Thursday, October 22, 2009

the Thursday Three

A list of things in threes: Home and Garden Edition
Three Household Tasks I Love:

1. Yardwork. Give me a lawn to mow, a flower bed to weed, or a driveway to sweep, and I am a very happy girl. Yardwork is so tangible and the results are so immediately gratifiying...this has quickly moved to the top of my "things I love to do" list since buying our new house!

2. Swiffering the hardwood floors. Easy, painless, odorless, and immediately gratifying (you can SEE the piles of dog fur and dust...and see them go into the trash)...yes, please.

3. Vacuuming. Sadly, with almost no carpet and only a few rugs in our house, this doesn't happen nearly enough. But I still love it.

Three Household Tasks I Hate:

1. Cleaning the toilet. Ew, ick, yuck. Gross chemicals, a nasty toilet brush, and the potential to splash the whole mess up on you?? No thanks. And I don't even like thinking about wiping the underside of the lid...*vomit*

2. Scrubbing the shower/bath. It's just too much exercise in a small, slippery place. Too much reaching. Just not my thing.

3. Unloading the dishwasher. "Hate" may be too strong a word for this. It just annoys me. But then, so do dirty dishes in the unload it I must.

Three Products I Love:

1. Swiffer. See above. Before I lived somewhere with hard floors throughout the house, I thought people who raved about Swiffer were just tree-killing wimps. I was very wrong. There is absolutely no way a broom can clean wood floors (when a dog lives in your house) completely. Oh my Swiffer, how I love thee. And I totally relate to all the Swiffer commercials on TV.

2. The Shark. I believe it's a "Pet Hair" edition or something like that, but it looks like this and it works like a champ. It has multiple little attachment thingies and does a great job of sucking up all the dog hair/dust tumbleweeds that...well...tumble across the floors. I love this thing. It helps fill me fill my vacuuming quota.

3. Vinegar & Water. It's my go-to cleaning spray. I have a spray bottle mixed with equal parts white vinegar and water and it can clean EVERYTHING!! Not to mention it costs pennies and is completely non-toxic. I use it to clean the kitchen (counters, appliances, etc), bathroom (tubs, sinks), and anywhere else that needs cleaning. It's nice cause I've basically phased out all other cleaning sprays and have a much CHEAPER and less cluttered cleaning closet collection!


Now that I've got THAT out of my system (you can see the things that clutter my mind)...

I've LOVED having my piano!! Sure, it could use a tuning...but until that happens, I've still enjoyed playing and learning and practicing and...yeah. It's good. Moving it, however, was NOT. Eesh! Matt and I are apparently going to be living here forever, since we will never move the piano again.

We spent most of the time my parents were here doing (what else?) yardwork! We (by we, I mean Matt and my dad) dug a new flower bed (it's on a hill, so it's kind of a wedge shape and needed to be framed out and built up) and filled it with prettiness (or what will be pretty in the future)...and put in lots more flowers in all my other beds...and yay!! We also planted some new shrubs on one side of the house and even put in two blueberry bushes in the backyard! I LOVE MY YARD!! Now if only it had a fence...

I can't wait for weekend! Our friends the Moores are coming to pay Athens a visit and we will spend lots of time hanging out with the Gurleys and fighting over holding the baby. And I have to go to this (outdoor) event for work on Saturday morning (booo) but if it rains, it's cancelled. So between now and then, I'll be praying for rain. Feel free to join me.

And by the way...what cleaning products can't you live without?? I love recommendations!


  1. I think vinegar water is so disgusting and it cannot possibly work as well as bleach in the disinfecting department. Maybe that is why you're often sick. Use bleach. Also, doesn't it smell horrid!?! We used it at school once because some parents were concerned about bleach smelled to high heavens in there and left a funky residue on all of our surfaces...My can't live without cleaning product is a Magic Eraser...

  2. I'll trade you yard work for cleaning bathrooms any day. I do sometimes wish I had less carpet just because I like to swiffer so much though, and don't really have a reason to own one in our house.

    WV: deshan. I haven't had a good WV baby name suggestion in a while. I think this is it.

  3. I'll second Ray on the "magic eraser."

    You would hate cleaning the bathtub less if you used the magic eraser. It is pretty magical.

  4. I actually went to school with a Deshan. Really, I think that's how he spelled his name.

    At first we loved our Roomba.. but now we use the shop vac. And I don't clean much anymore.

    wv: fabodefo. That's just fun to say.

  5. Well Magic Erasers are just that...magic.

    BUT, what I really love...microfiber cloths. They shine any and all things!! Hate streaks on the mirror? Grab a microfiber. Have some dust? Microfiber. Have fingerprints on your stainless steel or faucets? Microfiber. They are amazing!!

    What I almost named my cat? Mikey. After what? The microfiber!

  6. This is all good advice. Now, for these Magic Erasers...what all can they be used for? BEcause let's face it, it's not like I scrub our tubs THAT what else will they work their magic on? And Ashley, you have me TOTALLY intrigued by the microfiber cloths! Where did you get yours? Is there a particular brand that you love?


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