Thursday, March 11, 2010

rainy thursday

Boo on you, rain. It's my day off (day one of two, actually)! Don't you know all the great things I could be doing outside today? Don't you? Things like filling up the new raised garden Matt built me with dirt...and planting stuff...and weeding my other beds...I mean, there are so many things. But no. It's raining. And coldish. So I'm stuck inside. Boo.

Actually, I probably wouldn't be doing that much weeding. Although I'm positive there are new weeds sprouting up every day...the problem is that I don't remember where all the actual flowers (or plants) are that are supposed to grow back from last year. Therefore I'm scared that I'll be pulling "weeds" that are actually....not. One day I will be a little more confident in my weed discernment, I'm sure.

I had a great weekend last weekend (is it really Thursday already? And I'm just now talking about last weekend? So slack...). The lovely Kristina came to visit for the weekend! In between photo shoots (her, not me) and a surprise baby shower (for her, again...not me...surprisingly) we managed to spend lots of time slothing (our area of expertise), talking, and eating. Eating what we cooked, since Kristina brought me the best present ever: the Pioneer Woman's Cookbook!!

Now this is a cookbook after my own heart. We made two recipes on Saturday. We started the day with Edna Mae's Sour Cream Pancakes which were FABULOUS and light and salty and everything a pancake should ever be. Don't be deterred by the presence of sour sort of just took the place of the milk and oil and I-don't-know-what-else-but-it-was-magic. Later that night we tackled Oatmeal Crispies which have quickly become my new favorite cookie recipe ever. Since you don't have to bake all the dough at once, we've been enjoying them freshly baked all week long. Yay for us-- not yay for my skinny jeans ambitions, but whatever.

Speaking of skinny jeans, Kristina made the jump and bought some JEGGINGS this weekend. I can't wait to see how she pulls them off. It was my suggestion, actually...since she complained that her maternity jeans all slide down too much and that leggings were the only comfortable pants to wear...I said hey, why not give jeggings a try? And so she bought some. The above pictures are actually of me in jeggings...hopefully Kristina will be able to look this hot.

Just kidding. Fooled ya! Not actually me.

I apologize for all the ripped-off-of-Google-Images pictures. I haven't taken a single photo this month. I had every intention of getting at least ONE snapshot of Kristina and I this weekend, but all the intentions in the world don't mean anything if you never pull out your camera. Sigh.

So now I have a four-day weekend ahead of me (it's my mini-Spring Break) and very few plans. I'm considering Swiffering my bathroom, but that's about it so far. I borrowed Julie & Julia and plan to watch that at some point. I certainly plan to find as many articles as I can about Lindsay Lohan and the E-Trade babies "scandal" so that I can spend as much time as possible making fun of her. Annnnddd...that's about it. Any suggestions of other things I should do? If you happen to have the PW Cookbook, what do you think I should cook next? What are your personal feelings about jeggings? Who are you pulling for on Biggest Loser?

All comments appreciated. I have a full rainy day ahead of me and nothing to do. Help a sister out!


  1. 1. I think you should... come visit ME and Swiffer MY bathrooms... and bring Julie and Julia and the PW cookbook and we'll bake everything that's bake-able, because I'm craving some serious sweets.

    2. Jeggings would make my legs look like giant turkey legs (the kind you eat at Renaissance festivals) but Kristina could totally pull them off. I think they're a fun idea. Definitely good with tunic-y shirts or those long cardigans and some comfy boots or flats.

    3. I like the brunette girl (purple team) on TBL. I'm horrible with names... Heather?!? I think she's really pretty too so she'll be gorgeous when she loses her weight and she is really sweet and not really a game player, which bugs me on that show.

    4. Really, come see me. You're only like an hour and a half away...

  2. so I wore my "jeggings" already and I have to say, I'm a fan. I wore them with a tunic-y shirt and boots.

    The thing is they don't look like jeans, nor should they. They just look and feel like regular leggings, except they are jean-colored.

    and "jean-color" seems to look the best with cloths. My black leggings were tired.

    I wouldn't usually say jeggings = classy, but since Vera Wang made them, it makes it much easier to equate jeggings with class. See:

    jeggings=Vera Wang=classy.

    the Vera Wang in the middle changes the whole equation.

  3. I had never heard of jeggings until this post. Interesting concept that I could definitely not pull off.

    I too am a fan of Stephanie. But I also like both guys from the former gray team.

    You could pick up a new show to watch online today. Or go back and rewatch this season of Lost so far. I'm sure it would be enjoyable again. Or bring me lunch, because I have cabin fever but am not about to take a baby out in this weather. And I only live 15 minutes from your house. Seriously. I'll buy if you deliver.

  4. I like the old gray team... and Stephanie (purple.) I did NOT like the red team AT ALL.

    Jeggings seem interesting but I do NOT have the legs for them so I'll leave those to Kristina.

    I kinda wish it were rainy here. Maybe I'd be getting more done than sitting with the laptop in front of my open window and staring outside.

  5. Jeggings?? Where in the world did you find them? I recommend cooking anything from the cookbook and bringing it to ME! Because I only live 3.5 hours away and have a new baby. And I stayed up to watch "Julie & Julia" the night before I went into labor.. I think it's a sign that you should drive here and we can watch it together. Plus, Marshall made me miss a good bit of the movie.. and that may be the reason why Hartley came early.. just a thought.

  6. Stephanie!! Heather was way off....


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