Saturday, November 20, 2010

library haiku

Downtown library
I sit in your parking lot
Loving your wireless

It's not deep, but it's true. Because if it weren't for this here sweet little library, yall would be thinking I fell off a cliff or something.

It's been a lonnnnng week. I've been sick sick sick. Although I've had no more cysts rupture since Monday, I have had a cold/allergies get progressively worse and worse. I did go back to work Wednesday (and the rest of the week), but I lost my voice (where does it go?) so I was fairly useless in a class of four-year-olds all week. I also felt like crap most of the time. It was awesome.

However, yesterday afternoon I did decide to deviate from my standing after-work date with my couch and enjoy a girl's night with Mollyanne. We went to Christmas Marketplace (sponsored by the Junior League) via some free tickets her husband scored. Neither of us has ever been to Marketplace before but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and also enjoyed getting started buying some sweet gifts (for others AND ourselves-- even better!). However, I must admit that seeing all of the neat homemade things that (primarily) women were selling has further convinced me that I need to be really crafty and invent something awesome and then I can quit this whole9-5 charade in favor of selling my craft at parties and fun events and cute shops and stuff. Now I just have to find my crafty niche...that should be a piece of cake, right?

Maybe I will show yall some of the things I bought, but maybe it will have to be after Christmas...wouldn't want to spoil any gifts, would I?!!

I am super excited about Thanksgiving. Our holiday week is really starting today, I suppose. The Boothes are coming to visit us this afternoon and will be staying til Tuesday. In addition to enjoying their company (and a cute baby), we will be enjoying our annual decadent Thanksgiving dinner at church tomorrow night-- I can't WAIT for my first taste of T-day deliciousness! Then it's two short days of work (I will get off at 3:30 instead of 4:45 which feels like a WORLD of difference) and then a nice five-day weekend! We're spending this Thanksgiving with Matt's family, but will probably make a quick trip to Augusta over the weekend to say hey to mine as well. I'm so looking forward to spending lots of time with our families and LOTS of quality time eating. Haha. And I'm trying to forget that this sickness has already taken me away from the gym for an entire week. I had thought we'd be able to go back today, but I can't stop hacking coughing for long enough to change into my gym clothes. Which makes me feel like I won't be very successful with trying to run, so I think it'll be another day until we try.

Sorry for the complaining. It's just that I don't really feel like myself unless I'm whining about something.

Well I think that's about it. We're about to take Lola to the park. This weekend will be her first extended experience with a baby...I'm hoping it goes well! Hopefully if she burns off a lot of energy this afternoon she will have less energy for jumping on people holding babies...which is pretty much all she's ever done around babies in the past...yikes! But then, there has never been a baby in our house for more than like 3 minutes, so she's never had a chance to get I think she'll be fine once she gets over her initial excitement...right??

Have a wonderful pre-Thanksgiving weekend! Run an extra mile for me!!


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