Friday, October 16, 2009

the b&b gets busy...

As though weekend weren't exciting enough in itself, this weekend is going to be even MORE fabulous!!! Making their first visit to the new and improved Bates B&B (aka the Bates Motel) will be THESE lovely folks:

(my parents, aka Paul and Jacky, aka P.Diddy and Jack-Jack, aka Mom and 'Nam)

This will be their inaugural visit to our new house...they did come visit once right after we'd bought it (you may recall my mom helped do the landscaping, and by "helped", I mean did all of it while I watched and drank Powerade), but this will be their first experience seeing it with furniture, decorations, know...stuff in it. I'm so excited!! I love hosting people because I LOVE our guest room and feel it never gets used enough. Hint, hint, to all you people living in faraway lands like Charlotte and Statesboro and friggin Mexico.

But Paul and Jacks never like to come empty handed. This weekend they are bringing the mother of all housewarming gifts:

My piano!!!!!!

Okay, so that picture may be somewhat of an exaggeration. My piano may actually be more like a 30 year old plain old upright (with MIRRORS on the top part, what what!)...but it has 88 keys and will someday soon be tuned, and so basically it's the same. :) At any rate, I am SUPER excited because it's been 9 years since I moved away from home and away from ready access to a piano and I am SO excited to have it back in my very own house!! Also now the front half of our living room won't be a big empty will be FILLED and HAPPY!!!!

So between the parents, the piano, and the promise of lots of fun (and more landscaping/yardwork/flowers) and cool weather and food...I am SO happy it's weekend!! Hope you have a good one, too!


  1. I didn't know you played piano! I would love to have one too. I was gonna get my old keyboard from my parents and then found out they gave it away!! Very disturbing.

  2. You should bust out some Christmas music and have everybody sing while you play the piano. At least that's what I would do.

  3. I am very excited for you and your living room that you're finally getting your piano! Yay!

    WV: bionagow. What the crap? Like a bionic cow?

  4. Okay, are we considered a far away land too?

  5. Brooke, your land is so far away it is practically another galaxy. But if you ever travel back to the land of Georgia, we at the Bates B&B would love to roll out the red carpet for you!!

    Mollyanne: I definitely need a bionic cow.

    Amanda: Definitely planning to do that a bit closer to Christmas. After I practice playing Christmas songs. Consider yourself invited to my First Annual Christmas Singalong, but a tacky sweater WILL BE REQUIRED!

    Jenny: That is super disturbing. It is always scary going back to my parents house and seeing what of my stuff has disappeared!!

  6. I don't live in Mexico, I live in DEEP south's very different...for instance we don't have drug lord shoot outs every other weekend...for which I am grateful...enjoy your weekend!

  7. I love the B&B.

    and I love your guest room, esp. the throw pillows.


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