Sunday, February 28, 2010

last chance

Every week on Biggest Loser they have a "last chance workout." It's exactly what it sounds like-- the last workout before the official weigh-in. I believe the workout is something like 3 or 4 hours long...and this is in addition to the 6 or so hours a day they already work out on the show. So basically their workout routines are pretty much the same as mine. Right. Anyway, during the last chance workout, while the poor contestants are absolutely POURING sweat and being beat into the ground by Jillian and Bob, you frequently hear either the trainers or the contestants shouting (or whispering, as they are able) "last [grunt] chance [huff] WORKOUT [pass out]!!"'s like their mantra. It keeps them motivated.

Sometimes when I'm at the gym (we joined a gym, have I mentioned that?) I say it too. Even though it's not my last chance at anything. I find it still works to keep you inspired. Then I pretend I'm going to climb onto a giant scale in front of all of America. That keeps you motivated, too.

Anyway. It's February 28. My LAST CHANCE to blog in February! I'm so unmotivated that I almost didn't...but then I realized my little number in the archives would forever say "5" and that that would be the smallest number in over a year, and I just couldn't handle it. I had to say something. Pull my numbers up to a more respectable 6. So here goes for the last chance blog.

I think I've hit my Sunday afternoon slump. It happens frequently. It's that point in the weekend when you don't really have anything else to look forward to (except Amazing Race) and the reality that Monday morning is fast approaching is just all too real. Boo for the Sunday afternoon slump.

Sunday morning was great. I left the service a little early to go help get stuff ready for our monthly post-church lunch (aptly named Lunch at Last). Right as people started coming over and eating and I'd gotten my food and put it down, Matt came over and informed me that someone was praying for all the couples who were having trouble getting pregnant...did I want to go get prayed for?

Does a zebra have stripes?

So we went back over to church and it was just a really encouraging time. A lady in our church had just really felt the Lord speaking to her that she was supposed to pray for all of us (there were 5 couples) and after she prayed for me she shared with me that it was actually me she'd seen in a vision as she'd been praying a few weeks ago. She had just felt so strongly that God was wanting to move and to give us a baby. She told me everything she'd been sensing and it was so encouraging. It was especially so since this isn't a woman I really know particularly well. I mean, I know who she is and all, but have really never had a conversation or that made it seem even more special. Then this other lady (again...don't know her terribly well...but she's walked this path before; it took her 18 months to get pregnant with her child) also shared some words the Lord had given her about me. Anyway. This kind of thing never happens to me, so it was really exciting. Encouraging. And, you know...then there was food. So really what more could you want on a Sunday?

Should I plan a vacation? That's an issue weighing on my mind lately (oh the plight of the middle class...I know, I know). I am someone who really needs something to look forward to in life. It doesn't take much...but I like to look ahead and have things to get excited about. This whole taking-an-eternity-to-get-pregnant thing has thrown me for a loop. I keep thinking I'll be pregnant soon...and obviously then I'll have my thing to be looking forward to! Then every month (when it becomes apparent that that's not happening) it's like...nah, maybe I should plan something that I actually have control over. But then I think...well what if I plan a vacation for the summer, but then I'm actually pregnant then? Will I want to be spending my money on a vacation if there's a baby on the way? Depending on when the trip is and when I get pregnant...will I even FEEL like going on vacation? I could either be really sick if it's early in the pregnancy...or I could be like, giant...and not wanting to go anywhere near a hot beach? How far into a pregnancy will they even let you fly? They won't let you cruise if you're past like 20 weeks or something. I see how complicated this is? Ha. I'm sure I'm overthinking everything. But these are the thoughts that plague me.

I am so ready for spring. ONE thing that I am VERY much looking forward to is my garden!! We are going to build a raised garden soon (the next weekend that isn't freezing cold...) and I can't wait! Best part: we actually BUDGETED for it so we have the money to buy the stuff and the plants-- wahoo!! I have great visions of yummy fresh organic produce all summer long... we've also planted six blueberry bushes already. I know that these aren't going to be producing anything for a few years, but I'm still excited about them (and praying they live). And I planted some bulbs a few weekends ago. I just love making my yard beautiful. It's one of my very favorite things.

Well I'm off to watch some hockey. Sad that the Olympics are ending...but since there are about 4000 hours of them still unwatched on our DVR...I guess I'll be able to keep pretending they're going on for quite some time!


  1. I remember just how exciting it was to be prayed for when we were trying to concieve. And then a man from the other side of the church came over to pass on a little word from God. I think often of that man and that particular day. The messenger.. amazing. ((((HUGS))))

  2. erika, that is so neat that this woman felt moved to pray specifically for you! in college our campus ministers had a miscarriage, and a woman in their church started making a quilt- and praying for them every time she worked on it- and gave it to them as a baby gift when they later had their first child. it is amazing how God works through others in our lives!

  3. I think you should plan a vacation. One where you could do a lot of relaxing if you're early pregnant, but where you could still get there if you're late pregnant. Like the beach.
    I think they don't usually suggest that you restrict travel until the last 6-8 weeks, as long as it's not a high risk pregnancy. So just plan for no more than 6 or 7 months ahead and you should be ok. I wouldn't risk a cruise though.

    I want a vacation too!

  4. Definitely plan a vacay. Even if you aren't pregnant, it might (probably WILL) be the last vacation you have all by yourselves for a while! I'm really impressed that you do your own last chance workouts. I just try to make it through mine without passing out. :) Hope you're enjoying watching all your DVR-ed Olympics!

  5. Love those Vineyard folk.
    almost made me cry.

    Plan the vacay! A little R&R is the best thing you can do while preggo!

  6. I know what you mean with the unsure planning...I mean, I want my hair to be long when I get married and it takes about two years to grow should I risk cutting it? Oh dilemmas.
    Great post, I am really encouraged for you!!! AND I hope to see you soon!!!!


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