Tuesday, September 15, 2009



I dare you to look at this without drooling. Just try.

Can anyone think of any reason I should not make this as soon as humanly possible?? Anyone?


Thought so.

In other news....Mattissickwithafeverandisverymopey,thecarwillcost$1000tofixandtheyhavetoorderthepartsstill,myfootisswollentotwiceitssizewithanantbite,andit'sraining.

But I'd prefer to think about that apple cake.

Life can be really, really good. :)


  1. i love u. <--that's what I thought when I read this.

    and i def. pre-ordered the pioneer woman cooks cookbook on amazon.

    remember that night when we had the sweet potato queens fest and ate like 3000 calories each? chocolate stuff? yumm..

    we should do that again sometime, except have it be a pioneer woman fest.

  2. I FULLY SUPPORT that idea, stine. the sooner the better.

  3. Looks very yummy. Lots and lots of butter...

  4. i love love love apple cake, but that looks way too complicated and time-consuming for me! maybe if i ever have like a couple of uninterrupted hours! i love reading PW's photography stuff, i downloaded her photoshop actions and they're really fun to use.

    glad your cruise was good! i miss you, and come meet my baby!


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