official one-year day. I told Lola I'd write a blog about her...but I know she can't read, so I've slacked. Anyway, if she could read, she would know she is featured in practically every blog I write and that my "Lola" category is probably the most populated one of all! That's just because I love her so much and she brings so much happiness to my life. Matt & I ended up going "potluck" with a dog because we couldn't really agree on a breed or size or anything, so we just took a puppy of undetermined breed we were both in love with and hoped for the best. The best is what we got. I never would have dreamed I'd love a big ol' labby thing as much as I do, but now I'd never go back. However...there is nothing as cute as her baby pictures, so lets look at them, shall we??

Episode Three: The Pizza Eating Contest

Last night, Matt & 4 other guys from the bank participated in a pizza-eating contest at a local pizzeria. According to Matt, "it's for a good cause...like cancer?...or walking?...or something." As vague as he was with the details, he was pretty sure it was going to involve a mega-huge pizza, several teams, and a common goal to consume it as quickly as possible. I went to cheer the team on and watch the gorge-fest. Although they didn't win (much to the chagrin of his teammates, who grumbled about being under the impression the other teams would also be 'business professional' types and not the local high school's football team), they did a great job and nobody puked.

Well folks, that's all for now. Time to finish my cider and Shark Tank. That show is strangely intriguing.


  1. I agree that I can't quite put my finger on why I like Coyote Ugly.

    I think the plural of series is series.

    I definitely plan blog posts in my head when there's a lot going on and then fail to write any of them. Good job on following through.

    Wow, that's a big pizza.

    WV: eplogm. Sounds like what happened after Matt ate that pizza. It plugged 'im. (Now it's my turn to almost cross a line.)

  2. For the THIRD time, I will try to leave a comment.

    1. I loved your dress for Sarah's wedding. Perfect for this season.

    2. We knew Lola was going to get big, but we didn't tell you. Surprise!

    3. I love Coyote Ugly because there's singing, dancing, and love. That's why you may love it so much, too.

    4. We are seriously deciding on what internet we're going to actually BUY.

    WV. stimenic (I have nothing, nothing... thanks Whitney Houston)

  3. but this WV is the best..


    C'mon Mollyanne!!

  4. It was good to see you too! If my baby is so cute, where is her picture? heheh I am joking! But I think you need evidence to back it up...you can't go around making unsupported statements like that! Maybe one day we will finally get back to Ga...I hope...sigh


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