Thursday, July 8, 2010

and sarah makes three.

I feel like my family has exploded practically overnight! And by "exploded" I mean 'grown'. Not...broken into a zillion little pieces. Last night my little sister Sarah got engaged to her boyfriend of forever, Mark. I'm so happy for them!

Sarah and Mark last year. PS My favorite part of this pic is how Sarah's dress is blowing...I think that is so pretty!! :)

In case your math skills are lacking (like mine usually are), let me help you out.

We have Stephen (Matt's younger brother) & Jessica's wedding in Spring 2011.

And Amy (Matt's younger sister) & Tom's wedding August 28, 2010:
And now my sister will be having a wedding in December 2010...that makes THREE sibling weddings in the next less-than-a-year. WHOA!! Lots of fun ahead. And lots of dresses. And tuxes. And presents. And dancing. And cake. Oh my!!


  1. yay!!

    Sarah looks gorgeous.

    Now if you can manage working in a visit to Charlotte between those weddings....
    Adoration wants to meet her Auntie Erika.

    I'll let you hold her all day long.
    AND I'll take you to the Amelie's, the French Bakery, and then to Trader Joe's, and maybe I'll make you PW's cinnamon rolls....and pretty much whatever big city fun you can dream up.

    I'm not bribing you or anything.

  2. so many fun weddings! The next year is going to be a blast for your fam!

  3. Wow! Great news! I'm sure it will be one stylish wedding :)


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