Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ow ow ow

Hello and welcome to my life of laying on the couch (with periods of getting up, driving to the library, and using the internet).

In the last 36 hours I have had TWO ovarian cysts rupture.

Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow.

For comparison's sake...in the last 3 years, prior to Sunday, I have had two rupture. So in 36 hours I've doubled my numbers. Not too shabby, eh?

We can thank the Clomid for this fun-fest. Lots of ovulation means lots of cysts, and sometimes those puppies just wanna burst and make me feel like I'm dying!! Yay!!

Let me tell you. If you have never gotten to experience the joy of rupturing cysts, it is hard to describe exactly how delightful it is. The best part is how you have NO IDEA it's coming. Seriously. Sunday night we drove to the gym. As I got out of the car, I noticed a tiny cramp in my tummy. Felt like a gas pain or something. Went to the restroom...nada. Okay, so I got on the treadmill. The pain is getting stronger. Seven minutes later, I practically collapse off the treadmill and can't stand up straight. Matt quickly wipes down our machines and gets our stuff. In the car I'm in so much pain I'm crying as I'm curled into the fetal position, pulling my workout tights off because they're suddenly way too tight for my distended stomach. Once the excruciating car ride is over, I get to enjoy the exact same feelings for the next several hours on the couch. Pain meds and heating pads help out a little bit. The lingering pain of the aftermath, however, is pretty miserable in itself. It's like your stomach is all stuck out and tender (from the liquid that was in the cyst) and it's hard to walk or sit. And you feel nauseous.

And then it happened again at 2pm yesterday. And today I live in fear that there could be more. Since I didn't go for a follicle monitoring (ultrasound) this month, I don't know how many cysts there were. I'm praying there are no more because I think I may amputate my own stomach if I have to go through this again today.

Matt says "maybe we shouldn't do Clomid anymore...it's causing you a lot of pain." And to that I say...if I ever get pregnant, it will be worth it. Bring on the Clomid. You can't take me down this easy.


  1. The things we do for our offspring.. Thanks for describing all that, it leads me to believe that's what happened a few years ago. I thought I had appendicitis!

  2. I can say with honor that I have been there too sister. I had my appendix rupture and go gangrenous and never had as much pain as a cyst bursting. The fun part was having ultrasounds and getting to see the cysts before, during and after with the fluid and tissue. Yep, I'm sick like that.

    Here's to a quick recovery!

  3. You are having a rough time my friend!! I PRAY that no more cysts form and/or burst!

  4. Has your doc ever mentioned Femara? Just curious because the Clomid never worked on me but the Femara has- just a thought!

    I'm thankful not to have experienced that part of this fun just yet... hope I won't have to, and hope you won't have to again!!

  5. UGH... Unfortunately I've been in the same painful club. It stinks. Here's to better times!

  6. Ha thanks for your comment- and I agree, Christmas would be way better... let's just hope it's not Christmas 2015 or something!!


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