Sunday, September 4, 2011

I'll take two, thanks.

Let me ask you something.

Say you get your Sunday newspaper and you're browsing through the ads.

If you see an ad proclaiming "granola bar sale," what do you assume is on sale? Right, granola bars.

If an ad says "shoe sale!" then you probably deduce that some shoes are on sale, right? Right.

And if it happened to say "appliance sale," then I would think it completely logical if you went to the store looking for some appliances that are on sale.

Where are you going with this, Captain Obvious?

I just wanted to establish that we're all on the same page here. 

Because this is the ad that caught my eye in today's paper:

...soooo...I guess you know where I'll be shopping this afternoon. Happy Labor Day Sales to me!


I love comments almost as much as I love Mexican food. Seriously.